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The CCW Blogger Road Trip To St Andrews

st andrews scotland travel guide

Back in May of this year, I attended the best blogging event that I'd ever been to; the CCW blogger road trip to Callander. So I was beyond excited to be invited along on the next blogger road trip, this time to St Andrews.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen a few of the snaps and Insta-stories from the day on there but just in case you haven't, myself, Lindsey from Grl Band, Charlotte from Colours and Carousels, Lis from Last Year's Girl and Gillian from Elevatormusik, were all treated to a day trip away to St Andrews by CCW Clothing.

So here's what we got up to that day;

best donuts in glasgow

CCW Byres Road

Much like last time, we started the day at CCW's Byres Road store in the West End of Glasgow. This time we were met by Emily, the second generation of the family owned and run business, along with some of the tastiest doughnuts that I have ever tried!

I mean, how amazing do they look?! And they tasted even better! I went for the one with the Kinder Bueno perched on top and it was SO good! I'll definitely be making a trip to Nic's NYC Deli the next time that I'm on Byres Road.

barts hats

Again, we honestly couldn't have asked for a better day weather-wise. You could definitely feel a chill in the air, especially when we were down by the water but we were completely kitted out by CCW in new outfits ready for the brisk Scottish Winter. The Didricksons coat* honestly felt like you were wearing a duvet, it was that cosy. I also don't know how I've managed to go many a Winter, particularly during last year's 'Beast From The East', without a proper winter coat. I tend to buy a trendy piece that either doesn't have a hood, isn't fully lined or just doesn't keep me warm in the slightest. I think that I might be sorted for many a Winter to come now thanks to CCW.

scottish travel guide blog

We were also kindly provided with some walking shoes* from Columbia, perfect for exploring some of the Scottish scenery and the most adorable hat* from Barts. Unlike last time, when we all picked the exact same coat, I stood out in my khaki green coat amidst the sea of brown styles that the others had picked.

scottish highlands travel blog

The Lady's Tower (Elie, Fife)

We hopped in the Ecotour Scotland minibus and began our journey towards St Andrews. As I don't drive, exploring parts of Scotland that aren't a stones throw away from a train station can be pretty tricky and you also miss out on stops along the way, whilst whizzing past by train.

didriksons parka womens

Luke from Ecotour Scotland had a few scenic stops planned for us and our first was at The Lady's Tower in Elie, Fife. We put our Columbia walking shoes to good use and trekked over to the tower and even down below onto the rocks and the beach.

columbia walking shoes uk

It's such a picturesque spot specifically when the sun is shining, which it was, even if there were a few grey clouds hanging around above. Thankfully that was the last that we saw of them on our road trip. The team at CCW always pick the best days to plan the trips, which is really saying something when you live somewhere with weather as unpredictable as Scotland.

st andrews scotland things to do

St Andrews beach 

Next we headed to the beach and as someone who lives in the city, it always brings back the best of memories being down by the seaside. I honestly couldn't believe that it was almost November, in Scotland of all places and even though it had been predicted to be the coldest weekend in a while, I was well wrapped up in my new pieces from CCW Clothing. Had I been there in my normal 'Winter' coat, I definitely would have been frozen, especially down that close to the water but with my new Didrikson's coat on, I honestly didn't feel the chill at all.

scotland travel guide blog

It was pretty surreal to look out and see blue skies and sand at that time of year here. We then hopped back into the minibus to be transported a few minutes away where we took in the St Andrews Cathedral ruins and graveyard. Having worked up an appetite, we got back in the bus to head to lunch.

rogue st andrews menu

Lunch at Rogue

As soon as we arrived at Rogue, we knew that we were in for a treat. The place is an absolute Instagrammer's dream. I'm talking subway tiles, gold accents and lots of greenery. Thankfully I am very happy to say that it certainly wasn't style over substance as the food and drink was fantastic!

gin distillery st andrews

We were given a tour of the restaurant, which also houses it's very own gin distillery. You can actually see the gin making process as you sit in the restaurant! I'm not the biggest fan of gin but it was really interesting to see what takes it from what is essentially pure alcohol to the much loved and increasingly popular botanical drink. We then took our seats to sample some of Rogue's best dishes in canape form. As a bit of a chip conisseur, I could not get over how good the chips from the fish and chips tasted. They look just like regular skinny fries but taste like chippy chips! So tasty!

rogue st andrews

Having never visited St Andrews, I'm planning a return trip solely to visit Rogue but this time for lunch or dinner and to wander around the picturesque streets.

finnieston clothing

CCW St Andrews

Behind a deceptively small storefront, we found CCW St Andrews. I've now had the pleasure of visiting each of the CCW stores and each of them is as warm and inviting as the next.

ccw st andrews

They had a great selection of Barts harts (I've definitely added another one of them to my wishlist for this Winter) and it was great to see some of the Autumn/Winter wares from the likes of Barbour, UGG and Finnieston.

janettas gelateria

Janetta's Gelateria

With a queue out the door, we had a pretty good feeling about ending the day at Janetta's Gelateria. I went for a scoop of classic vanilla and a scoop of raspberry ripple in a sprinkle coated cone and it was SO, SO good! It truly was the perfect end to a great day out with some of my favourite people.

I just want to thank CCW, Ecotour Scotland and Rogue for taking such good care of us. Just when I thought the first CCW Blogger Road Trip couldn't be beaten, the Autumn/Winter trip has only gone and done it.

st andrews scotland travel guide

Have you ever visited St Andrews or explored some of the more scenic parts of Scotland? Are you properly kitted out for what I imagine will be another cold Winter? And which part of the trip looks like it would have been your favourite?


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