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What I've Been Watching: In July

what to watch on netflix and amazon prime video this month

Aside from Wimbledon and the World Cup, this month I've made pretty good use of both my Netflix and my Amazon Prime Video subscriptions and even bought a movie on DVD, something I haven't done in a long time.

So let's see what I've been watching this month;

Evil Genius

As you will have seen in last month's What I've Been Watching post, I quickly made my way through Netlfix's true crime doc The Staircase and had Evil Genius on my list to watch next and that's exactly what I did this month. All I can say is that this real life story is completely wild! From a bank robbery to a treasure hunt to a bomb being shackled around someone's neck, that you actually see going off (it's not as graphic as you might think but definitely something to bear in mind if you'd rather look away), it really does seem like something out of a crazy film plot, not something that would happen in a little town in Pennsylvania.

Unlike The Staircase, you don't have to commit a great deal of time to it as it's only four episodes long but each episode is filled with so many twists and turns and just absolutely crazy things, unbelievable things. And when I say unbelievable I don't mean it as I usually would, I actually mean it is so hard to believe that some of this stuff actually happened! Nothing about it is expected and as each episode progresses you can't quite believe what you're seeing and hearing. It's honestly one of the most bizarre cases that I've ever discovered and I'm a fan of watching true crime documentaries and unsolved mystery videos on YouTube. You really need to give this a watch just to see what I'm talking about.

The Bold Type

You might remember me mentioning The Bold Type in a previous What I've Been Watching post and I never really tend to feature the same show or movie twice but I just had to give this show a bit more publicity to hopefully share it with more of you. Unlike when I first wrote about it, The Bold Type is now easily available for us here in the UK to watch thanks to Amazon Prime Video. The entire first season is available in full to binge watch right away whilst episodes from the second season are uploaded every Wednesday. So there's now no excuse for missing this brilliant show.

The second season is just as good as the first, if not better and instantly makes me want to book another trip to NYC. I've always dreamed of working at a magazine in New York so I really do feel like I'm living my dream Manhattan life vicariously through these three girls. You're also really invested in the characters lives and rooting for them to succeed. Jane, in particular and her struggle to go from working at her (and my) dream job to taking a risk that doesn't quite pay off to then navigating the freelance world, really hit home for me. She also inspires me to get writing and writing about something important, in addition to what my favourite lipstick or skincare item is. I also really feel for Sutton and hope that her and Richard can finally make it work. My fingers are well and truly crossed as they're definitely my favourite 'will they, won't they' couple on TV at the moment.

All I can say is, if you have Amazon Prime Video, get this watched ASAP! I have a feeling you won't regret it.

The Fashion Fund

I like to keep tabs on what's been added to Netlfix each month as you can so often miss out on a great new show or certain movies if you don't so when I saw that this show had recently been added, my interest was immediately piqued. Anna Wintour is a pretty fascinating person anyway but the fact that this also features the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Jenna Lyons, had me adding it to my Netflix list, to watch as soon as I got a chance to. It also gives you a behind the scenes look at how brutal and energy sapping the fashion industry can be, which I always find incredibly interesting to watch and I also got a chance to find out a lot more about the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund, as well as who had won in previous years aka. basically every big designer that you've heard of in recent years.

Sadly it's not quite up to date as the first season originally aired in 2011 but it was enjoyable nonetheless. If you enjoy the likes of Project Runway, The September Issue or The First Monday In May then I would definitely check The Fashion Fund out. It looks like there are two seasons of this show but only the first is currently available on Netflix, at the moment here in the UK. Hopefully they'll add the second at some stage soon.

Baby Driver

Last month I took advantage of HMV's 5 for £20 DVD deal and finally picked up Baby Driver. I'd been wanting to see it ever since I first saw the trailer but for some reason had never gotten around to seeing it until now. I'm a big fan of director Edgar Wright and was keen to see what he would do with a movie like this and I'm glad to say that I wasn't left disappointed.

From the opening sequence to the very last shot, Baby Driver is super stylish and shot brilliantly. It's entertaining, even for someone like myself who doesn't like traditional Fast & Furious car chase style movies but also has you caring about the characters in a way that I hadn't expected. I mean how adorable is Baby's relationship with his foster father?! The soundtrack also couldn't work any better and that's true of the whole movie and not just the exciting car chases.

There were only two things that I wasn't the biggest fan of and that was the fact that his name is Baby. It just didn't quite work for me. Every time one of the characters said his name with a straight face I couldn't help but cringe. And seeing Kevin Spacey's face after all of the allegations made against him have come to light felt pretty uncomfortable. I know it was made well before any of this went public so there's nothing that could have been done thereafter but it definitely changes any future viewings of films that include him, at least for me anyway. But other than that Baby Driver was a hell of a lot of fun!

What's Your Number?

One evening when I was looking for something to watch, I had a scroll through Amazon Prime Video and spotted this movie. I vaguely remembered seeing bits of it in the past but wasn't entirely sure that I could remember how it ended or what happened in the entirety of the movie, so I pressed play.

Back before Chris Evans was Captain America, he was actually one of my first teenage crushes (along with my one true love, Chad Michael Murray, of course). I actually had posters of him up on my wall back when the first Fantastic Four movie and the little known thriller Cellular came out. So something inside me was more than happy to see him in a rom-com, especially when he spends parts of the movie topless or just generally looking like a bit of a dreamboat. I'm also a fan of Anna Faris (Scary Movie will always be one of my favourite comedies of all time), so was more than happy to see her as the lead in this. The story of relocating and reconnecting with your past loves is a pretty fun one and it also has some great cameos (keep an eye out for Andy Samberg as a creepy puppeteer and the likes of Martin Freeman, Chris Pratt and Anthony Mackie as well.)

I did remember certain parts of it so I'm not sure if maybe I saw it when it was first released and forgot about it or if it was on in the background at some point or on a flight or something but it was enjoyable all the same.

So there's what I watched this month.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the shows or movies in today's post? If so, what did you think of them? And who was your biggest teenage crush?


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