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The 2018 Bath & Body Works Haul

bath and body works haul 2018 blog

We've finally made it to the last of my US beauty hauls and this one might just be my very favourite. I've got a feeling that quite a few of you will agree with me in saying that Bath & Body Works is one of those stores that you eagerly look forward to visiting again when you're on holiday in the US or the likes of Canada, Australia or Dubai. So I was beyond excited to shop there again this year.

I was also so happy that I'd signed up for their emails, even if I did feel like unsubscribing once returning to the UK last time solely because of how depressing it is to open up an email knowing full well that you can't shop there anymore. I definitely took advantage of a few different coupons that they sent me via email during my trip, most notably $10 off when you spent $30 and 20% off your entire purchase and these pretty much ran concurrently over the two weeks of my holiday.

So let's see what I bought from Bath & Body Works on this trip;

bath and body works pocketbac review

The first place that I always head to in Bath & Body Works, normally on my very first visit after arriving in the US, is the PocketBac section. With 5 Anti-Bacterial PocketBacs for $6 it's so easy to add five or ten to your basket, which is exactly what happened with me this time. I picked up a few of my all-time favourites and was so excited to try the likes of Confetti Cupcake and I'm Really A Mermaid.

And when it came to my absolute favourite Bath & Body Works fragrance; Ghoul Friend, which is sadly only available in the run up to Halloween, I bought it in bulk on this trip to keep me going for a few years at least. I don't know the next time that I'll be in the US in September/October so I thought that it was better to be safe than be sorry.

bath and body works ghoul friend

And why is it my absolute favourite scent from Bath & Body Works, I hear you ask? Well, I only took one PocketBac with me to New York last year, so every time that I used it either before getting ready to eat something, after riding the Subway or just to feel a bit cleaner in the city that never sleeps, I would get a strong whiff of it and as a result, whenever I now smell it, it instantly takes me back to one of the best weeks in my life.

Now the foaming hand washes are normally 5 for $23 and I always feel like spending $20+ on soap is even a bit too boujee for me, which is why I usually leave the US without picking any up. So when I received an email to say that each and every one of them in the store would be $3 each for one day only, you can bet your bottom dollar that I hotfooted it down to the store nearest to us. Three seemed like a reasonable amount to buy, considering what I'd already bought at that point in the trip and for under $10 I was definitely happy with my purchase.

I also picked up some of the foaming hand sanitizers, which they never had on my last trip to the US. They were $5.50 each so considerably more than the traditional PocketBacs but I was keen to try them out. I've also been making a real effort to carry anti bacterial wipes and hand sanitizers around with me wherever I go, particularly now that cold and flu season is upon us. Speaking of actually carrying my PocketBacs around with me on a daily basis...

bath and body works pocketbac holders

Every year that I visit I mean to pick up a PocketBac holder to stop my PocketBacs from rattling about at the bottom of my bag but normally the holders are a bit too OTT even for me so when I spotted two pretty classic and subdued designs I simply had to have them. I mean, how special do they look without being a bit too much?

bath and body works mousse to oil reviews

On what was essentially our very last full day in Florida, we made one last trip to Bath & Body Works with our fingers crossed that most of the Winter range would now be in store. We knew that we would miss all things Christmas but we had started to see quite a few bits from the Winter range pop up in store. So we were over the moon when we found the incredible mousse to oils in the Winter collection. If you saw my What I Bought At Bath & Body Works haul post from when I went to New York last year, you will remember that I stocked up on the brilliant mousse to oils. Me and my Mum also took advantage of the buy 3 get 2 free deal that was on in-store that day, then using the $10 off $30 coupon to make it a real steal. If you're ever in the US when they have the mousse to oils as part of the range, you simply have to pick some up! They make moisturising so quick and easy to do, especially if you're more than a little bit lazy when it comes to that part of your routine, like I am and as always, they smell absolutely amazing!

bath and body works halloween 2018 blog

On another $10 off $30 shopping trip, I added this adorable cat head band to my basket. At $10.50 it definitely wasn't cheap, which is why I had put off buying it until I ultimately got it for free. But now that I have it, I'm so glad that I did.

So there's what I brought back with me from Bath & Body Works this year. I was tempted by some of the candles but they would have put me way over the weight limit when it came to my suitcase so really it was right decision to leave them behind, this trip anyway.

If you're looking to get your hands on Bath & Body Works products here in the UK (why won't you offer international shipping?!), I recently found out that Notino, who I've worked with before on a couple of blog posts, sell a whole host of Bath & Body Works products on their site. Definitely worth checking out if you need to get your Bath & Body Works fix.

Are you a fan of Bath & Body Works? Do you wish that they would either open up international shipping or *fingers always crossed* eventually open some stores in the UK? Which item or items are your favourites from this trip's haul?


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