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The Mother Daughter Weekend Away Getaway With Kia

mother daughter road trip

This weekend me and my Mum did something that we've been talking about doing for years now; a mother daughter getaway. We've spoke about going away for a night just to chill out and relax or booking a spa break practically every year for my Mum's birthday but for some reason or another it just never happens. However, when Kia got in touch to ask if we'd like to take the new Kia Stonic for a spin, we finally set our plans in motion.

As I'm still in the process of learning to drive, my Mum was more than happy to do the driving and as soon as she sat in the driver's seat she was immediately won over by our new car for the weekend, so much so that when she went back to driving our own car she noticed such a big difference when it came to the clutch, it's distinct lack of helpful gadgets and driving itself.

So without further adieu, let's see what we got up to on our mother daughter weekend away getaway;

kia stonic dimensions

Our main priority was going somewhere with a swimming pool and possibly a spa within driving distance of some nice restaurants or shops and we pretty much immediately came to the conclusion that we would we would be going through to Edinburgh. Despite the fact that we only live about a 45 minute drive away from the Scottish capital, we certainly don't visit as often as we really should.

We booked into the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Edinburgh solely because of the incredible rooftop Hydrapool which actually turned out to be an additional £30 per person to use. Since the indoor pool and sauna were included in our stay we decided to see what they were like before splashing out on any extra ammenities as we just couldn't justify the extra expenditure at the time. And we were both glad that we didn't as the indoor pool was more than enough for us. Check out my Insta Stories to see exactly what I mean as I sneakily took a few photos with my phone when we had the entire pool area to ourselves.

We packed up the car, bringing with us some of the everything that I featured in my Summer Road Trip Essentials blog post and set off for Edinburgh. Compared to our current car the boot was absolutely massive. We had plenty of room and could have luggage fit for a fortnight away, instead of just one night, with room to spare. My Mum had actually never driven through to Edinburgh before  since usually either my Dad drives us or we take the train so she was really happy to see how the Sat Nav did in terms of getting us there. Having never used a Sat Nav before it made a big difference to my Mum's confidence in terms of taking the right exits and being in the right lanes. Speaking of changing lanes, the Kia Stonic has the technology of lane departure warning and blind spot detection which made navigating Edinburgh much easier.

Edinburgh city guide blog

The Kia Stonic really is like the Inspector Gadget of cars, especially when you have an older model like we do. It even has a camera system that pops up on the screen to let you see behind you when reversing. We honestly could have spent all day playing with all the gadgets and the screen but we had another city to explore. We checked into the hotel, dropped our bags and headed down towards Princes Street.

Since we only ever really go through to Edinburgh for the Fringe, we often miss out some of landmarks that have tourists flocking to the capital in the first place so we made a list of what we really wanted to see and do, in addition to lounging by the pool and chilling out at the hotel and our first stop was Princes Street Gardens.

Even when we do come through for the Fringe, I always enjoy a stroll through Princes Street Gardens. It's easily one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh for quite a few reasons. Not only do you get a spectacular view of Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town but it's often much quieter and nicer to walk through than the hustle and bustle of Princes Street itself.

edinburgh city guide blog

I immediately spotted that the newly renovated Ross Fountain was back on display and took the opportunity to check it out and have a little impromptu photoshoot, of course featuring my absolute favourite Topshop plisse trousers. Honestly, it's like wearing your pyjama bottoms they're that comfy and they stop your legs from getting too warm in this heat whilst also remaining covered up.

Edinburgh city guide

We then headed up onto Princes Street itself for a spot of window shopping. Whilst Edinburgh does have a lot of the same shops that we do in Glasgow, the stock often differs drastically so you can often find items that have gone out of stock weeks ago back home. One store that we don't have in Glasgow is Harvey Nichols and more specifically, a Fenty Beauty counter, so I was beyond excited to check both out on this trip. Expect a blog post on all things Fenty Beauty very soon.

sheraton edinburgh spa

After a quick bite to eat, we headed back to the hotel to get into our swimming costumes ready for an afternoon/evening spent in and around the pool. Just getting the chance to completely switch off (I made sure to leave my phone behind in the room) was such a treat. As someone who works online, I don't really have an off switch and will often find myself doing blog or freelance work on my weekends and late at night so completely detaching myself for a few hours was absolute bliss.

sheraton edinburgh swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool was also a swimming pool like no other that I've been in before. It was a beautiful infinity pool and wasn't freezing cold either. We really enjoyed just taking our time and it we only shared the huge poolside space and pool with a handful of other people so it didn't feel too crowded or manic like our local pool back in Glasgow.

