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I'm in the position where I tend to be putting a whole host of new beauty products. Such as makeup, skincare, haircare and bodycare bits. To the test each and every month. And only a small percentage of this ever makes it onto my blog or social media. So I thought that I would share the hits (and the misses) more frequently in this style of mini review blog post.

Without further adieu, here are some of the new beauty products that I've been putting to the test recently and what my thoughts are on them;

Glossier Milky Oil (£10)

As someone who eagerly anticipates each and every new Glossier launch (who else wants to try Bubblewrap?!), I simply had to place an order when one of their new beauty products hit the site. And I have to say, I really wasn't blown away by this at all!

I was so excited when it arrived that I didn't even wait until I was wearing waterproof mascara to put it to the test and this is what upset me the most. It didn't do a great job of removing some normal mascara, concealer and a pale pink lip. It also left my skin feeling quite tight and dry, which surprised me as I've never had any issues with Glossier skincare before. If you are, however, in between trying this or the classic Milky Jelly, definitely opt for Milky Jelly in my opinion, as that is a real stand out in their skincare line.

Alpha H Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask With White Clay* (£22.95)

I'm rather lucky to only get the occasional spot or blemish, normally around my time of the month but this month I've suddenly had quite a few pop up all at once and stay longer than the usual few days. This made it feel like the perfect time to try the new blemish control mask from Alpha H out and to properly put it to the test.

Despite being a clay mask, which don't always agree with my skin, this feels so cooling and calming on the skin, a nice touch when you've got some rather angry looking spots. My blemishes had significantly calmed down overnight and no new ones had appeared either. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight, like other clay masks have in the past and for that reason alone, it will be one mask that I continue to use.

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Alex Steinherr Pollution Solution Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads* (£5)

I was really excited to see this new addition to the Alex Steinherr for Primark range (see my thoughts on what I've tried from it so far here) when I met her back in March. They immediately reminded me of the Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Pads and Alex herself explained that if the Pixi option is a bit too strong or harsh for your skin, then these are for you!

They're also a quarter of the price and I would definitely recommend picking up a tub when you're next in Primark. The Primark beauty section seems to be growing at a rapid rate and there are so many hidden gems to be found.

Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches* (£22)

Speaking of Pixi, these are such a nice treat, particularly if you suffer from puffy or irritable eyes. I've already got these in my bag ready to take with me on my upcoming trip to the US as I've got four flights to contend with and the dry, recycled air that comes along with that.

They are so cooling and the nicest way to relax after a long day. I personally pop mine on as I begin to wind down just before bed. That and switching off all of my electronic devices before I jump into bed has made such a big difference to my sleep recently. To keep the patches even cooler, you can even store them in the fridge.

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MUA PRO/BASE Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation in #100 (£5)

Now I have to admit I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to foundation mainly because I was burnt so badly (not literally btw) by a certain Dream Matte Mousse in my teens. This meant that I was rather weary of trying this one. But after trying the accompanying concealer (more on that in a blog post next month) and being really impressed with it, I decided to give this £5 foundation a try.

First of all, this budget drugstore foundation is actually pale enough for me (can I get an amen?!) and is available in an impressive number of shades. Secondly, it's £5! Because it's matte, it can build up slightly on drier areas, worth noting if you have skin as dehydrated as I do. But other than that and the fact that you have to work quite quickly as it dries in such a speedy fashion, give this a try! I mean, it's only £5 and sometimes even cheaper if it's on offer!

Benefit Dr. Feelgood Silky Mattifying Powder* (£25)

I'm not one to usually use powder because of said dry/dehydrated skin but the word silky certainly piqued my interest when it came to this new one from Benefit.

And talk about silky! I could honestly just sit stroking my own face it's that soft but it's probably best that I don't. Ha! If you have an oily T-Zone or get shiny as the day goes on, I would certainly point you in the direction of this powder. And if, like me, you normally shy away from using powders, this is a great one to start with. Like most Benefit products, it's just such a beautiful product to own and to have in your makeup bag/collection.

Topshop Beauty Mother Of Pearl Chameleon Highlighter (£15)

Topshop recently completely relaunched their makeup line and if you haven't already checked it out, you are missing out! There are quite a few products that remind of Fenty Beauty, for example and this chameleon highlighter is just one of them.

This shade, Mother Of Pearl, is stunning! That stunning that I've also been wearing it washed all over my eyelids just to give them that something extra on a day when I can't be bothered putting on eyeshadow. All I can say is, you've simply got to pay the Topshop Beauty stand a visit and get swatching the next time you're in store!

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eye Shadow in Strawberries & Champagne (£18)

As a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly things, I just couldn't resist trying out one of Too Faced's new glitter eyeshadows and OMG I am in love! There's no fallout, the shade is insanely beautiful and it's not one of those gritty glitter eyeshadows either! The only issue, please correct me if I'm wrong, is the fact that it seems to be a limited edition release.

And what's even more exciting, there are seven more shades to choose from and I'm pretty much desperate to try all of them. They just look so pretty! I'm hoping that when I'm in the US they will be more readily available to buy at the likes of Ulta and Sephora. *Fingers crossed.*

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Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Blow Out Creme* (£10.99)

Having tried Shea Moisture's Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo and Conditioner before (see my review here) I was very excited to try the Blow Out Creme from the same line when it arrived at my door.

I try not to blow dry my hair too often, only really doing so for special occasions or events. But when I do, I have to apply some sort of styling product otherwise I end up looking a bit like a poodle. You really don't need too much of this at all, too much and it makes your hair feel a bit greasy and laden with product. I would use it again if I was wearing my hair straight. But I'm not sure how good it would be on curlier hair.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Pore-Refining Mask* (£4)

Despite being a massive Soap & Glory fan, I hadn't actually tried one of their sheet masks until now. If you're a fan of sheet masks or you were as entranced as I was recently by the video of someone actually managing to apply a sheet mask correctly, add this to your basket the next time you're in Boots.

I'm not sure if it's completely refined my pores, like the packaging promises but it left my skin feeling cool and hydrated. I always want to love sheet masks but I'm still not 100% sold on them. They're a nice treat but I'm not entirely sure if I ever see a massive difference after using them. What do you think?

So those are the ten new beauty products that I've been putting to the test recently.

Do any of the products sound like something you'd like to try? If so, what's caught your eye? Have you seen any new beauty products that you'd like to share? And are you up for more mini reviews like in this blog post or do you prefer stand alone reviews?

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