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What I Watched On The Flights To And From Florida

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One of my favourite things about flying is the fact that I can watch lots of recently released movies without having to buy them on DVD or having to pay to rent them. With a 9 hour outbound and 7 hour return flight I was able to fit in quite a few movies and it kept me more than occupied until touchdown.

I actually did quite a bit of prep before boarding my initial flight by first checking the list of movies that would be available on Virgin Atlantic's entertainment system. I then took a note of some potential picks, watching the trailers for them on YouTube and finally took a note of them in my phone. I normally get quite overwhelmed when I first start up the entertainment system on planes and miss out on some great movies whilst I inevitably watch episodes of a TV show that I've already seen about a hundred times so this year I came with a plan and pretty much stuck to it.

So here's what I watched on the flights to and from Orlando, Florida in the exact order that I watched them;

Game Night

Game Night was the movie that I was the most excited to see on the plane and it did not disappoint. I actually ended up getting many strange looks from both my family and complete strangers whilst I was watching this, solely because of how much I was laughing.

I'm very much here for Jason Bateman's kind of humour and I always find myself drawn to comedies that he's in and that's exactly what happened with Game Night. There were so many great laugh out loud moments and the story had me hooked from the very beginning. I'm also a big fan of Rachel McAdams and it was great to see her return to the comedy genre. The ensemble cast were also really good and I enjoyed Game Night that much that I just had to buy it on DVD when I got back, which is definitely a marker of how much I enjoyed it, especially as I don't think that I would buy any of the other movies in today's post. Some, however, I would definitely watch again if they were to appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, so let's see what I thought of the rest of my plane picks.


After spending the first two hours of the flight laughing, I decided to put on the second movie that had really caught my eye whilst planning what to watch a few days earlier and that was Blockers. It seems to be a bit of a tradition that I watch at least one movie with Leslie Mann in it on a flight, having watched How To Be Single, The Other Woman and This Is 40 on my last trips abroad. And I've got to say, it was another enjoyable movie to watch whilst 30,000 feet in the air.

Like Jason Bateman, I'm a big fan of Ike Barinholtz's brand of humour, even though he'll always be Morgan Tookers from The Mindy Project for me and he had some great one liners and funny scenes in this as did John Cena, who I also enjoyed seeing in Sisters and Trainwreck previously. Seeing an American prom night from a different perspective felt fresh and so much more relatable than the likes of American Pie etc. The teenage cast played it well but you're also more than happy to follow the parents along as they attempt to intercept them at various stages of their night. I'd definitely and happily watch it again and it did keep me entertained for another few hours.

Breaking In

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie one night whilst I was scrolling through Twitter and I instantly marked it as something that I would have to see, so when I saw that it would be on the flight I made sure to press play just as the cabin crew came through with mini Twister ice lollies. It felt like perfect timing as I was expecting it to be a Panic Room-esque kind of home invasion style popcorn movie and in many ways it was but I couldn't help but feel a little bit let down from what the trailer had set me up for.

So much of it felt like something I'd seen before and there weren't really any surprises or twists that I wasn't expecting. Unlike You're Next (see my review here) and Hush (click for my review here), which are two of my favourite home invasion movies and just horror movies in general, no explanation is given for how the mom, played by Gabrielle Union, basically turns into a ninja in a matter of minutes. I get that she's trying to rescue her two kids trapped inside and that she's probably running on adrenaline for most of it but it just seems like she's a bit too good at evading the bad guys and eventually saving the day all on her own. It certainly wasn't the worst movie that I've watched on a plane but it wasn't the best either. Speaking of the worst...

Truth Or Dare

If you've read any of my previous What I've Been Watching blog posts, you'll know how much of a horror movie fan I am and I probably should have known better than to watch Truth Or Dare, especially after viewing the trailer but there was only about an hour and a half left of the flight so I decided to go for something that wouldn't involve a great deal of attention being paid, especially when the flight attendants/Captain would be making announcements etc. throughout.

When clicking in to press play on Truth Or Dare even the entertainment system noted how critics and audiences hated this movie but 'you might just enjoy it'. Heaven knows why I thought 'okay, let's go for it!' Maybe it had something to do with the Blumhouse (the team behind Get Out, Insidious and Sinister) affiliation, which led me to believe that maybe it was one of those so bad it's good kind of horror movies but sadly that wasn't the case. Most importantly, there were absolutely zero scares and I mean zero. Not a single moment that had me even slightly frightened. Even the jump scares were absolutely pants and juvenile. It had serious Ouija vibes (remember how bad that movie was?) and the acting, like in that movie, was so poor. It was always a bit of a silly concept but it was so badly handled. Let's just say, I was more than happy when it ended and that wasn't just because we had just landed in hot and sunny Florida!

Red Sparrow

Now to be totally honest with you, I only really had an interest in seeing Red Sparrow because the ever so dreamy and talented Joel Edgerton was in it. Jennifer Lawrence has also been good in everything that I've seen her in so that was another reason to press play on my night flight home.

From seeing the trailer and reading the brief synopsis of the film, I knew that it was going to have quite a few scenes of a sexual nature, to say the least but I wasn't expecting how sexual it was. I actually had to check around me a few times as I was sat in an aisle seat and there were quite a few kids roaming about the cabin on their way home from Walt Disney World. Some scenes were shocking and graphic, which I think was what they were trying to get across but even with that, the movie felt about half an hour, if not more, too long but yet the ending felt rushed. It also felt like a very strange role for Jennifer Lawrence to take in a way, even though her acting was one of the better things about the movie.

Ocean's 8

As we flew out at the end of September and returned at the start of October, this meant that certain movies had been removed on the flight home with new ones added in their place. Ocean's 8 was one of these new movies. Since I can get pretty sleepy on a night flight, even though I'm never able to actually fall asleep, I wanted to put on something that would hopefully keep me engaged that also wasn't too dramatic, slow paced or required a lot of attention, which is definitely why I watched Red Sparrow first.

Having seen the George Clooney led Oceans franchise, I wasn't sure how Ocean's 8 would compare but I was pleasantly surprised by the story, cast and overall execution of it. First of all, having the Met Gala feature, something that I'm always drawn to and interested in each and every year, was such a great move and con to have the movie feature around. The 8 also meshed really well and I wasn't even mad at Rihanna's acting, which I did kind of expect to be somewhat sub par. Anne Hathaway was particularly great in this and I really enjoyed Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter and Awkwafina's roles too. It was fun, entertaining and exactly the kind of movie that you'd want to watch on a plane.

Have you seen any of the movies in today's What I've Been Watching post? If so, what did you think of them? And what's the best movie that you've seen this year?


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