Greyfriars Bobby Statue

Despite visiting Edinburgh many times we've never quite made it to see Greyfriar's Bobby. So that was another one of the places at the top of our to see/do list and after quite the trek, we finally found the statue of the adorable little pup at the top of a hill in the Grassmarket. If you're not familiar with the story of Greyfriar's Bobby, he sat and guarded his owners grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard for fourteen years until his own death.

It was nice to see him and his little golden nose, which has turned that colour from tourists rubbing his nose for good luck.

maison de moggy edinburgh

We also passed by another one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh on our hunt for the prolific pup; Maison De Moggy, Scotland's first cat cafe. It was just about to close at that time of night so we couldn't pop in but we did get to sneak a peek just before the shutters were pulled down.

The beautiful Guillaume, who always seems to appear at the window when we pass by, jumped up to say hello, which made our night.

city guide Edinburgh Scotland

We then took the scenic route back to the hotel, however saying that, when you're staying in a city like Edinburgh, pretty much every street and every turn that you take is scenic. The sun was just beginning to set as we headed back down to Princes Street to and it honestly felt like one of those nights on your holiday somewhere warm and sunny where you don't even think twice about going out for a wander at nine or ten o'clock at night.

It was then that we really realised that we were enjoying a night away and not just a rushed few hours through to the city, like we usually experience. We even stopped off for an ice cream on the way home despite the fact that I don't usually eat anything after dinner (Invisalign makes snacking a bit of an issue to be honest) and that made it feel even more like we were on our holidays.

kia stonic specs

After a wonderful sleep and another hour of so of swimming and chilling by the pool, we plugged the next destination on our mother daughter weekend away getaway into the Sat Nav (seriously, how have we went all this time without one?!) and took off back along the M8. Only a 30-40 minute drive from Glasgow you'll find the wonders of Loch Lomond.

Again, despite living in Scotland my entire life, I had never made the trip through to Loch Lomond until now. Spurred on by the CCW Blogger Road Trip through to Callander, we wanted to explore more of Scotland's natural beauty and that's exactly what you'll find here.

kia stonic review

We had no problem finding exactly where we wanted to explore thanks again to the Kia Stonic's brilliant Sat Nav system. It truly opened our eyes in terms of using one going forward as it was so intuitive and easy to operate. It was also another extremely comfortable drive with the copious amounts of legroom, something we're seriously not used to in our compact car and exceptional air conditioning, which was definitely appreciated in this freak heatwave that we're currently having here in the UK. My Mum also couldn't help but remark how slim and comfortable the steering wheel was to handle practically every five minutes either.

Thankfully there was some cloud cover when we arrived at Loch Lomond so we weren't melting like we have been this Summer and being by the water provided a lovely cool breeze too. Again, it was so nice to leave my phone in the car and to just live in the moment. Of course, I made sure to get some beautiful photos taken (how couldn't you with that as a backdrop?!) but I wasn't worrying about replying to emails or endlessly scrolling through social media, like I usually do when I'm in the car.

loch lomond shores

I think us Scots can often take for granted the truly magical landscape that we enjoy living in here in Scotland. It really is unlike anywhere else in the world. It's especially apparent when you see tourists from all over the world flocking to certain landmarks or areas and marvelling at how beautiful and special they are. And whilst we didn't quite spot the Loch Ness Monster, we had a great time enjoying the weather and surroundings down by the water.

Duck Bay Loch Lomond Restaurant

After working up quite an appetite, we stopped off at Duck Bay for lunch. My Mum actually remembered visiting this very site back when it was a completely different restaurant back in the '80's with my Dad so it was really nice to take her back all these years later. They're already planning their next visit through for a little date night one night next month as they used to make the trip through to Loch Lomond back when they first started dating.

Duck Bay Loch Lomond

I mean, can you really beat that view for lunch?!

duck bay loch lomond scotland

As soon as we saw classic fish and chips on the menu we had to opt for that and honestly, it was incredible! The chips in particular were so yummy! It was also a substantial basket unlike the dinky little baskets that chips or fries often come in at other restaurants. As a big fan of a good chip, this was very much welcomed by me.

duck bay loch lomond menu

My Mum also added a side of mac and cheese (her absolute favourite food!) as she just couldn't resist and it definitely got her seal of approval.

kia stonic deals

We spent some time exploring more of the scenery and walking off our lunch before heading back through to Glasgow. We both couldn't have been more impressed with the Kia Stonic. I mean, it even has a nifty little compartment for your sunglasses! Since we last bought our family car (it was probably about 15 years ago now) there have been so many incredible and innovative advances made. Electric windows, not having to use a key to open the doors or start the car and a fancy radio that actually displays the song title and artist and more stations than you could ever listen to.

