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Last month I was invited along to a Bobbi Brown makeup masterclass held in Glasgow City Centre to try some of Bobbi Brown's best products. And to say that the day changed my everyday makeup essentials would be a bit of an understatement.


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So let's see what I mean when I say #CantLiveWithout. And what I thought of each of the ten all-time favourite Bobbi Brown best products that I got to try out;

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched face base review

Vitamin Enriched Face Base (£43)

Now this was a complete revelation to me! It's a primer. But not like any that I've tried before. It gives the skin so much hydration. Plus it leaves it looking unbelievably glowy, even after you've applied foundation.

It's rich but in no way greasy. And it has quickly become one of my favourite beauty products of all-time. Now, that really is saying something. I can't imagine doing my makeup without it now.

bobbi brown uk foundation

Corrector (£19.50)

As someone with darker under eyes and tiny little purplish veins and capillaries. I often find that I need to pile on the product to completely hide these imperfections. Which often leads to creasing and the area feeling laden with concealer. I had never even thought about attempting to 'correct' or cover this before going in with concealer. And that's just one reason why I was so happy to be given a real makeup masterclass from the brilliant Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Aimee Morrison.

There are two types of correctors to choose from; peach and bisque, which brighten, neutralise and cover any discolouration. I was the shade Porcelain Bisque in this, for reference.

Instant Full Cover Concealer (£23)

I'd already had a little play with this concealer prior to attending the masterclass. And I can now share just how good it is. Now this isn't the concealer for you if you're looking for very light coverage. Something similar to Glossier's Stretch Concealer for example. This truly is full coverage. And it's the concealer that I reach for when my dark circles are looking their worst. If you also have dark under eyes, I would seriously urge you to pay your local Bobbi Brown counter a visit to check this out!

It also covers spots and blemishes well. Bbut for me it's all about the under eye area when it comes to this concealer.

bobbi brown foundation reviews

Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation (£31)

Much like the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, this was another complete revelation for me. Bobbi Brown is one of only a handful of brands that actually cater to a really wide range of skin tones. And this includes shades that match me and my incredibly pale skin. I'm the lightest shade, Alabaster, in this. Which if you're also someone who struggles to find foundation light enough, is where I would steer you first.

This brand new release from Bobbi Brown is such a big hit in my eyes. It honestly feels like I have nothing on my skin. But it also covers everything that I would need it to at the same time. Which blows my mind a little. Applied with the Full Coverage Face Brush, this just looks so seamless on the skin. And it really does last a whole day. You can also build up the coverage or wear it a little sheerer, which I really appreciate. It just looks so natural. And as a result, I think I'll be adding it to my all-time favourite three foundations, as seen in this blog post.

Skin Foundation Stick (£31)

Talking of foundation, we also had the opportunity to try out the Skin Foundation Stick. You can either use this as you normally would a foundation. Or you can go for a slightly darker shade than your skin tone to create a contour or bronzed look to the skin. I've actually never tried a foundation stick before as I always worried that the consistency could be slightly drying on my dehydrated skin. But it doesn't cling to dry patches or areas. And it blends nicely.

I'm also the lightest shade, Alabaster, in this. Again for reference.

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara

Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil (£30)

When it comes to my brows, I'm pretty loyal to two brow products; the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift and NYX's Eyebrow Marker.

There isn't a shade designed for redheads, such as myself when it comes to this brow pencil. But I did find that the colour Blonde (see below left) was a really nice match for my brows. The consistency is lovely and allows you to fill in your brows quickly and precisely. It also didn't fade or smudge, even in this warmer than usual weather. I'm also always grateful when a spoolie is included on one side. Which this one does.

Bobbi Brown Shadow Stick Swatch

Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (£23)

Now, I'd heard a lot of good things about these shadow sticks. But I had never gotten around to giving them a try, until now. But I completely get why so many people rave about them.

There honestly were so many different shades, textures and hues to choose from when it came to these. But I ended up going for the matte neutral shade Sand Dune, which is now my go-to daily shadow. I've already got my eye on some of the glittery shades such as Sunlight Gold and Pink Sparkle which would really make the eyes pop. So if you see me wearing eyeshadow these days, it will most likely be this one.

Smokey Eye Mascara (£24.50)

I actually hadn't heard a great deal of buzz surrounding the Smokey Eye Mascara. But after applying that first coat, I seriously couldn't understand why not. This mascara promises thicker longer lashes. And it really does give you that. Plus it's a true black shade, which is what I always look for in a mascara.

I don't know the last time someone remarked on my eyelashes. It was probably at school when I used to wear about five coats of mascara which I then topped with glitter eyeliner. Yup, I was 100% more bolder with my makeup back then for some reason. But whilst wearing this mascara, I had three separate people stop me midway through a conversation solely to ask where I got my lashes done. Now if that doesn't say something, I don't know what else does!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Review

Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks (£22)

At the masterclass we were each set up with our own little makeup station (as seen on my Instagram). It housed a selection of shades and colours for us to pick from when applying our makeup along with Aimee. In mine there were three shades. But one immediately stood out to me. And that was the one that I went for.

For as long as I can remember my Mum has always warned me of wearing blush. Much like wearing white or horizontal stripes (as you will have seen me talk about in my CCW Blogger Road Trip blog post), I really wish I had ignored this advice. As this is honestly the best blush that I have ever tried! It adds so much life to my skin and face. And when you're as ghostly pale as I am, this makes such a big difference. The shade in question is Fresh Melon and it is so worth trying!

Luxe Lip Color (£27)

And last but certainly not least, we have the Luxe Lip Color. Again, much like with the Pot Rouges, we had three of the Luxe Lip Colors at our station. At mine I found a bright coral, a ruby red and this stunning berry hue.

It's so comfortable on the lips and wears off in a really nice way. Unlike a lot of other lipsticks which inevitably go patchy or disappear completely. I'll definitely be seeking out more of these when I'm next out shopping to try some more of the shades.

Bobbi Brown Can't Live Without

If you want to try out the 10 #CantLiveWithout products for yourself, you can book in for your own complimentary how-to lesson with one of the Bobbi Brown makeup artists here.


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Are you a fan of Bobbi Brown? If so, what product(s) can you not live without? And have any of the Bobbi Brown best products in today's post caught your eye? 

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