Sunday, 27 May 2018

What I've Been Watching: In May

what to watch on netflix uk 2018

Is it just me or did May fly in? I've had a busy few weeks with blog and press events and even a blogger road trip, which I will be writing all about at the start of next month. But in between all of that, I have been watching quite a bit this month, mainly TV shows. And since lots of us are always looking for new shows to start, hopefully this month's What I've Been Watching post will be more helpful than ever.

So let's get onto it, here's what I've been watching this month;

The Sinner

After hearing a lot of good things about this mini series, I finally started The Sinner this month and quickly binge watched the eight episodes over the course of about a week. Having never seen Jessica Biel act (is it bad that I only really knew her as Justin Timberlake's wife?) I wasn't sure what to expect, especially as I knew she was going to be the main focus of the show but I now can't imagine anyone else playing Cora Tannetti.

To give you a brief synopsis, Cora and her family (her husband and young son) are having a day at the beach when she hears a song, completely freaks out and stabs a supposed stranger to death, having absolutely no idea why. The rest of the season sees Cora try to remember what has happened in her past that has resulted in her 'random' act of violence. If any of that sounds even relatively interesting to you, do yourself a favour and press play on this TV show ASAP.

Quite a few scenes made me feel truly uneasy, something I should have probably anticipated but as you have no idea, even if you really do try to predict what happened that 4th of July weekend, it's difficult to know what will happen next. I really liked the fact that the big reveal wasn't what I was expecting at all and actually was a surprise. I also couldn't get the song (if you watch it you'll know what I mean) out of my head, so much so that I had to download it immediately after watching the first two episodes of the eight episode season.

Glam Masters

As someone who loves all things beauty and makeup related, I was definitely intrigued when I saw the adverts for this show in the lead up to it starting. I'd watched a few episodes of Skin Wars, another makeup related reality TV show, when I was in the US and really enjoyed it and hoped that this would be as good. And I'm happy to report that it definitely lived up to my expectations.

The contestants are a mix of beauty influencers and makeup artists, which I really liked as you got to see people who had both trained in the traditional way as well as people who learnt everything they know thanks to the likes of YouTube and Instagram. The challenges are interesting and the judges really do know their stuff. There's Mario Dedivanovic aka. Kim Kardardashian-West's makeup artist, Kandee Johnson and Zanni Roberts Rassi, who some might know from Project Runway or the US edition of Marie Claire. I was also shocked and surprised to find out that she co-owns Milk Makeup, so that was quite the discovery to make as a result of watching Glam Masters, especially as I have a Milk Makeup wishlist the length of my arm at the moment. See you soon Sephora!

Unlike Project Runway or Ru Paul's Drag Race, however, there doesn't seem to be a cash prize, which was strange but instead the winner gets to collaborate with KKW on a makeup collection and have their own stand at BeautyCon. Thankfully I don't religiously follow KKW on social media so I was able to avoid any spoilers. You'll find Glam Masters on the Lifetime channel both here and in the US and if you enjoy watching YouTube or Instagram videos all about makeup, I've got a feeling that you'll enjoy this show.


Now this was technically something that I watched again than for the first time this month but I hadn't shared my thoughts on this brilliant British TV show on here before so that's exactly what I'm doing now. Whenever anyone asks for TV or Netflix recommendations Luther is always one of the first that I mention and for good reason.

Idris Elba is at his best playing detective John Luther and once you've seen him in this you might, like I often do, ask why he's making anything other than this. That's mostly just me being a bit selfish as we've had to wait quite a few years in between the most recent seasons of the show.

There are some seriously creepy and unnerving scenes, ones that I must have blocked from my memory the first time around (someone hiding under your bed only to slide out when you get under the covers will never not be terrifying). The character of Alice Morgan is also unbelievably brilliant and you find yourself anticipating her appearance in the next scene or episode. With season five apparently airing at the start of next year, you simply have to catch up with this brilliant British crime show before then.

John Tucker Must Die

After about twenty minutes of endlessly scrolling through titles on both Netflix and Amazon Prime, me and my Mum resorted back to my DVD collection to find something to watch one Sunday night when we were both in the mood for a rom-com. As soon as she pulled John Tucker Must Die from the shelf I immediately felt about 14 years old, which is the age I would have most likely been when I last watched that particular movie.

