Sunday, 24 February 2019

Why I Can't Get Enough Of The Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights PLUS 2 New Shades

pixi fairy lights review

Despite having more eyshadow palettes than any one person could ever possibly use, when it comes to my day to day makeup and even more dressier looks, more often than not, I instantly reach for liquid eyeshadows. And not just any liquid eyeshadows. I'm talking about my very favourite on the market right now; the Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights.

Here's why I can't get enough of them, plus the two brand new shades that have just been added to the range;

pixi fairy lights swatches

(From left to right: Crystalline - SunRay - BareBrilliance - RoseGold - PassionLight - PixiGreen* - Lagoon*)

If you're looking for a liquid eyeshadow that really packs a punch, look no further than Pixi's Liquid Fairy Lights. They're insanely pigmented, sparkle like no other and are so easy to work with. Don't just take my word for it, here they are swatched.

pixi liquid fairy lights bare brilliance

You can either use them as a top coat on top of some of your favourite base colour shades or you can wear them completely on their own. I personally do a sheer coat if I'm not going too crazy with my day to day makeup or pack on the pigment if I'm going somewhere special.

pixi by petra liquid fairy lights review

Crystalline and SunRay have more of a clear base to them than the other shades and for that reason they are much sheerer and require several coats to build up the same levels of pigmentation and intensity as the other shades. For that reason, these are the two that I most often use as topper shades rather than just on their own.

pixi liquid fairy lights eyeshadow

Up until very recently there were five stunning shades but Pixi have just recently added two brand new colours; a gorgeous green called PixiGreen and a brilliant blue called Lagoon. The one that I wear the most, however, has got to be PassionLight. It's the perfect coppery colour but so much more than your typical glittery or sparkly shade.

pixi liquid fairy lights swatches

Before trying these or similar glitter packed liquid eyeshadows, I was a little bit worried about there being a lot of fallout dropping down onto my cheeks and under eye area but thankfully, I haven't experienced much if any when using these so far.

pixi liquid fairy lights review

At £15 each, they're much more affordable than other liquid shadows on the market at the moment, which is just another reason to absolutely adore them. I've previously tried and reviewed Stila's take on the liquid glimmer and glitter eyeshadow, as seen here and whilst I really enjoyed them as well, Pixi's are definitely my top pick! For the price and colours alone, you really can't beat them!

Are you a fan of wearing liquid or glittery eyeshadows? If so, what are the best ones that you've tried so far? What do you think of the look of the Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights? And how beautiful are the two new shades that they've added to the range?


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