Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nails Inc Nail Polish Diary: April

Nails Inc Sloane Avenue

This month's nail polish is Sloane Avenue, a neon coral shade.

I tend to be a bit funny when it comes to coral nail polishes as I am really rather pale and when I say pale I mean ghostly white. So whenever I would wear my favourite coral nail polish in my teens my mum would always say that my hands looked like the hands of a corpse. I feel that may have put me off purchasing more coral nail polishes since then. Hehe. But I was actually really glad to find one in my Nail Polish Diary. I thought to myself, if Nails Inc can't make a coral nail polish that suits me then what chance do I have? And they have definitely pulled it out of the bag with this beautiful and vibrant neon coral.

I feel like this shade would suit any skin tone or colour and would be the perfect polish to wear in the spring and summer months. Sometimes neon shades can be a little too bright and acerbic for my tastes but this one has just the right amount of glow for me. Could you imagine wearing this with a tan? I guess I can really only imagine that since I never do tan. Hehe.

Again I was really impressed that I could have gotten away with just the one coat of this polish as it covers the nail very easily. I played it safe and applied two coats to really get the full effect of this luminous colour. What did surprise me though was this polish dried with a bit of a matte effect. I don't think I've had a polish from Nails Inc with this effect before but it really was a pleasant surprise. However, if you don't like the feel or the look of polishes that dry matte then you can easily pop on a glossy top coat to remedy that.

You don't appear to be able to buy this polish on it's own but I have been reliably informed that TK Maxx have been selling the Nail Polish Diary in the past couple of weeks. So if there have been a few shades or limited edition polishes that you have fallen for in the Nail Polish Diary then I would definitely get down to your local TK Maxx as soon as you can, to see if you can pick it up at a bargain price knowing TK Maxx.

What do you think of this neon coral nail polish offering from Nails Inc? Do you prefer to wear pastel polishes or brights when it comes to the spring and summer months?


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