We've just started re-watching Desperate Housewives on Sky Box Sets so that might have something to do with her selection choice as it stars Jesse Metcalfe aka. John the gardener as John Tucker. There were so many things that I forgot about this movie. It stars a pre-Gossip Girl Penn Badgley with long curly hair, a pre-Pitch Perfect Brittany Snow and One Tree Hill favourite Sophia Bush, along with Ashanti. Remember when R&B singers like Brandi and Ashanti were trying to make it as actors?

For nostalgia alone, you should certainly give John Tucker Must Die a watch. And if you didn't see it the first time around, it's a fun and silly high school revenge movie packed full of baby faced actors and actresses, even though most of them look like they might have graduated high school some time ago.

Slasher: Guilty Party

Much like with Luther, I watched the original season of Slasher when I took a little break from sharing What I'd Been Watching on a monthly basis. If you're a fan of horror movies I would definitely recommend giving that first season a watch as it is pretty good and one of the more watchable horror TV shows. You'll either find it on Netflix here in the UK or on Sky/Now TV Box Sets, with season two now being shown on Pick TV. But back to the season in question; Guilty Party.

Unlike the original, the main characters in this season are pretty unlikeable right off the bat. We find out that they've murdered a fellow camp counseller (yup it's set in an American Summer camp but bizarrely enough most of it takes place in the Winter and is clearly filmed in Canada not the US) and have reunited to move the body before a construction project takes place.

Basically it reminds me of I Know What You Did Last Summer mixed with Urban Legend (aka. two of my favourite guilty pleasure horror movies from the '90's). If you're not a fan of gore and blood, this won't be for you. I seriously wasn't expecting to see so much gore especially when it's a TV show and sometimes it just feels like they're being gory just for the sake of it and for the shock factor alone. By the end of an episode you've definitely seen enough blood and body parts!

The acting isn't great to be honest, which contrasts to the first season where at least the main characters were pretty convincing. The actress who plays the murdered camp counselor is particularly bad which is pretty annoying as we regularly flash back to when she was alive and why she was ultimately murdered.

So there we have it, what I've been watching this month.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the TV shows or movies in this month's blog post? If so, what did you think of them?


Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters Collection

charlotte tilbury beauty filters

When it comes to all things beauty related there truly is only one brand with which I cannot contain my excitement for when it comes to new releases, limited editions and online exclusives. You might have already guessed it, especially if you've just clicked onto this blog post or read my blog before but without a doubt it's the wonderful Charlotte Tilbury.

And Charlotte has just launched part of her brand new and limited edition Beauty Filters collection*, with more to follow in the upcoming weeks/month and I'm so excited to share some of the products with you, along with a few sneak peeks of the ones that will be released soon.

So let's get right into it, here is Charlotte's new and limited edition Beauty Filters collection;

charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter

First up we have the original Filter release, which actually launched about a month before the new Beauty Filters collection and that is Hollywood Flawless Filter. This is honestly one of the best and most unique beauty releases that I've ever tried or owned. You can use it as a primer to give you a super glowy and fabulous base, mixed in with your foundation to brighten it up, which will look particularly gorgeous in the warmer months or you can use it as highlighter. I've even been wearing it as a base on it's own along with my concealer on those days when I'm looking for that 'no makeup' makeup look and I love the fact that the lightest shade, Fair, really does blend in with my rather ghostly skin tone. As you'll have seen me say before, particularly in my The Best Foundations For Someone Who Hates Wearing Foundation blog post, nobody caters for me and my freckly fair complexion quite like Charlotte!

Unlike the rest of the Beauty Filters collection, Hollywood Flawless Filter is a permanent addition to Charlotte's line and is available in seven different shades.

charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter review

Charlotte classes this as a complexion booster and I would completely agree with that statement. It gives you Charlotte's famous 'lit from within' look without looking too shiny or in any way, oily. It's also not glittery or chunky like many other highlighting and brightening products on the market and it just blends in so seamlessly!

