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Exploring The Christmas Markets With Hotter Shoes

hotter boots

When I was in my teens I amassed quite the shoe collection, with a considerable chunk of it being £3 or £4 ones from Primark. They would give me blisters, immediately let in water even at the mention of rain and end up in the bin or the bottom of my shoe pile within a matter of weeks or months.

Since being diagnosed with erythromelalgia a few years ago, a condition where my feet can overheat, swell up and feel like they're about to burst, sun burn style, I have to be much more careful and considered with my footwear choices. Now about 90% of my shoes and boots are from Hotter (the only thing I don't have from them are a pair of dressier boots or heels) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

hotter whisper boots

So when they asked if I'd like to receive a new pair of boots from their Winter collection to take on a trip to the Christmas markets, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. They also very kindly asked if I'd like to bring someone else along with me on the day out and I just had to pick my Mum. She also adores Hotter and had seen a pair that had caught her eye in the Autumn/Winter catalogue a few weeks prior to our trip. Additionally, it coincided nicely with my Mum finishing up work for the holidays so it was definitely a nice treat to celebrate that.

hotter mystery boots navy

We headed along to the brand new and much larger Hotter store in Buchanan Galleries where I must have tried on about thirty different pairs of boots in every different colour, style and size. There were just so many great pairs to choose from. My Mum on the other hand had her pair picked within seconds of arriving in the store.

hotter mystery boots review

She went with the gorgeous navy Mystery boots*, which are now in the sale if they've caught your eye as well. I was so tempted to go for a high leg style like this but knew that an ankle boot would get so much more wear by me.

hotter whisper boots extra wide

I went for a classic pair of black leather boots that will honestly go with everything. I don't really have an everyday pair of boots that will go with any outfit, no matter how casual or dressy it is, so these were the pair for me. They are the black Whisper boots* and are one of Hotter's classic styles that get a refresh and a revamp each year.

hotter whisper boots

As always, the team at Hotter were so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the fit and the style of the boot, even during the busy Christmas period.

glasgow christmas markets dates

We put on our new boots and headed over to the big Christmas Market at George Square to take in the sights and really get in the Christmas spirit. What I continue to be amazed by with every pair of sandals, shoes or boots that I buy from Hotter, is the fact that they require zero breaking in. The amount of pain that I used to have to go through to break in a new pair of boots or shoes was unreal and so silly, looking back.

glasgow christmas markets

Every pair that I own from Hotter feel like you're wearing nothing at all and I can go a full day of wearing them without counting down the hours and minutes until I can take them off at the end of the day, like I used to do.

hotter mystery boots wide fit

We're both so happy with our new boots and can't wait to put them to good use until what will no doubt be May or June here in Scotland.

Have you been to the Christmas markets where you stay? Or made a trip to one further afield this year? What do you think of our picks? Do you prefer ankle boots on high leg ones?


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