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Blogmas Day 5: Christmas At Lush

Lush Christmas 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to my local Lush store; Lush Braehead, to check out their Winter range of products and this meant that I would finally get to see all things festive and glittery. And whilst I love Lush all year round, they really come into their own when it comes to some of the big events during the year such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween and of course, Christmas. 

Lush Holly Golightly Review

We were given some fantastic demonstrations of many of the products from the Christmas range with my absolute favourite being the gorgeous green glitter of Holly Golightly. You should be able to spy the Holly Golightly bubble bar above, in my first photograph, it's the one that looks like a silver glitter Christmas pudding with a sprig of Holly and berries on top, just in case you haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing it. Who wouldn't want to get into a warm and gloriously green and glittery bath at this time of year?

Lush Five Gold Rings Review

As much as I adore Holly Golightly and some of the Christmas classics that Lush release every year, I have to say, I've found a new favourite in the form of one of the new 2015 releases.

The Five Gold Rings bubble bar is just spectacular and talk about value for money too. For £5 (give or take a few pennies) you get five individual sparkly gold bubble bars. Now that's what I call a good deal! My only issue with bubble bars ordinarily, despite purchasing them pretty much on a monthly basis, is the fact that once you break a piece off of a big bubble bar like The Comforter for example, you're then left with the remainder of it which can be quite difficult to store. The Five Gold Rings being individually formed means that you just need to slide one off of the ribbon whilst leaving the other remaining rings on the ribbon then tie the ribbon back together ready for your next bath. This has Secret Santa present or Stocking Filler present written all over it.

Lush Best Christmas Gift Sets

I then wandered over to all of the incredible Christmas gift sets. There really is one for everyone and for every budget but I found myself most drawn to the wonderful Santa's Belly set. When I said that The Five Gold Rings would work well for Secret Santa gifting, this set would work equally well, especially as it's shaped like a giant Christmas bauble.

Lush Bar Humbug Review

Then I got distracted by more glittery wonders in the form of the next two items. First up is the brand new Bar Humbug bubble bar which is just absolutely fabulous. Again it's packed with glitter and smells so lovely and festive. This is another brand new release for 2015, as is the next Christmas product.

Lush The Magic Of Christmas Review

Talk about capturing the essence of Christmas! The Magic Of Christmas is a wonderful bubble bar which instantly reminded me of Christmas markets for some reason. I think it had something to do with the sweet but spiced scent and the little ribbon and bell that had me smiling straight away.

We were then directed towards the front of the shop where our activity for the evening was revealed and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Make Your Own Lush Butterbear

We got to make our very own Butterbear!!

The Butterbear bath bomb has long been one of my favourite festive Lush products. Not only is it incredibly cute but the product itself is so kind on the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

Lush Butterbear Review

I'm saving my little one for Boxing Day. As I mentioned in My Christmas Wishlist post, I have a bit of a tradition of treating myself to a big bath when I get home from shopping the sales on Boxing Day and this bath bomb will be perfect for that.

Lush Bloggers Event

And finally I thought that I would insert a little photo of some of my fellow bloggers capturing a spectacular bath bomb demonstration. Not only does it capture that demonstration but it also gives you a little bit of insight into a great blog event too. It was fantastic to catch up with the staff at Lush Braehead and the lovely bloggers in attendance too.

A big thanks again to Lush for inviting and to Lush Braehead for having me.

Are you a fan of Lush's festive releases? If so, what are your favourite Lush Christmas products? And have you paid one of their stores a visit recently to see the new items?


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