Friday, 11 March 2016

New In From Invisibobble

Invisibobble Review

I've discovered some of my favourite brands and beauty products as a result of writing Ellis Tuesday, as you might be able to tell if you're a long-time reader and one of the best beauty discoveries that I've made has to be the Invisibobble. As someone with reasonably thick hair or just lots of it, my hair gets stuck up into a top knot or pony tail most days. 

Before I discovered Invisibobble my hair would always end up with a big kink or dent where the traditional hair tie had been in place. This kink or dent would be that bad that I would end up having to wash my hair again just to get rid of it. At this point I knew I had to try something else and I distinctly remember there being quite a few new and alternative hair ties on the market at that point. All promised to leave you with a no-kink finish but the Invisibobble was the only one that actually did just that. As a result, all I now wear in my hair are Invisibobbles and as if the original Invisibobbles weren't fantastic enough, Invisibobble have recently expanded their range to include two brand new Invisibobbles to cater to a whole host of different hair types.

Invisibobble Power Review

First up there's the Invisibobble Power*. As you should hopefully be able to tell, this is a larger and thicker version of the original Invisibobble. If you've got the kind of hair that literally snaps traditional hair ties (this has happened to me far too often), then the new Invisibobble Power is for you. 

It's essentially for those with the thickest of hair or those of us who like to have our hair ties secured incredibly tightly without the fear of getting that dreaded tension headache from doing so. It also works incredibly well at securing buns and top knots too.

Invisibobble Nano Review

In stark contrast to the Invisibobble Power we have the Invisibobble Nano*. These adorable little hair rings have been designed for the more delicate hair designs such as braids, pig tails and plaits. I'd also definitely recommend them to anyone with thin or fragile hair and for use on children's hair as well. Had beauty saviours such as Invisibobbles and Tangle Teezers been around when I was a child there certainly would have been less tears when it came to doing my hair for school.

New Invisibobble Range

To give you more of an indication of the sizes of the two new Invisibobbles, here are the three different sizes together, with the original Invisibobble in the middle. I would definitely recommend trying the original Invisibobble first, that's unless you have particularly thick hair or intend on doing some beautiful braids or intricate hair designs.

You can find the Invisibobble range at Boots, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Feel UniqueSephora, Ulta and Nordstrom.

Have you tried Invisibobbles before? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Which size would work for you? And have you made any beauty discoveries that you couldn't go without now?


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