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The Bed That You Won't Want To Get Out Of (+ A £100 Off Leesa Discount Code)

leesa review uk

You might remember me briefly mentioning my new Leesa mattress in my How To Get A Good Night's Sleep This Summer post but now I'm back with a full review of the dreamiest mattress that I have ever slept on.

My old spring mattress was well past it's best so I had actually been doing a bit of research into which one to try next when Leesa got in touch to ask if I'd like to try and review their mattress. I was under no obligation to keep or to blog about the mattress if I didn't like it but clearly that didn't happen.

leesa mattress reviews

So here's my review of the bed that you won't ever want to get out of;

After probably about 10 years (there's a reason why you should replace your mattress after 8 years) with the same spring mattress poking into me, I was desperate to try something new and to completely avoid having to deal with springs again. No matter how well you seem to look after or continually rotate a spring mattress, there's no stopping the springs inevitably jabbing into you and causing you to spend quite a bit of time flipping and flopping around in a bid to avoid lying directly on one of the raised springs. Or at least that's what I've been contending with for at least the past year or so. I had been looking into memory foam mattresses or memory foam toppers but was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them to choose from.

leesa mattress review

As soon as Leesa let me know a little bit more about their mattresses and how they operate, I was really keen to try theirs out and to work with them on this very blog post.

I honestly can't tell you how excited I was for my new Leesa mattress to arrive.

leesa mattress review uk

Made from three layers of foam that adjust to your body to provide you with the best support, ones which adapt to you and how you sleep, it's like lying on a cloud, or at least how I would imagine it to be. Leesa also donate one mattress for every ten that they sell and they plant a tree for every mattress sold too. To date over 135,000 trees have been planted by Leesa and all of their mattresses are manufactured here in the UK. If you're trying to do your bit for the planet or want to buy from an all round good company, I would definitely point you in the direction of Leesa.

There's also free delivery and the mattress arrives rolled up ready to be positioned on your bed frame where it will then expand and take shape in front of your very eyes. It's seriously like watching a life size marshmallow inflate.

leesa mattress coupon

For some reason I thought that the mattress would be pretty light but it's actually really substantial and puffs up into it's final form in a matter of hours. It does have a slight smell to it when you first take it out of the box. Not a bad smell necessarily but it is worth mentioning. It's a result of the packing process and seems to be quite normal for all foam mattresses to come with but within 24-48 hours that smell was gone.

When I was doing my research into mattresses, I was quite worried that it would either be too soft or too firm for me and had found it rather difficult to decide which mattress to go for on a trip to a traditional mattress shop but the Leesa mattress is genuinely the perfect in between. You don't sink in completely, like you might expect from a memory foam style product but you don't just lie on top of it either, without making an impression. Your body feels cradled and it really does mould to you and your body. I sleep on my side and the amount of support that my hip in particular feels is unlike any other mattress that I've ever slept on. I also have joint hypermobility which puts increased pressure on my joints, particularly my tailbone, so much so that I have to take a specially designed seat cushion with me when I travel.

leesa mattress discount uk

I sat upright one night to really put the Leesa mattress to the test and even after about an hour of sitting directly on my tailbone, I had no pain or discomfort. The mattress really cradled my bottom thus not allowing my tailbone to come in direct contact with anything hard, like it does on a traditional spring mattress or even any chair that isn't super comfy. That in itself completely won me over on the Leesa mattress.

I also get quite hot at night so I really appreciate the top cooling foam layer as well. When you think about the fact that you spend about a third of your life in bed or even more so if you suffer from chronic illness like I do, making an investment in something that you will be using everyday or should I say, every night, of your life for at least eight years makes so much sense. I'd much rather spend money on something that gives me the level of comfort that the Leesa mattress does rather than a designer handbag or a quick trip abroad. And when you compare the price of it to other mattresses, £499 (using my exclusive discount code below) isn't too bad at all.

All I can say is, you simply have to try it for yourself! I honestly have a feeling that you'll never want to get out of bed again. It definitely makes it tough to part ways with your bed in the morning but knowing that you'll be sinking back into it that night certainly makes up for that.

leesa discount code

To get £100 off your own Leesa mattress, with a 100 night risk-free trial period, enter the code ELLISTUESDAY when you're placing your order through this link.

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Are you long overdue a new mattress like I was? How does the Leesa mattress look and sound to you? Have you been meaning to upgrade or replace your mattress? And where was your best night's sleep?


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