easter ideas for adults

You might think of Easter as a holiday that’s geared mostly towards children. It’s a break from school, it’s an excuse to hunt multicoloured eggs. And it’s an opportunity for a mythical bunny rabbit to make an appearance.

But if you do everything right, many Easter activities can be adapted to suit more grown-up tastes. Here are a few ideas for how to spend Easter with your family and friends. And some ways to enjoy Easter as an adult;

Egg Hunt

When you’re organising an egg hunt with children, you’ll have some pretty severe limitations. You can’t have them wandering over a large distance, and you can’t involve road travel. When adults are playing, these restrictions go out the window. If you have the time and patience, you can hide multicoloured eggs just about anywhere. The playing area could be as large as a shopping centre, a football stadium, or even a supermarket.

When it comes to prizes, you can be a little bit creative. Lottery tickets, bottles of nail polish, vouchers and jewellery are all suitable – as are fancy chocolate Easter eggs. You should avoid storing anything edible in an outdoor hiding place for any length of time though, so it’s wise to implement some form of token system.

Easter-Themed Party

If you don’t quite have the energy to organise (or participate in) a fully-fledged egg-hunt, then you might do the next best thing and throw a house party. This can be an evening gathering, if you like and it should have activities that are at least tangentially related to Easter. If you’re putting on food, then lamb is traditional at this time of year, but vegan alternatives come in many forms. When it comes to alcohol, it’s also worth mixing up some unusual Easter-themed cocktails to mark the season.

Spa Day

There’s no better way to unwind with friends than with the help of an hour or two at the local spa. Book in advance and take advantage of the time away from life’s troubles. That massage and long soak will help to remove all those muscle cramps you picked up whilst frantically foraging for eggs. When you’re done, you’ll look and feel fantastic. If you like, you can incorporate spa-related vouchers into your egg-hunt.

Weekend away

If you want to take things a stage further, then you might spend an entire weekend away with friends, perhaps in a holiday cottage on the south coast of the country, or in a villa on the south coast of a different country. I started writing this blog post before everything escalated coronavirus-wise so a weekend away might take on a different shape this year. I did a whole blog post on UK staycation ideas last week. Or you could consider a holiday at a Looe caravan park, for example.

Normally, if you don’t have kids to worry about, then planning a holiday at this time of year is easy – book something outside the actual Easter break itself and you’ll be able to save money and beat the crowds.

So those are some of the ways to enjoy Easter as an adult.

What will you be doing this Easter? And how many Easter eggs/mini eggs have you already consumed? I'm already a few bags of chocolate orange mini eggs deep at this point.

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