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I’m Ellis, a twenty-something who’s ultimately trying to get her shit together.

Follow me as I attempt to adult. You’ll find everything from affordable beauty buys and in depth reviews to what I’ve been wearing this week, as well as how I spend my weekends (most of the time I’ll be lounging around on my couch watching Netflix but I do sometimes venture out of the house).

I often have a bit of a treat yo’ self mentality (forever taking life tips from Tom Haverford), which means you’ll often see the results of that on here.

I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland and live life vicariously through Lana Del Rey lyrics and episodes of Sex and the City.

I also have a YouTube channel where you can get to know me a little better and hear my Scottish accent, if you so fancy.

Hopefully over the next couple of years I’ll be sharing some pretty momentous moments such as moving out of the family home, travelling, mastering a few fail safe dishes and potentially (fingers crossed) finding the one or at least a pretty good one. So why not join me for all that and more.
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