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My First Christmas Gift Set Purchase: The Stila Holiday Liquid Eye Shadow Sets

stila holiday 2018

Last year I missed out on the chance to pick up one of Stila's Holiday sets so this year I was taking no chances and ordered them as soon as they both went online.

I couldn't quite decide which of the two eyeshadow sets to go for so I ended up just having to get both of them. I've had my eye on Stila's liquid eyeshadow offerings for some time now but there are that many to choose from that I ultimately got overwhelmed each and every time that I paid the Stila stand a visit or when I was having a scroll through the shades online. I just couldn't decide which ones to try first. Also, as they're liquid eyeshadows, I didn't want to buy three or four full sizes of them only for them to inevitably dry out at some point or before I'd got as much wear out of them as I would have liked. Which is why buying the Holiday gift sets was a real no brainer for me.

So let's see exactly what you get in each of the Stila Holiday 2018 liquid eyeshadow sets;

stila all that shimmers & glow liquid eye shadow set

All That Shimmers Shimmer & Glow Set

First up we have the All That Shimmers Shimmer & Glow Set. Containing three of the Stila Shimmer & Glow liquid eyeshadows in the shades Starlight, Kitten and Espresso, the All That Shimmers set is the one for you if you love a good metallic eyeshadow. The shade Espresso, in particular, is a brand new shade for Fall 2018/the holiday season so I was particularly excited to see that as part of the set.

The one shade that I was especially keen to try was Kitten. It's just the most beautiful colour. And the third shade in this specific set is Starlight which is a gold champagne shade. Having wanted to invest in these for quite a few years now, I was over the moon to finally get a chance to try them out without having to shell out some serious ££.

stila oh my stars review

Oh My Stars Glitter & Glow Set

Talking of being impressed, the other exclusive set for the 2018 holiday season is the Oh My Stars Glitter & Glow Set. It contains three of the Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadows in the shades Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma and Gold Goddess. Basically if you're looking to add some glitter eyeshadows that really pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation, sparkle and shine, then this is the set for you. I love that you get a gold, silver and copper/rose gold in this set and I'm now completely covered when it comes to any glitters that I could possibly need, especially as someone who more often than not sticks to pretty neutral and natural eye looks.

Having never tried the Glitter & Glow shadows, I was a little concerned that they might irritate the eye area but I had nothing to worry about. They don't feel too gritty or scratchy on the eyelid but they're still chunky enough to give you that glitter and glimmer look that you're after. They all add such a pop of sparkle to any eye look and would be perfect in the run up to the Christmas and party season.

stila liquid eyeshadow review

Apologies for my lack of swatches in today's post but these really are that dinky that I didn't want to waste any of the precious product on the back of my hand. No doubt you'll see them on my actual eyes either on here or on my Instagram in the run up to Christmas and festive period.

If either or both of the sets have caught your eye, you can get them from Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty or click below to get them from Cloud 10 Beauty, where I bought mine.

Have you tried any of Stila's liquid eyeshadows before? If so, what did you think of them and which shade or shades are your favourite? And do you have your eye on any Christmas gift sets already? Or are there ones, like the Soap & Glory Boots Star Gift set, that you buy every year?


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