Sunday, 29 April 2018

Why You Need To Try These New Water Based Moisturisers

gel based moisturiser for dry skin

As you'll already know if you read Ellis Tuesday quite frequently, I've got dry and dehydrated skin both on my face and on my body. As a result of this, I'm always on the lookout for new products to help give my skin that much needed boost of moisture and extra hydration.

There have recently been two brand new releases, both of which I just had to try and after over a month of putting them to the test, here's why you need to try out these two new water based moisturisers;


GLAMGLOW WATERBURST Hydrated Glow Moisturiser* (£39)

First up we have GLAMGLOW's WATERBURST. Up until recently I'd only ever tried a little sample size of one of their face masks so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this moisturiser but I am so glad that I gave it a try.

The buzz word when it comes to hydration at the moment is hyaluronic acid and this moisturiser boasts triple hyaluronic complex. It's inspired by K-Beauty and actually uses mineral rich water from the volcanic Jeju Island in Korea.

This is incredibly soothing and comfortable on the skin and doesn't leave a film or greasy residue behind once applied. It soaks in nicely and feels like it's working almost immediately as you can feel your skin getting that bit more plumper. As silly as it is, I actually get excited about applying this moisturiser, something that can't always be said about the skincare products that I use. It might have something to do with the colour of it but it I really do look forward to slathering this stuff on my face.

Like the other water based moisturiser in today's blog post, this promises 72 hours of hydration, although I'm not sure how often I would really put that to the test. As someone who can often get a little bit lazy when it comes to their skin and body care routines, I make it a priority to moisturise at least once a day so I don't know when I'd go almost 3 days without applying some sort of moisturiser but I suppose it's a nice added bonus if you were to forget your moisturiser on a weekend away or something like that.

You'll find GLAMGLOW WATERBURST at Boots, DebenhamsFeel Unique, Look Fantastic and Sephora.

clinique moisture surge 72 hour review

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator (£36)

I was already a big fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge range when I saw that they were adding to it with this 72-Hour Auto-Replensing Hydrator. I've tried the original Moisture Surge (review here) as well as the Supercharged Concentrate (review here) and some other bits from the range (review here) and been thoroughly impressed by the results but I had switched to a slightly heavier cream style moisturiser in the recent colder Winter months.

Much like the original, this doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all and works well to prime the face for makeup. If you've got sensitive skin I would certainly steer you towards the Moisture Surge range as it doesn't irritate or aggrevate my skin, even when I take it close to the under eye area. A little goes a long way with this product. I don't think I've ever finished a full tub of Moisture Surge despite using it on and off for years now. It's also fragrance free, which is always a plus when it comes to a skincare product like this.

The 72-Hour Clinique Moisture Surge comes in several different sizes, which I certainly appreciate and is currently available at Selfridges, Boots, Debenhams and Clinique's own site.

best moisturiser for dry sensitive skin face

For some reason my skin seems to drink up gel and water based moisturisers and products in the warmer months but craves something more intensive in the Winter. Now that we're finally starting to see brighter days, lighter nights and warmer temperatures, I'm more than happy to pack away my thick creams and moisturisers until it starts getting cold again. I'm going to try and put the fact that that could be sooner than we'd like, here in the UK, to the back of my mind for now.

water based moisturisers for dry skin

What is your skin type? Have you tried anything from the Clinique Moisture Surge range before? If so, what did you think? Should I try more from the GLAMGLOW range? And what do you think about water based moisturisers such as these two?


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What I've Been Watching: In April

what to watch on netflix and amazon prime uk 2018

This month I started and quickly binge watched two brilliant new shows on Netflix, caught up with a firm TV favourite of mine and found myself watching two movies that I just had to talk about on here.

So here's what I've been watching in April;

Manhunt: Unabomber

After seeing quite a few people talk about it on Twitter, this month I finally got around to watching Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix. If you saw last month's What I've Been Watching post, you will know how big a fan I am of true crime documentaries, shows and movies so I'm actually surprised that it took me as long as it did to press play on this series.

Sam Worthington, who plays an FBI profiler, is incredible in this, as is Paul Bettany as the Unabomber himself. It did take me a while to separate him from what I know him best from, Wimbledon, when I saw him in this. There's also some great guest stars and supporting actors such as Chris Noth (aka. Mr Big from Sex and the City), Mark Duplass (aka. Brendan Deslaurier in The Mindy Project) and Jane Lynch (aka. Sue Sylvestor in Glee), all playing very different roles to the ones they're well known for.

