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New Scents For Spring 2018

new perfumes 2018

Now that the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are starting to get that bit lighter, it's officially time to start thinking about transitioning from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer. This month I'll be sharing what I've been transitioning in when it comes to my wardrobe, my haircare, my makeup bag and my skincare routine but today we're talking all things fragrance related.

So here are some of the new scents for Spring 2018 that you simply have to check out;

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love*

First up we have the latest release from Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs and his Daisy range will always be incredibly special to me, not only because I own several of the Daisy iterations but mainly because the original Daisy perfume was the first 'grown up' fragrance that I ever owned. As a result, whenever I wear or smell that OG Daisy perfume it instantly transports me back in time to when I first wore it. I have to say, that's easily why I try out and purchase as many fragrances as I do. There's something so fantastic about being taken back to a special day, holiday or experience just by smelling a specific scent.

Over the years there have been many new and exciting additions to the Daisy range, many of which have been limited edition but I'm happy to report that this will be a permanent fixture to the range. You can tell that it's part of the Daisy family but what I love about Daisy Love (I can see why they named it that) is the sweet berry twist that it has to it. I can easily see this becoming a lifelong favourite of mine much like Daisy Dream and of course, the original Daisy.

Daisy Love is exclusive to World Duty Free until the 11th of April. So if you're jetting off somewhere exciting soon, be sure to pick up a bottle before you board your flight. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a while now, you'll already know how much of a fan I am of the original Mon Guerlain fragrance. And now we have a new twist on that classic scent with the release of Mon Guerlain Florale. 

If you liked or loved the original Mon Guerlain you simply have to give Mon Guerlain Florale a sniff the next time you're out shopping! It's got many of the same notes but is a lot fresher and even more vibrant than the original, making it the perfect Spring scent. But it doesn't lose any of it's longevity with this tying with the original Mon Guerlain fragrance for the perfume that really does last all day on me, something that can't be said about every perfume I've ever tried.

Having never tried any of Guerlain's fine fragrances until last year, I'm happy to see them expand the Mon Guerlain range, especially when it was such a hit. If you thought Guerlain was a bit too premium or fancy for you, honestly give the Mon Guerlain range a try as I have a feeling it will win you over too almost instantly. You'll find Mon Guerlain Florale at the likes of Boots, Debenhams and John Lewis, as well as online from Escentual, where I got mine.

Accessorize Happy Daisy*

Accessorize is a shop that I regularly frequent and if you do too, you'll probably already know that they brought out their own fragrance LoveLily and now they're adding to their range with Happy Daisy. It's floral but also fruity, with notes of orange and raspberry and then it dries down to let you smell some of my favourite notes in a fragrance such as sandalwood and caramel vanilla.

At under £20 you really can't go wrong with this. The bottle is brilliant too and fits in really well with what I would deem the Accessorize aesthetic.

You'll find Happy Daisy at Accessorize, both online and in-store, as well as at The Perfume Shop.

Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau De Parfum

Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau De Parfum*

Apart from when I've been in the US, namely the fancy shopping malls such as Mall at Millenia in Orlando, I haven't really dabbled much in all things Tory Burch but after smelling this particular perfume, I have a feeling that it won't be my last. First of all, the packaging of this perfume, both the bottle and the box is simply stunning and has made it really stand out from the crowd of other fragrances on top of my chest of drawers.

Inspired by one of Tory's favourite places in the world, the Côte d'Azur, I absolutely adore how fruity and warm this smells. It just smells of holidays and vacations, if that makes sense and immediately makes me want to book a holiday somewhere fabulous, making it a great Summer scent too. Part of me wants to keep this for the Summer and for my holiday to Orlando later in the year but there's no way that I will be able to wait that long. I have seen that they do a rollerball version of this scent as well, which I'll definitely be buying to take away with me as it's just such a gorgeous scent!

You'll find this exclusively at House Of Fraser here in the UK and in Tory Burch stores/online.

Michael Kors Sheer*

Back in 2015 I had the pleasure of trying out the newly launched Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection and it was then that I discovered that Michael was as good at coming up with and releasing perfumes as he was with the rest of his line. I'm in the position where I get to try out lots of new beauty releases and products so I haven't found myself actively seeking out Michael's latest fragrances but I'm very glad that I was given the opportunity to try this one out.

My Mum has already bagsied this for herself as she loves how delicate this is. She, like many, isn't a big fan of strong or particularly pungent fragrances in the warmer months and this really is light and airy but still lasts throughout the day.

Michael Kors Sheer is limited edition and will be available exclusively from Debenhams, starting this month.

spring perfumes 2018

I have a feeling that even if we have different tastes when it comes to our favourite fragrance notes, we'll all be able to agree that these are housed in some of the most beautiful bottles. I mean, just look at the bottle toppers and lids from above! And the boxes are ones that you'll most probably find it difficult to part with, or at least I will anyway. Why is it that I find it so difficult to throw away such pretty packaging?

As always, I definitely recommend heading to your local fragrance counter or in some cases, the exclusive retailer, to experience the scents for yourself, particularly if one or more than that, sound right up your street.

new perfumes 2018 for her

Do you have a favourite scent for the Spring or Summer months? What do you think of these new releases? Have you given any of them a sniff yet? And which one sounds like it could be your favourite?


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