Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos & Sharing Some Of My Favourites

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One of my goals for 2019 was to start printing out photos, particularly those from my travels. I mean, when you think about it, when was the last time that you actually printed out physical photos?

I have literally thousands of photos scattered across a few different external hard drives and multiple folders on my laptop and unless I decide to take some time to sit and actually look through them, they go practically unnoticed.

I've got snaps from my solo trip to NYC, years upon years of Florida photos and everyday moments that were captured without much thought or forward planning. We also have some great family shots sitting in digital folders whilst our home doesn't have a single one displayed. So whilst my goal is to print out my photos and ultimately keep them in a photo album of some sorts (more on that in a minute), my Mum's goal is to put some of our family photos on display.

The last time we had any photos of us up on the walls, it was photos of me and my brother which were taken when I was about six or seven years old and he was about two or three. So quite some time ago now, considering the fact that we're now both in our twenties. I don't really share family photos online so they quite literally go unloved and unappreciated in files and folders dotted all over the place.

What ultimately inspired me to start printing our photos out was this ridiculously affordable photo album from Paperchase. I mean, it's only £3.50 and holds 100 photos!

places to take photos in orlando

And with quite a few trips planned for 2019 and beyond, I want to leave space in my photo album for all the photos from these trips. It looks like I might be going back to New York this year and me and my Mum are planning our first ever trip to London to celebrate her birthday later in the year along with an overnight stay in Edinburgh during the Summer. We're even thinking about planning a family trip to Disneyland Paris solely to see our faves; The Aristocats. Honestly, why don't Marie, Berliosz and Toulouse make the trip across the Atlantic so that we could see them more regularly at Walt Disney World?!

And since I've been going through my digital folders looking for photos to print out (I'm thinking of making a trip along to Boots or Asda to do so - let me know if you've printed photos recently and where you would recommend), I thought that I would share some of my favourite shots, ones that haven't appeared on the blog or my social media yet, with you. There are also links to blog posts that coincide with the photos just in case you're planning a trip to New York or Orlando or counting down the days until Summer, etc.

Going through my travel photos in particular has also made me realise that maybe it's time to retire my two different but very similar palm print jumpsuits! I mean, how many pictures can you count them in? Let me know in the comments below.

So here are some of my favourite photos that I just recently unearthed again;

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So there are some of my favourite photos from my online photos.

Are you like me and have hundreds or thousands of photos stored in digital folders or on your phone? Do you have any trips or holidays planned for the next few years? And when was the last time that you actually had photos developed/printed?


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