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48 Hours In Denim With George At Asda

Asda Wonderfit Jeans

When it comes to what I wear on a daily basis I'm definitely a jeans girl. But recently I've fallen out of love with wearing them. This is mostly down to the fact that I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last couple of months, as a result of being unwell and for that reason none of my old jeans seem to fit me right at all anymore. So when Asda got in touch to ask if I would like to try out a pair of their Wonderfit jeans it felt like perfect timing and since I normally only wear blue or black jeans, I thought that I would step outside my comfort zone and plump for a plum pair.

They also challenged me to style my new Wonderfit jeans as I would over a 48 hour period, along with some other great pieces from the current George at Asda collection. It's been a little while since I last did a proper outfit post here on the blog but today there's basically two outfit posts for the price of one and I have another post planned for next weekend featuring some more Autumnal fashion and a trip to my local park, which I hope you will enjoy.


George at Asda Outfit

Fashion Box Embellished Checked Long Sleeve Shirt* £16 - Plum Wonderfit Skinny Jeans* £20 - Black Canvas Pumps* £5

On Saturday I hopped on a train to Glasgow City Centre for a spot of retail therapy with my Mum. I may or may not have also started my Christmas shopping despite the fact that it was actually Halloween that day. I'm definitely the kind of person who thinks that as soon as Halloween is out the way it's officially okay to start getting excited about Christmas and everything that comes along with it. What do you think?

Princes Square Shopping Glasgow Blog

We headed to Princes Square for shopping reasons and so that we could take a few photographs for today's post. If you've ever visited Princes Square in Glasgow then you will know just how exquisite it is in there and it really is unlike any other shopping centre or mall. Plus it's home to Space NK and some of my favourite eateries in Glasgow too, which is definitely a plus point.

Redhead Fashion Blogger

And whilst I don't normally wear jeans when I'm out shopping, as I usually opt for a pair of plain black leggings due to their comfort, the Wonderfit jeans are so so comfortable. That comfortable that it honestly felt like I was wearing my leggings or a pair of jeggings despite the fact that they are made of proper denim material and that they actually suck me in and make my legs look slimmer than they usually do. As soon as I put them on I had a feeling that they might be jean game changers for me and after several hours of shopping that initial thought was cemented.


48 Hours in Denim with George at Asda

Black Woven Cami* £6 - Plum Wonderfit Skinny Jeans* £20 - Perfume Bottle Shaped Bag* £10 - Burgundy Block Heel Shoes* £14 (Now £6)

First of all, apologies for my ghostly pale complexion. These photographs were taken just as the sun was setting on Sunday afternoon. On another note, I still can't quite believe that it's that time of year where the sun starts to invetiably set at around half past 3/4 o'clock but that's a different topic for another time.

Sunday's tend to start around midday for me. Who isn't a fan of Sunday lie-in if they can get one? So I've spared you seeing any photographs of me in my pyjamas, half asleep, with my hair up in a messy top knot and no make-up on. After I surfaced from bed and caught up on some Saturday night TV (I spent my Halloween watching horror movie after horror movie), I slipped into my Wonderfit jeans once again to meet up with some friends for a spot of food and a catch up. Despite it being the 1st of November it was surprisingly mild so all I needed over my fantastic black cami top was a light jacket (which is just out of shot and will feature in that upcoming outfit post next weekend).

Perfume Bottle Shaped Bag

And look how cute this little bag is?! As soon as I saw this bag on the Asda website I knew that it had to be mine. Not only is it shaped like a perfume bottle (perfect for a beauty blogger/lover) but it also has a fantastic pale pink pom pom attached to it. What a steal for £10, am I right?!

Autumn Fashion Lookbook Blog

A big reason that I am such a fan of wearing jeans and in particular, skinny jeans, is the fact that you can really dress up them up or down depending on the occasion. A bit of a top tip if you are thinking of trying out the Wonderfit range of jeans from Asda; you can actually go a size down in these. Well not exactly a size down but I hope you get what I mean here. I'm ordinarily a size 12 when it comes to jeans but the Wonderfit sizing is of the XS/S/M/L/XL variety. I went for the size S after reading reviews and the small is a 10-12. I've never been a size 10 when it comes to jeans in my life so I have a feeling that these are slightly bigger size wise. It's definitely something to bear in mind if you are thinking of ordering them online or trying them on when you're at the shops.

Autumn Leaves Glasgow Scotland

I also couldn't help myself but to take a picture of the Autumn leaves before they started to fall in the wind. A big shoutout to my Mum for taking the photographs of me for today's post. I'm not a blogger with a fantastically skilled photographer boyfriend or BFF so that's why I don't post outfit posts as often as I would like to but I really appreciate my Mum's help in making this post a reality. 

Are you jeans wearer? If so, where do you buy your jeans and denim from? And would you like to see outift and fashion based posts feature on Ellis Tuesday on more of a regular basis?


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