If I could only recommend one thing to watch this month it would easily be this. Seriously, just start up Netflix already!

Queer Eye

Much like Manhunt:Unabomber, I saw a lot of people talking about the reboot of the classic TV show on social media and just had to give it a go this month when I was looking for something new to watch. I'd never seen the original show but within minutes of the first episode starting, I knew that I'd found a winner. It's funny, feel good and inspirational all at the same time as we see the Fab Five come in to transform someone's life. From the way they dress, to what they cook and the space that they live in, the difference that they make is so incredible and simply heartwarming. But not only that, they give these men the push that they need whether it be in their career path, confidence or life itself and it certainly made me rethink some things about my life and how I deal with each of the Fab Fives areas of expertise. Cue me booking myself in for a massage, treating myself to some OUAI haircare bits and starting to change up how I think about what I make to eat each day/night.

Even though all five of the Fab Five are just that; fabulous, I particularly love and adore Jonathan and Tan. Jonathan might just be my favourite person on the planet right now! Cue me watching basically every single YouTube video that I can find with him in it.

Seriously, is there any way in which the Fab Five can come and makeover my life?


This is another show that has seemingly flown under the radar that I just have to share with you today in the hope that it will spread the word a bit. Unreal shows you the behind the scenes workings of certain reality TV shows such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and what really goes on to make them must-see TV. As much as I love seeing how manufactured the fictional show, Everlasting, is, what really keeps me coming back for more is the real life drama going on behind the scenes.

I initially watched and really enjoyed the first season when it was on Lifetime here in the UK, then the second season was on when I was in the US in 2016, which sadly didn't quite live up to the first. So you can imagine how happy I was to find out that Amazon Prime Video would be airing it exclusively here in the UK and just a few hours after it airs in the US, this year.

It's back on top form and even though I love a good binge watch, it's actually nice to eagerly anticipate each episode every week. It's guilty pleasure TV at it's very best and in a way, much more than that as the behind the scenes drama is even crazier than the 'reality'.

Final Destination 5

Now who can forget the Final Destination series of movies?! Growing up they were a big hit at sleepovers when we were looking to watch a scary movie and even if you weren't a fan of the films themselves, you have to admit that they had a pretty good concept. 

I actually own the original Final Destination movie on DVD (I think it was one of the first DVDs that I ever bought back when DVDs were just starting to become mainstream) but I couldn't tell you the last time I watched it so I was very happy when I stumbled across several of the Final Destination movies on Amazon Prime Video this month. I think the last one I actually saw was Final Destination 3, the one with the roller coaster accident, so I didn't even know that there were two more films in the series.

This month I rewatched the first and the second one and also watched The Final Destination, which is actually the fourth in the series of five, which doesn't make much sense to be fair. But the one I wanted to talk about was the final installment; Final Destination 5 and why it probably makes sense that they stopped after this one.

It starts the way that they all do with a premonition that saves a random group of people from a horrific accident and death but what made this one different was the break with tradition, that I definitely wasn't a fan of. In previous iterations someone jumping in to save you would mean that death would skip onto the next person. In Final Destination 5 if you killed someone, even a complete stranger, you then in turn stopped your own impending death and went on to live as long as that person would have lived naturally. It just felt so silly, even though the Final Destination movies aren't exactly the smartest of movies in the first place. I also won't ruin the twist at the end for you but I certainly wasn't expecting that so at least in that way, it was successful. Were you ever a fan of the Final Destination movies?

The Drop

All you have to say to me is the words Tom Hardy and dog or puppy in the same sentence for me to be 100% on board with whatever's going on and that's exactly what happened with The Drop this month. Does anyone else remember those photos of Tom where he was snapped on set with an adorable little pup in his jacket that appeared on the internet a few years back? Well those were taken when he was filming this very movie and it just so happened to be on TV at the end of March. I finally got around to watching it at the start of April, which is why I'm featuring it in this month's post.

It's based in a slightly sketchier part of Brooklyn than I visited when I was there last year and is a mob or gangster movie of sorts but not in the way you'd expect. It was also nice to see Tom play a slightly more subdued and refined character than some of his other roles but he still brought what everyone loves about him to it. And of course every scene in which he's interacting with pit bull pup Rocco are almost too much to handle, they're just too cute!

I'd definitely recommend giving The Drop a watch if you see it on TV or a streaming site like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video etc.