Glasgow Lifestyle Bloggers

I also just wanted to share how much I'm loving this shirred dress from Next, so much so that I've bought it in two other colours/patterns in addition to this one. It, plus my plisse trousers from Topshop, that you will have seen above, are all that I've been wearing this Summer and I'm so excited to take them with me on my trip to Florida later in the year. Hotter also very kindly sent me a pair of their brand new Tourist Sandals* for me to try out on this Summer staycation and even though they're slightly updated (there's a new buckle, colours and footbeds), they're just as comfortable as the originals. It also gives my old black pair a rest this Summer as I've worn them practically every single day (when it's not raining or freezing cold, of course) since I tried my first pair.

If you're planning any Scottish staycations or travelling up to Scotland this Summer and looking for something to do, I would 100% recommend visiting Loch Lomond and Edinburgh, especially during the Fringe Festival for the latter.

A huge thanks to Kia for lending us the new Stonic for the weekend and for ultimately pushing us to finally go on our weekend away. Did we have any complaints about the car? Only that they took it away.

Where would you go on a weekend away getaway here in the UK? Have you ever visited Edinburgh, Glasgow or Loch Lomond? And what's your favourite thing to do on holiday? Are you a lay by the pool kinda person or do you prefer a packed itinerary?


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What I've Been Watching: In July

what to watch on netflix and amazon prime video this month

Aside from Wimbledon and the World Cup, this month I've made pretty good use of both my Netflix and my Amazon Prime Video subscriptions and even bought a movie on DVD, something I haven't done in a long time.

So let's see what I've been watching this month;

Evil Genius

As you will have seen in last month's What I've Been Watching post, I quickly made my way through Netlfix's true crime doc The Staircase and had Evil Genius on my list to watch next and that's exactly what I did this month. All I can say is that this real life story is completely wild! From a bank robbery to a treasure hunt to a bomb being shackled around someone's neck, that you actually see going off (it's not as graphic as you might think but definitely something to bear in mind if you'd rather look away), it really does seem like something out of a crazy film plot, not something that would happen in a little town in Pennsylvania.

Unlike The Staircase, you don't have to commit a great deal of time to it as it's only four episodes long but each episode is filled with so many twists and turns and just absolutely crazy things, unbelievable things. And when I say unbelievable I don't mean it as I usually would, I actually mean it is so hard to believe that some of this stuff actually happened! Nothing about it is expected and as each episode progresses you can't quite believe what you're seeing and hearing. It's honestly one of the most bizarre cases that I've ever discovered and I'm a fan of watching true crime documentaries and unsolved mystery videos on YouTube. You really need to give this a watch just to see what I'm talking about.

The Bold Type

You might remember me mentioning The Bold Type in a previous What I've Been Watching post and I never really tend to feature the same show or movie twice but I just had to give this show a bit more publicity to hopefully share it with more of you. Unlike when I first wrote about it, The Bold Type is now easily available for us here in the UK to watch thanks to Amazon Prime Video. The entire first season is available in full to binge watch right away whilst episodes from the second season are uploaded every Wednesday. So there's now no excuse for missing this brilliant show.

The second season is just as good as the first, if not better and instantly makes me want to book another trip to NYC. I've always dreamed of working at a magazine in New York so I really do feel like I'm living my dream Manhattan life vicariously through these three girls. You're also really invested in the characters lives and rooting for them to succeed. Jane, in particular and her struggle to go from working at her (and my) dream job to taking a risk that doesn't quite pay off to then navigating the freelance world, really hit home for me. She also inspires me to get writing and writing about something important, in addition to what my favourite lipstick or skincare item is. I also really feel for Sutton and hope that her and Richard can finally make it work. My fingers are well and truly crossed as they're definitely my favourite 'will they, won't they' couple on TV at the moment.

All I can say is, if you have Amazon Prime Video, get this watched ASAP! I have a feeling you won't regret it.

