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How To Get That Summer Glow

Summer Bronze Glow Makeup

This might just be the best Summer that we've had in a long time here in the UK so unlike previous years where I've shared my top self tanners, this year I'm talking about how to get the Summer glow thanks to some clever makeup products.

If you're someone who tans naturally, I've found products to enhance that colour. And if you're someone who struggles to tan (aka. me), I've got products that will allow you to create the illusion of being a bronzed goddess, without having to slather on fake tan or sit outside in the sun.

A little tip if you're looking to get that glowy look even without makeup, is to treat yourself to a facial. I managed to nab a great deal on Groupon a few weeks ago and honestly my skin was glowing sans makeup for at least three or four days after it. I think I might need to make it more of a regular occurrence, to be totally honest.

But back to all things makeup, here are some of the best products to give you that Summer glow, even if you're as pale as I am;

For the face...

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow

One of my very first Charlotte Tilbury purchases was this tube of pure wonder, hence the name. And even though Charlotte has since released several more wow worthy glow getting products, which I've included just below, this is the original and it's easy to see why it continues to be one of her biggest and bestselling products.

You can wear it on it's own to give you the most beautiful 'lit from within' glow, underneath your foundation or base as a primer or even mixed in with your foundation to add a gorgeous sheen to the formula. There's no glitter or shimmer to this product, which is what I love about it the most. It's one of the only primers that I regularly reach for, which is really saying something as I can often be quite lazy when it comes to any extra steps in my routine. It also works incredibly well at blurring pores and just making your skin look so much smoother and softened.

This is also the kind of glow that can be worn all year round, meaning you don't have to just reserve it for the warmer months.

Guerlain Terracotta Light Healthy Glow Powder*

What I love about this product is the fact that it's not just your typical bronzer but instead a beautiful combination of bronzer, blush and glow, all in one generously sized compact. When I wear this I tend to have people remark about how healthy I look, something that doesn't really happen on a day to day basis when you're as pale and ghostly looking as I am. It also smells incredible, not that you should make your decision based on how it smells but it just does. Honestly, get yourself down to a Guerlain counter just to give this a good sniff. I have a feeling that you'll find it hard to leave behind after doing so and giving it a try.

It gives you the most beautiful sun-kissed sheen to the skin and is actually light enough not to look orange or muddy on my fair skin. I have this in the shade Clair Rosé or Light Cool, for reference.

best makeup glow products

Lancome Bronze Glow Custom Drops*

Quite a few beauty brands have hopped aboard the highlighting drops bandwagon but this range of Custom Drops from Lancome are just too pretty to ignore.

First of all, the amount of pigment, particularly in this shade, is crazy and secondly, there's actually a great range of shades to choose from too. This shade, Bronze Glow, would work so well on darker skin tones and I've already got my eye on the Rose Glow shade. I mean, how couldn't I? It's really easy to blend and just adds such a pop to the skin and/or decolletage.

Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Duo Highlight*

I'm pretty ashamed to say that until very recently I'd only ever tried Pixi's skincare range but thankfully I was gifted a few of their latest makeup releases at a press dinner that I had with them last month. The first makeup product that caught my eye was this highlighting duo.

If you tend to avoid powder highlighters, especially if you've got dry or dehydrated skin like myself, then these are the highlighters to try! They're available in two different colourways, this one is Subtle Sunrise and they actually look glossy and almost wet on the skin, which I honestly could not believe. They don't inevitably dry down to look matte or flat, like some other powder highlighters can do, either. I honestly can't wait to try out more of their makeup range solely as a result of trying this duo.

Summer Glow Makeup Products

For the body...

Sol de Janeiro Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil

Now this basically smells like Summer in a bottle! Not only does it have the same beautiful scent as their iconic and equally brilliant Brazilian Bum Bum Cream but it just applies like a dream. As soon as I saw this making waves on Instagram, I knew that I had to try it and I'm so glad that I did.

It looks like they are currently limited edition for Summer 2018 but I'm hoping that the response that they've had from these will encourage the Sol de Janeiro team to make them a permanent fixture in their line. They are an oil so bear that in mind when buying as it's not quite the crazy pigment that you see in the bottle but instead adds the prettiest glow and shimmer to the skin. They're not greasy or oily either and I can't wait to really put it to good use when I go on holiday to Florida later in the year.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body*

Now if you're a fan of showing off your pins or accentuating your natural colour, then this is the product for you! It's also the go-to for celebrities when it comes to making a glowing statement on the red carpet with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Holly Willoughby and Sienna Miller all applying it to their pins, decolletages and well, basically, all over.

It's got a deeper glossier colour to it than Wonderglow, for example but doesn't look too brown or shiny on the skin. It enhances and accentuates what you've already got and would be perfect for any special occasions or even a night out on holiday. It also has a rollerball dispenser which makes it so easy to glide up and down your arms and legs in particular.

You'll also currently receive a free travel size, perfect for taking on holiday with you, if you buy it directly from Charlotte Tilbury (as of August 2018).

Vita Liberata Body Blur Sunless Glow Self Tanning Skin Finish

And last but certainly not least, we have the new take on the brilliant Body Blur from Vita Liberata; Sunless Glow. I tried a sample of the original Body Blur a while back and really liked how it looked on my skin. So when I saw that they had added Sunless Glow to the packaging on a trip to Boots I was immediately intrigued but left it behind as I already had a pretty full basket at the time. A few weeks later I saw that it was one of the products available in the Latest In Beauty Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards Box. Basically, if you missed out on those boxes you really did miss out, BIG TIME! The box itself was £25 and could contain as many as six full size award nominees and when you consider the fact that this full size tube is £32.50 on it's own, you should start to understand why I couldn't believe it and quickly added it to my basket. Basically, this is just me saluting Latest In Beauty for allowing such an incredible beauty box to be put together for such an unreal price.

Back to the product itself, if you're someone who wants to add some colour to their legs, arms or body without having to worry about the hassle or unreliability of fake tanning, then this is for you as you can simply wash it off at the end of the day. It's body makeup so bare that in mind if you know that you're going to be going somewhere wet, for example.

I used to use a cheap gradual tanner when I was at school since my legs were like little white milk bottles and I just wish that there had been a product like this back then for the days when I wanted to wear a skirt! Seriously, you teenagers that have grown up with YouTube tutorials and the likes of Urban Decay in your makeup bags don't know how lucky you are! This is from someone who wore the infamous Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in a shade that was frankly orange, looking back, to school everyday.

Summer Makeup Glow

So there you have it, how to get that Summer glow all from a few makeup products. And if you are lucky enough to have just come back from your holidays, these products will help to accentuate what you already have as well.

I've also just updated my Product Directory, so be sure to check that out if you're looking for a review of a specific product or for all of my beauty reviews in one place.

Do you like the glowy look? If so, which products do you usually use to achieve it? Have you managed to catch some sun this Summer? And which product in today's post sounds like it could be your favourite?


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