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If you saw my The First Quarter Of 2019 blog post, you will know that unfortunately we had to cancel our family holiday to Orlando this year due to my Dad's ill health. But here I am today, planning a trip to Miami!

We had planned on visiting NYC for a few days before our Orlando trip, with my Dad. And as the hotel reservation had already been made, as a family we came to the decision that me and my Mum would go even just for a few days.

My Mum has never been too fussed about visiting New York, other than for the shopping. But she was really looking forward to the sunshine and warmth that Florida provides. And as you can't really guarantee that the weather in NYC will be all that different to what we're used to in Scotland. I made the suggestion that we do a few days in Miami.

There's no way that we could have went to Orlando without my Dad or even thought about getting around without a car or blowing most of our budget on taxis and Ubers. So we have opted to stay in the South Beach area of Miami where mostly everything is within walking or cycling distance.

So here are just a few of the plans that we simply had to include when planning a trip to Miami;

wynwood walls miami

Visit Wynwood Walls

Pretty much a blogger or Instagrammer's dream; Wynwood Walls is an outdoor area of street art, graffiti and photo background goals. I've already been doing quite a bit of research into which murals make for the best spots to get photos in front of. And it looks like it will be well worth making the trip from South Beach for.

Photograph all the Art Deco

What has always drawn me to Miami, even if the four hour drive there and back from Orlando always put us off, is the Art Deco architecture. The beautiful buildings, that are lit up with neon at night, pastel hues and traditional 1950's and 60's American cars, just look like a whole world away from anywhere that I've ever been before. I already know that a huge bulk of my photos are going to be of all things Art Deco.

first time visit to miami

Cycle the South Beach boardwalk (and most of South Beach in general)

Our hotel (we're staying at Urbanica The Meridian) includes bicycle rental as part of our resort fee. So we will definitely be taking advantage of them. I'm not exactly sure when I last rode a bike, I was probably about thirteen. But I can't wait to get back on the saddle to take in as much of the surroundings as possible.

We're particularly interested in hopefully cycling down past Star Island and Dodge Island, where most of the cruise ships come into port. My Mum has always wanted to go on a cruise. So seeing the ships in person might finally prompt her to book one someday soon with my Dad. They'd both love to do a cruise to the Bahamas (hello Disney Cruise!), departing from Florida. Or alternatively a cruise to see the Northern lights.

Indulge in some seriously good food

We've already got our eye on burgers from Shake Shack (my Mum has never been before), lots of gelato and sorbets and possibly dinner at Yard Bird. If you've ever been to Miami or the US in general, where would you recommend trying?

Actually sit by the pool/relax on the beach

Even when we go to Orlando, I plan everything almost to the hour, in my holiday itinerary. You might remember my ten day New York itinerary from this blog post,for example. My inner Monica Geller certainly comes out when I'm creating them, that and my packing lists.

This holiday, I'm all about actually taking the time to relax and really do nothing, particularly after a few days pounding the pavements in New York. I'm bringing a book with me THAT I WILL READ and not just bring home with me untouched, like I normally do. And we're going to explore and enjoy without feeling the need to rush around or pack too much in.

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So there's what I'm looking forward to when it comes to my first trip to Miami. And there's only a few weeks to go until we get there! Eeee! I still can't quite believe that we're planning a trip to Miami in the first place.

Have you ever been to Miami? If so, I would love to hear some of your top tips for things to do/see/eat. Or do you have any holidays or staycations planned for this Summer?

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