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Great Gifts For Winter Birthdays

gifts for her birthday


Another year means another 12 months of birthday parties and perfectly planned presents. Winter birthdays may be the chilliest, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cool. Though having fun in the sun may not be possible unless a destination party is in the works, wintertime activities call for plenty of layering and accessorizing that can make gift-giving a total breeze. There will be no shortage of ideas with this helpful list of perfect winter birthday gifts.

For her: Packing cubes
If she’s constantly in the air, off to the next destination, and posting Instagram stories every hour of her foreign festivities, she probably has a fair share of luggage that she depends on during her travels. Whether she’s more of a weekender bag kind of gal or a giant suitcase high-roller, packing cubes could be the game changer she needs to step her travel wardrobe on point. In the spirit of space-saving efficiency, get her to tune into Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up while she’s at it!

For him: Holiday celebration gear
The year is chock-full of holidays worth celebrating. From Valentine’s Day to New Years and everything in between, proper celebration requires proper holiday attire. A Christmas sweater or St. Patrick’s day shirt make for funny (and useful) gifts he’ll appreciate during the winter.

10 gifts for the woman who has everything

For her: A mini backpack
Mini backpacks have become all the rage, and it’s really no wonder why. Not only are these adorable accessories easily totable, but they are made by all of your favorite designers—both low- and high-end! Having all that space provides a world of difference if she’s more accustomed to the size of a tiny crossbody. She can keep all of her makeup essentials, wallet necessities, and much more inside a spacious mini backpack.

For her: Cloud lamp 
You’ve probably never thought about gifting a friend or family member a lamp but this tiny cloud lamp will change your mind. The Smart Cloud comes in many astounding forms, but the tiny one is the gorgeous, minimalist floating lamp that looks quaint just about wherever you put it. It also features an integrated Bluetooth speaker—all that’s missing are rain sounds for a full stormy effect.

For him: Subscription box
Shopping for guys has never been easy, and even if you know the guy on your list well, you’re still stumped every time his birthday rolls around. Instead of stressing the little things, get him a monthly box full of little things that he’ll look forward to every passing month. Subscription boxes tailored toward his interests are the perfect solution for an unpredictable man.

For him: Cornhole set
Even though the weather outside isn’t quite yet beautiful enough to enjoy a day out, he’ll be itching to break out the Cornhole board you got him for his birthday as soon as spring rears its head. Complete with just two boards and a set of bean bags, this simple game is fun for everyone and even more entertaining with a few beers!

best beauty gifts for her

For her: Highlighter & bronzer
The lack of sunshine has gotten her down and she’s missing that summer glow more than ever. Since she can’t produce it naturally (unless you get her a one-way ticket to the Caribbean), stock her up with her favorite highlighters and bronzers to restore that sunkissed glow. If you’re feeling extra generous, set her up with a set of Morphe brushes.

For him: Hot sauce set
He’ll be able to forget that it’s freezing outside when his mouth is scorching with the power of a million Scoville units. Give him a reason to make his own version of YouTube’s Hot Ones series with a Fuego Box gift set. He’ll love testing the waters and challenging his limits with the many burning hot sauces Fuego Box offers.

For her: Jumbo wine glass
You’ve seen her at her best, and you’ve seen her on wine night. In fact, the two occasions may be the exact same! Give her the gift of a guilt-free second glass of wine by upping the dosage with a jumbo glass of wine. This bad boy can hold an entire 25oz bottle of wine, which will make refilling and sharing a thing of the past!

These genius ideas should make your shopping process far easier and guarantee smiles and laughs for every birthday coming up!

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