The Fashion Fund

I like to keep tabs on what's been added to Netlfix each month as you can so often miss out on a great new show or certain movies if you don't so when I saw that this show had recently been added, my interest was immediately piqued. Anna Wintour is a pretty fascinating person anyway but the fact that this also features the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and Jenna Lyons, had me adding it to my Netflix list, to watch as soon as I got a chance to. It also gives you a behind the scenes look at how brutal and energy sapping the fashion industry can be, which I always find incredibly interesting to watch and I also got a chance to find out a lot more about the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund, as well as who had won in previous years aka. basically every big designer that you've heard of in recent years.

Sadly it's not quite up to date as the first season originally aired in 2011 but it was enjoyable nonetheless. If you enjoy the likes of Project Runway, The September Issue or The First Monday In May then I would definitely check The Fashion Fund out. It looks like there are two seasons of this show but only the first is currently available on Netflix, at the moment here in the UK. Hopefully they'll add the second at some stage soon.

Baby Driver

Last month I took advantage of HMV's 5 for £20 DVD deal and finally picked up Baby Driver. I'd been wanting to see it ever since I first saw the trailer but for some reason had never gotten around to seeing it until now. I'm a big fan of director Edgar Wright and was keen to see what he would do with a movie like this and I'm glad to say that I wasn't left disappointed.

From the opening sequence to the very last shot, Baby Driver is super stylish and shot brilliantly. It's entertaining, even for someone like myself who doesn't like traditional Fast & Furious car chase style movies but also has you caring about the characters in a way that I hadn't expected. I mean how adorable is Baby's relationship with his foster father?! The soundtrack also couldn't work any better and that's true of the whole movie and not just the exciting car chases.

There were only two things that I wasn't the biggest fan of and that was the fact that his name is Baby. It just didn't quite work for me. Every time one of the characters said his name with a straight face I couldn't help but cringe. And seeing Kevin Spacey's face after all of the allegations made against him have come to light felt pretty uncomfortable. I know it was made well before any of this went public so there's nothing that could have been done thereafter but it definitely changes any future viewings of films that include him, at least for me anyway. But other than that Baby Driver was a hell of a lot of fun!

What's Your Number?

One evening when I was looking for something to watch, I had a scroll through Amazon Prime Video and spotted this movie. I vaguely remembered seeing bits of it in the past but wasn't entirely sure that I could remember how it ended or what happened in the entirety of the movie, so I pressed play.

Back before Chris Evans was Captain America, he was actually one of my first teenage crushes (along with my one true love, Chad Michael Murray, of course). I actually had posters of him up on my wall back when the first Fantastic Four movie and the little known thriller Cellular came out. So something inside me was more than happy to see him in a rom-com, especially when he spends parts of the movie topless or just generally looking like a bit of a dreamboat. I'm also a fan of Anna Faris (Scary Movie will always be one of my favourite comedies of all time), so was more than happy to see her as the lead in this. The story of relocating and reconnecting with your past loves is a pretty fun one and it also has some great cameos (keep an eye out for Andy Samberg as a creepy puppeteer and the likes of Martin Freeman, Chris Pratt and Anthony Mackie as well.)

I did remember certain parts of it so I'm not sure if maybe I saw it when it was first released and forgot about it or if it was on in the background at some point or on a flight or something but it was enjoyable all the same.

So there's what I watched this month.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the shows or movies in today's post? If so, what did you think of them? And who was your biggest teenage crush?


Sunday, 22 July 2018

Travel Sized Beauty To Take On Your Next Trip (+ An Urban Decay Setting Spray Giveaway)

Space NK Travel Bag

Every time that I travel I try to learn from what worked and what didn't, especially when it comes to my packing routine. And since many of us might be heading off on our Summer holidays, I thought that I would share some of the travel sized beauty bits that you should seriously consider taking with you this year. Does anyone else get more than a little bit excited about buying some of your favourite products in dinky little travel sized versions or trying out brands and products that you've always wanted to, without having to pay for the full size first?

As soon as I saw this beautiful travel bag from Space NK I knew that I had to have it. It immediately reminded me of the iconic but crazy pricey Anya Hindmarch In-Flight Case but at a fraction of the price.

