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The Big US Beauty Haul

us beauty haul

Despite only originally having a couple of beauty products on my list of things to look for when I got the US, clearly that all went awry, mainly when I got to to TJ Maxx, the American version of TK Maxx.

So let's get straight into it. Here is the big US beauty haul;

the creme shop hello kitty sheet mask

I actually never even thought about checking out the TJ Maxx beauty section until, from afar, I saw Hello Kitty ushering me over. I couldn't resist picking up some of the Hello Kitty for The Creme Shop sheet masks. They were just too adorable to resist. I mean, how cute are these?! Let me know if you'd like to see a stand alone blog post on what I thought of these after I've tried them all.

tj maxx makeup finds

After being ushered over by Hello Kitty and her friends, I had a proper look through the beauty stands for the first time, to ultimately be met with some absolutely unreal finds! My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Kat Von D, BECCA and so much more all for ridiculously good prices. And after a bit of digging I came away with some real treasures.

I got one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow Highlighters, which were something silly like $7.99 instead of £26 and one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Catnip for the same price. Both were completely brand new and hadn't even been opened!

Then I spotted something really exciting; the Too Faced Life's A Festival palette! I'd seen this collection come out at the start of Summer but couldn't justify buying another palette, that was until I saw that it was $24.99 so basically less than £20 when you do the conversion. The fact that it's still selling on the likes of Cult Beauty and Debenhams for full price back here in the UK just blew my mind and I'm so glad that I did pick it up.

I then started to keep an eye out for more of that collection on future trips but wasn't as lucky to find the Unicorn highlighter or bronzer until I spotted the Unicorn Strobing Brush, which I just had to get. I mean, look at it! And right next to it were some of the Real Technique's Brush Crush brushes. I'd heard a lot of good things about the foundation brush so I grabbed that too for just $5.99 along with a gorgeous Essie polish in the shade Knee-High Life, which was just $3.99.

tj maxx beauty finds

I had a microfibre towel of some sorts for drying my hair on my list of things to buy in America as I had a feeling that I would be able to find one over there. I just so happened to go down the next beauty aisle in TJ Maxx when I saw this turban towel. They had them in a variety of different colours and for just $4.99 I couldn't say no. After photographing my haul for this blog post, I've now put it to the test and it is so much better than using a traditional towel.

I'd also been looking at investing in a jade roller but had been put off by the crazy expensive prices over here so when I saw a double ended one at that, for just $9.99, I simply had to add it to my basket. Then on another trip to a different TJ Maxx (I honestly think I visited every single one within a 50 mile radius of where we were staying) I spotted a rose quartz roller for $12.99, which I pretty much justified primarily because it looked pretty. I then spied this glitter gel mask hanging close by and grabbed this too. Again, at $3.99 it felt like an absolute steal.

TK Maxx have definitely got some serious work to do to catch up with their American counterpart. I mean, why is the makeup section always a used and everything has been opened kind of deal here?! Have you ever found anything in TK Maxx that isn't like that?

sephora haul 2018

Apart from the holiday sets, which you might have already seen in my The Big Sephora Holiday Sets Haul blog post, I only picked up a couple of other things from Sephora that I'd had my eye on for a while and that was the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner travel kit, a Huda Beauty Lip Strobe and a Sephora brand eye makeup brush set.

I also picked up a few bits from Target namely this Pure Hydration eos, clear Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and e.l.f. Gentle Peeling Exfoliant. I'm definitely excited to give the e.l.f. and eos products a try in the cold Winter months.

victoria's secret beauty haul

A few doors down from Sephora, I popped into PINK where I got really excited as I'd been looking for a mousse moisturiser, as anything to help make moisturising my whole body on the daily quicker and easier would be very much appreciated. They were doing a deal where every body product was just $7 instead of the regular price of $16.50, plus you got a free face mask with each body product. The reason that I only picked up two bottles was the fact that Victoria's Secret and in turn PINK had opened in Glasgow City Centre whilst I was away so I had a feeling that I could always get more back home, even if not for that kind of price. I've already tried the mousse and it is SO good! I'm such a big fan of it. I can't wait to give the two PINK face masks a try too.

And in Victoria's Secret I grabbed this fragranced body lotion that was down to just $4.99 as it's a bit of a tradition of mine to try one of their sale or reduced body bits whilst I'm over there and this one is just divine! It's got a marshmallow base which is easily one of my favourite scents.

So those are just some of the beauty bits that I thankfully managed to fit into my suitcase to bring home with me on this trip. If you haven't already seen my Big Sephora Holiday Sets Haul blog post be sure to check that out as well and there will be another US beauty haul coming your way in the next few weeks and that will be a dedicated Bath & Body Works haul.

Have you been enjoying my US beauty hauls? If so, what's your favourite thing that I managed to pick up? And are there any US stores or brands that you would be sure to visit if you were there?


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