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What I've Been Watching Recently

what to watch on netflix uk

Normally I do a round up of what I watched over the festive period, like I did last year, but apart from the movies in question, I pretty much just watched World's Strongest Man and the likes of The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year and Christmas specials. I did binge watch one TV show in December, which I will go on to discuss first but other than that, it was pretty standard festive TV picks for me.

So I thought that I would forgo my December What I've Been Watching post and share what I've been watching since then in today's post. And here is that blog post;

The Haunting Of Hill House

If you have not already seen The Haunting Of Hill House, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is honestly like a work of art and one of the best TV shows that I've seen in a long time. As someone who's a big fan of horror movies, I was immediately intrigued by the hype that had been generated around this show and I was so glad that I gave it a shot at the start of December, when the nights were long and dark.

A few minutes into the first episode, I was genuinely scared (how creepy is it seeing one of the ghosts for the first time?!) and completely drawn into the world of the Crain family. You also actually care about the characters in this, something that can rarely be said about characters in horror movies. Luke and Nell in particular really got to me and having the two timelines was such a smart way to highlight exactly what had happened to the whole family over the course of time and how Hill House was still haunting them, even though they had all moved far away.

There are many genuinely creepy and scary scenes and whilst I did watch quite a few of them from behind my hand, they had my stomach in knots, in a good way, as I had no idea what could or would happen next. There really is only one jump scare in the whole series and it comes as a real shock because you're genuinely not expecting it. It really is the show that keeps on giving with hidden meanings, like the Crain children embodying the five stages of grief or the spooky hidden ghosts (I spotted a good number of them whilst watching it the first time around but will have to go back and watch it again just to see if I can see them in action). All I can say is, watch it now and you will not regret it.


When I first saw the trailer for You it looked right up my street. Little did I know how dark and murder-y it would get. Okay, so you know this is about a guy stalking someone but I definitely didn't expect it to turn out the way that it did.

From the very beginning, I knew that I would have to watch it to the very end, even if it was just okay, simply to see if Joe would get away with it. Things escalate so quickly in that first episode that you have no idea what could happen next and that was definitely a positive of the show, as was Penn Badgley playing the lead role. Even though the whole *spoiler alert* him being Gossip Girl ending is one that I like to pretend never happened, he is so good at playing the sociopathic character in this that it's actually a little scary. In some ways, I couldn't feel sorry for Beck (who doesn't own curtains or blinds when you're at street level?!) and kind of agreed with Joe about certain people being bad influences but I didn't find him sexy or in any way attractive like many have on Twitter, much to Penn Badgley's dismay.

I have mixed feelings about the last episode and the way that it ended but knowing that a second season of You is already in the works certainly makes me feel a bit better about that and I'm already looking forward to binge watching it when it airs here in the UK. Also, brb whilst I set all my social media accounts to private *just kidding*.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

I briefly remembered seeing the furore around Fyre Festival when it was all unfolding on social media in 2017, so when I saw that Netflix had released a documentary on it and everyone on my Twitter timeline was raving about it, I knew that I had to watch it ASAP.

Now, admittedly, I didn't know a lot about what happened at the 'festival' other than vaguely remembering wet mattresses being strewn across a rather grim looking beach but what actually unfolds before your eyes in this documentary is absolutely unbelievable. I mean, shocking, especially when you compare it to what people were promised when purchasing tickets. And not only tickets, people were spending thousands and thousands of dollars to be met with no tents, no toilets, practically no food, electricity or a single music act. It's one of the maddest things that I've ever seen! I don't follow any of the top models like Bella Hadid or Emily Ratajkowski on social media but how they have remained unscathed despite accepting millions of dollars collectively to promote the festival is unbelievable and don't even get me started on Ja Rule! Honestly, you need to see it to believe it.

The Jinx

On the flight home from Orlando back in October (see my what I watched on the flights to and from Florida here) I watched half an episode of The Jinx right as we were about to land and as soon as I got home and had a big nap, I ordered the DVD as I just had to see how it all turned out. If you're anything like me and love a true crime doc or film, you simply have to see The Jinx.

Much like Evil Genius, which was wild, it's one of the strangest true crime stories that I've ever came across. Initially it looks like a rather gruesome murder but nothing too out of the ordinary when it comes to true crime documentaries or films but then it gets weirder and weirder and each twist and turn has you in disbelief. All I can say is, if you have an interest in true crime or get completely hooked on shows like this and you haven't seen it already, you simply have to watch The Jinx!


Luther returned to our screens here in the UK on New Year's Day and even though I've shared my thoughts on Luther on here before, I just had to write about it again to hopefully get it on more people's radars. All of the seasons, including the new one, are on the BBC iPlayer and the earlier ones are also on Netlfix, so there's no excuse for missing out on this gem of a TV show.

Just when I thought the 'person sliding out from under a bed' scene (you know the one if you've seen it!) couldn't be topped in terms of giving me nightmares forever and me cramming so much crap under my bed to stop it happening to me, this series takes creepy and scary to a new level. There were so many stomach churning scenes and like many others, I will no longer be doing the following; sitting on the top deck of a bus, selling a fridge online, or going to a therapist and to be fair, the list goes on. This new series also sees the return of Ruth Wilson as Alice, which you just knew was going to be good and well, it was! She's as maniacal and cunning as ever.

I won't spoil it for you but at the end of last episode all I could say was 'WTF just happened?!' Idris Elba has teased the possibility of a Luther movie which I could 100% get on board with but all I can say is, hopefully they don't leave Luther with that being the ending, for too long anyway.

So there's what I've been watching recently, in addition to the likes of Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars and Hell's Kitchen, etc.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the shows or documentaries in today's post? If so, what did you think of them? And is there anything that you're looking forward to watching soon?


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