If I'm travelling hand luggage only, a clear airport and airline approved bag is essential. And this one is just so stylish and sleek.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The One Where I Went To FriendsFest

friendsfest review

Growing up, without a doubt, my favourite TV show was Friends. I remember begging my parents to buy the seasons on VHS, eventually amassing them right as DVD players were introduced. *facepalm* I had a Friends pencil case, with the cast slurping from milkshakes, that I proudly displayed during each and every class at school and even visited the 'Friends building' when I was in New York last year. So it's safe to say I'm a fan.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep This Summer (+ A 25% Off Desenio Discount Code)

how to sleep in the heat

Summer sure has it's benefits (being able to wear dresses and playsuits again, lighter evenings and basically eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner) but it also has it's downfalls, namely wasps (I hate them with a passion), hayfever and my least favourite thing about it; the humidity. Over the past few weeks, whilst Scotland has been hit with a bit of a freak heatwave, I've had sore heads, itchy and irritable eyes and more than a few dizzy spells. That muggy or clammy feeling can often feel inescapable, especially when you live somewhere so ill equipped to deal with it (there's no air-con or properly shady spots here) and that sweaty and gross feeling only intensifies when you eventually go to bed.

If, like me, you struggle to get to sleep when it's over 10 degrees at night, this blog post is for you! I've tried out a few things to help and some of them have made such a big difference.

So here are my top tips on how to get a good night's sleep this Summer;

Switch to a flat sheet

Other than the obvious advice, aka. get a fan ASAP, the biggest gamechanger this year for me has been buying a flat sheet. For some reason, no matter how hard that I try, I just can't get to sleep without something covering me. And since it is far, far too hot to be messing about with any kind of duvet or throw on top of me at night, I thought that I would try out a flat sheet. And what a difference it has made.

They seem to be pretty commonplace in warmer climates and are pretty much the only thing on the beds when visiting somewhere like Florida, for example. I managed to pick up mine from Primark for about £5, which wasn't too bad at all and easily one of the best fivers that I've spent this year. It's light and breathable enough to not add to your already hot self but significant enough to still feel like I'm wrapped up in bed. It's also infinitely easier to stick your feet or limbs out of rather than having to deal with a big or heavy duvet cover.

how to sleep in the summer heat

Keep your bed free of clutter

Talking of beds, isn't it the worst when you're 100% ready to flop onto your bed and pass out, only to realise that you've left a pile of clean washing or half the contents of your wardrobe, when you were getting ready, strewn all over your bed?

I've desperately needed to lie down in a dark room thanks to the heat induced headaches and migraines that I've been experiencing as a result of the warm weather and not having to spend 10-15 minutes tidying everything off my bed changes the whole game. I also regularly need to lie down at certain points throughout the day and the evening thanks to my IBS and the last thing you want to be doing is having to start moving things around or tidying up when you've got a sore stomach or trapped wind.

At night, if I've left lots of stuff all over my bed, I often find that by the time I've moved or tidied everything away, I then feel full of energy and nowhere near ready to go to sleep. Just get into the habit of making your bed each morning or even simply pulling back the covers to let your bed breathe in this warm weather. That also makes a big difference to keeping your bed cool for when you're ready to get into it at night.

Create a space that you actually want to spend time in

When I've had a night of restless or little sleep, something inside me resents having to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in or around my bed the following day. In a bid to remedy this, I've spent some time creating a space that I actually want to spend time in that also gives me those Summertime vibes without having to actually leave the comfort of my home.

Having white walls can often make a room look bare and uninspiring so I thought that I would add some much needed colour and a spot of Summertime realness to my back wall with this trio of prints from Desenio.

desenio discount code

Pastel Palm No 1 50 x 70cm Poster - Neon Leaves One 50 x 70cm Poster - Pink Sky Beach 50 x 70cm Poster

Don't the colours just compliment each other so well? They also go well with a lot of my bedding and cushions etc. which are all pretty much in the teal or pink family. Seeing the prints immediately makes me smile every time that I enter my bedroom.

I also couldn't resist this print, which definitely sums up the days when I'm having a bad IBS flare up. Instead of worrying about my bed and my bedroom being a place where I feel unwell or struggle to get comfortable or to sleep, I now look forward to starting what I like to think of as my bedtime routine (more on that below).

desenio discount code 2018

Go Back To Bed 30 x 40cm Poster 

If you like the look of these prints or are looking to add more personality to your home or bedroom, I have a great and exclusive 25% off discount code to take 25% off posters (excluding handpicked and collaboration posters and frames) between July 4th and 9th, simply by using the code ellistuesday25.

If you're reading this blog post outwith that time period, I also have a link to take £5 off your first order of prints.

Start a proper bedtime routine

Again, this might sound like common sense but if you're used to curling up in bed hours before you actually nod off or spend your time in bed scrolling through social media at like 11pm at night, chances are you're going to find it more difficult to get to sleep.

