Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mon Guerlain

Mon Guerlain Review

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to an event at St Enoch Centre where we were treated to an evening of all things Summer fashion and beauty. It was a brilliant night and you will have seen me share some snippets from it over on my Instagram stories (I'm @ellistuesday on there just in case you aren't already following). It was there that I was finally introduced to Guerlain. I don't know why but I'd never tried anything from the brand prior to this. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I viewed it as being a little out of my budget or too sophisticated for me but their latest release, Mon Guerlain, goes to prove my previous misconceptions completely wrong.

Angelina Jolie, the face of the new fragrance, was instrumental in making this new release more affordable and therefore something that more of us could enjoy and you don't need me to explain why this is a good thing. Priced at £45 for 30ml, Mon Guerlain* is priced in a range I'm familiar with.

We were told a little bit about the brand and the fragrance notes before having it misted across our wrists and when the word lavender was mentioned I wasn't sure that it would be for me at all. For some reason or another I've never really liked the smell of lavender as it instantly reminds me of my older relatives for all the wrong reasons. But I can confidently report that it doesn't smell anything like that obvious lavender scent, one that I assume many of us may have an issue with. Mon Guerlian is fresh yet fragrant, if that makes sense. It also has notes of vanilla and sandalwood, which are some of my favourites when it comes to perfume and it just smells so beautiful! As I always say when I review fragrances and perfume, I urge you to pay your local fragrance counter a visit to truly experience this scent for yourself. I have a feeling you won't regret it! It also makes a great gift idea for women of all ages, which certainly helps when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries throughout the year.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Review

I was also very kindly given the Mon Guerlain body lotion* to try and using it in tandem with the perfume really layers the fragrance. I honestly can't get over how sophisticated yet easy to wear this scent is.

I think I might need to indulge in a little more Guerlain, as a result of being as impressed with Mon Guerlain, in both it's guises, as I have been. Maybe something from their Terracotta Summer collection...

Have you tried anything from Guerlain before? If so, what have you tried? Do you like the sound of Mon Guerlian? And what do you think of Angelina Jolie being the face of the new fragrance?


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