If you buy one product from today's blog post, I would definitely make it this one!

charlotte tilbury bigger brighter eyes

Well, now that I actually think about it, you pretty much need this palette in your makeup bag/life too!

Without a shadow of a doubt (pun totally intended), my favourite eyeshadow palette of all time is the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look palette (as seen here). However, the fact that it was a limited edition release has had me rationing it and saving it for special occassions. I'm so happy to add another one of Charlotte's eyeshadow quads to my collection.

I mean, honestly, this eyeshadow quad is quite easily the prettiest and most wow-worthy palette that I've ever seen. I'm honestly obsessed with this palette so much so that I might need to pick up a backup just so I don't feel the need to ration this one quite like I do the Dreamy Look palette. The shades perfectly compliment one another and blend beautifully and just make my blue eyes pop!

In addition to this Bigger Brighter Eyes Exagger-eyes palette, Charlotte has also released the stunning Bigger Brighter Eyes Transform-eyes palette which has the most beautiful brick red and coppery gold shades in it. That one might be on my list of palettes to buy next...

charlotte tilbury legendary lashes volume 2 review

There's only ever been one product that I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury that I've not liked and that was the original Legendary Lashes Mascara. Now it was in no way the worst mascara that I'd ever tried but compared to her other flawlessly perfect products, I was left disappointed. My main complaint was the fact that my lashes looked fabulous immediately after the mascara was applied but as the day progressed, the formula would inevitably transfer onto my under eye area, leaving me with black smudges all over my cheeks.

I have a feeling that I wasn't the only one who experienced this as Charlotte has released a reformulated version of the original Legendary Lashes Mascara and I am very happy to report that all my prayers have been answered when it comes to this golden tube of goodness. What I loved about the original, the fluttery long lashes that it creates with no clumps, is what you'll find in Volume 2 but now it simply does not budge! I put this to the test on what was officially the warmest day of 2018 and there was no smudging at all. There's also no crispiness to the lashes, even if you apply several coats and it doesn't irritate my sensitive, often teary looking, eyes at all. Now I have another reason to love Charlotte; she listens to customer feedback and actually makes changes for the better!

Now I've also got a little sneak peek of two of the upcoming releases, which will be launching in the next couple of weeks.

charlotte tilbury beauty filters review

First up we have a release that I certainly wasn't expecting to become as enamoured with as I have and that is the Collagen Lip Bath.

Charlotte's lip products are some of my favourite on the market right now so this tube of gloss definitely had some big boots to fill and that's exactly what it did.

charlotte tilbury collagen lip bath

It's not your typical lipgloss that leaves your lips and you in general a sticky mess and as a result it lasts a lot longer too. It's a subtler tingle than other lip plumping products that I've tried in the past which I certainly appreciate. Nobody really wants their lips to feel numb or in pain after applying a plumping product! It also adds a beautiful sheen to the lips.

You can apply this on top of your lipstick, with it transforming matte shades in such a nice way. For a more natural everyday look you can wear it on it's own or with a little bit of lip liner to give your lips that pillowy effect we all lust after.

The applicator is also so adorable and essentially a work of art in itself.

charlotte tilbury pretty youth glow filter

And last but not least we have two, or three if you count the accompanying brush, blush and complexion products. Coming in two colourways; this one and a deeper, sultrier colourway, the Pretty Youth Glow Filter is a great cheek duo to check out.

I adore the cream to powder formula of this and the fact that it doesn't feel sticky or greasy like many other cream blushers do. It's soft and beautifully blendable. I can't wait to see how this performs in the Summer months especially.

From what I've seen, the Cheek Hug brush that I was mentioning above, will allow you to apply the shades seamlessly and in one easy sweep. Why no one has created a brush that hugs the cheek until now I will never know because blush is something that I struggle to apply without going too far or not far enough. It's safe to say that I'm keen to try this out once it officially launches.

So there you have it, Charlotte's new Beautiful Filters collection. What do you think?

Be sure to keep an eye on Charlotte's website where the new products will be launching first as well as at CT counters in June.

Are you a Charlotte Tilbury fan? If so, what is your favourite product or products from her range? What's your favourite release from the new Beauty Filters collection? And what is your favourite beauty brand?

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