Try to properly wind down and to detach yourself from anything with a screen for at least an hour before you want to sleep and see if that makes a difference. Get into the habit of having a real bedtime routine. Whether that's having a long bath, getting into your pjs and grabbing a book or if it's simply switching off and listening to your body when you start to feel tired, see what works best for you.

I personally like to put my phone on charge and out of reach and either read a few chapters of a book until my eyes start to sting or lay down and listen to some chilled out music until, again, my body starts to say, 'right, it's time for bed.'

lush sleepy review

Get sleepy

And if all else fails, literally get sleepy and slather on some of Lush's Sleepy Body Lotion right before bed. Honestly, this stuff completely lives up to the hype! If you struggle to drift off naturally, you need to give this stuff a try! This little pot is only £7.95 and it really is money well spent.

They also do a bigger pot, that I've already stocked up on, which is even better value for money. And if you prefer spraying your room or body with fragrance rather than slathering something on, then you simply have to pay your local Lush store a visit solely to smell their Twilight Body Spray! Honestly, it's just so soothing and dreamy and lets my body know that it's time to wind down when I've sprayed it.

lush twilight body spray

I'm also putting a new mattress to the test, namely the Leesa Mattress and I'll be sharing my thoughts on that in a few weeks time. SPOILER ALERT: you won't want to leave your bed ever again! And in combination with the tips in today's blog post, I've been sleeping a lot more soundly and comfortably this Summer.

Do you often struggle to drift off to sleep either in the warm weather or just generally? If so, what do you do to help the situation? Do any of my tips sound like they could work for you? And what's your favourite and least favourite things about Summer?

Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Look Fantastic x Caudalie Mixology Edition Beauty Box

caudalie limited edition beauty box

Over the years you'll have seen me review many a beauty box on Ellis Tuesday but it now takes something special to really pique my interest and that's exactly what this particular box is, something very special!

Priced at either £35 as a one off purchase or just £30 if you're already a Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscriber, this is one beauty box that you don't want to miss!

This is easily one of the best and most impressive beauty boxes that I've ever received! With a value of over £99 and limited edition in nature, meaning it's sure to sell out (keep checking back on the site for any restocks), let's waste no time and see exactly what's included in the Look Fantastic x Caudalie Mixology Edition Beauty Box*;

caudalie best products reviews

The first thing that grabbed my attention when I opened the box was the fact that three full size products were staring back at me. And those three full size products are as follows;

The Caudalie Vine[Activ] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum, which has an RRP of £36.
Even though I'm in my mid twenties and therefore don't have a vast deal of wrinkles to worry about, I have found that laughter lines around my eyes are starting to become that bit more noticeable, especially when I'm smiling for a photograph or laughing. I'm excited to give this a go and will of course share my thoughts on it with you on here or on social media.

The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask, which has an RRP of £22.
I gave this a try the same night that this box arrived at my door and I was so impressed. If you struggle with really visible pores or enlarged ones, I would definitely give this mask a go. Mine aren't particularly bad but even I've noticed a difference after using this. It also leaves my skin feeling silky soft and incredibly clean and I'm actually surprised that I haven't heard more love for this mask on the beauty scene. I've got a feeling that I'll now be using this every Sunday night for the foreseeable or until it runs out anyway.

And the Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator, which is ordinarily £20.
As some of you might remember, if you saw my Sephora haul from my trip to New York last Summer, I picked up two of Caudalie's exfoliating products on that trip and have now been using them in combination with a few other exfoliating products ever since. The Deep Cleansing one is especially great if you have uneven texture to your skin (mine is particularly bad on my forehead) and both of those Caudalie exfoliators are my go-to physical exfoliators.

Then you'll find three fantastic luxury travel sizes;

A 75ml bottle of Caudalie's iconic Grape Water, a 15ml tube of the Vine[Activ] 3-in-1 Moisturizer and a 30ml tube of the Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil.

look fantastic caudalie beauty box

These are all perfect for taking away with you on holiday, especially if you're flying hand luggage only and have to abide by the 100ml limits. You can also try out several different skincare products without having to fork out for the full size first.

I'm excited to see whether Look Fantastic will do more brand collaboration beauty boxes because I would definitely be up for trying out more, especially when you consider the value for money that this box had.

What do you think of this beauty box collaboration? Have you ever tried anything from Caudalie? If so, which products are your favourite? Or if you've always wanted to try them, which product sounds like it could be right up your street?

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