Have you seen any of the shows or movies that I've included in this month's post? If so, what did you think of them? And what have you been watching this month?


Sunday, 22 April 2018

#BeautyWithoutBoundaries: How To Win The Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 Winners

feelunique haul blog

As you may already know if you follow me on there, I'm quite the fan of Pinterest, so much so that I have over 25 boards and over 120,000 followers. So when Feelunique got in touch to ask me if I'd seen their Pinterest competition in collaboration with the Vogue Beauty Awards and if I'd like to get involved, I was certainly interested. Combining two of my favourite things; beauty and Pinterest; I was in!

For those who don't already know, Feelunique and Pinterest have partnered with The Vogue Beauty Awards this year to champion #BeautyWithoutBoundaries. Which got me thinking, what does beauty without boundaries mean to me?

For me, beauty without boundaries means celebrating the skin you're in regardless of your gender, ethnicity, background, income or location. Whether you want to try out one of the newest and boldest beauty trends or practice simple self care by looking after your skin, hair and general wellbeing, feeling beautiful shouldn't be constrained by how much money you have, where you live or what you look like.

In the past twelve months in particular, I've found that there has been a noticeable change when it comes to the world of beauty. There are more shades to choose from than ever before, thanks to the likes of Fenty BeautyBobbi Brown and L'Oreal. There are options for every budget and brands are championing sustainability more so than ever before. And being able to access, buy and receive beauty products is just a click away.

best beauty products 2018

Some of my personal favourites: Charlotte Tilbury The Duchess K.I.S.S.I.N.G LipstickOUAI Hair Oil - OUAI Anti-Frizz Sheets - Glossier Cloud Paint - Glossier Generation G Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand - Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl - IGK Hair Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray - Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Glossier Birthday Cake Balm Dot Com

Voting for the awards may have already closed but you've still got a chance to be a winner!

To be in with the chance of winning all of the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018 winners or a £100 voucher for Feelunique, all you have to do is create your own public Pinterest board and name it #BeautyWithoutBoundaries. Then pin 20 or more of the ultimate beauty products that make you feel beautiful without boundaries and write a description at the top of the board explaining exactly what beauty without boundaries means to you.

If you're looking for some inspiration or would like to see exactly what I mean, here is my board.

The competition will be open for entries until the 20th of May, which will be your last day to enter.

So what are you waiting for?! I mean, who wouldn't want to win the eventual winners?

award winning beauty prodiucts 2018

More of my personal favouritesBurt's Bees Strawberry Lip Balm - Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Roll'Ink Eyeliner - Burt's Bees 100% Natural Glossy LipstickBenefit BADGal Bang! Mascara - Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer - Kiehl's Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration MasqueKiehl's Creme De Corps - Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask - Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate - Sol De Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream - Burt's Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes - Guerlian Mon Guerlain

Be sure to send me the link to your board if you create one as I would love to see what you put together.

The winners will be announced in early June and I can't wait to see which products and brands win!

What does #BeautyWithoutBoundaries mean to you? Have you tried any of the Vogue Beauty Awards nominees? If so, which ones are winners for you? And are you a fan of Pinterest?


Friday, 20 April 2018

What It's Really Like To Live With IBS

what it's like to live with ibs
(Image Credit - Pinterest)

Earlier in the year I spoke about potentially getting more personal on here regarding my daily health struggles, what it's like to be a forever alone twenty-something, etc. and today I'm going to be talking about the health issue that has had the biggest impact on my day to day life; IBS.

I specifically wanted to share this post this month to celebrate the fact that it's IBS Awareness Month. Even though I wouldn't wish IBS on my worst enemy, it's weirdly comforting and nice to know that I'm not going through this struggle on my own. If you or someone you know suffers from IBS or other digestive issues, I would definitely recommend checking out the #IBSAwarenessMonth hashtag on Twitter and across social media to engage with a community of others suffering from the same horrible condition.

But here's what it's really like to live with IBS and the impact that it has on all aspects of my life;

Forever the flaky friend

Cancelling plans, having to rearrange at the very last minute and opting to stay home instead going out to eat and socialise with friends and family, feel like a never ending cycle for me. It's meant that I've lived a pretty lonely existence as a result.

Friends from school, from Uni and even from blogging have all drifted away since I first started experiencing symptoms. There's only so many times that you can stand someone up or cancel at the last minute before they inevitably no longer check in or suggest meeting up again. To be honest, if I didn't still live at home, I don't know how many people I could count on for everyday physical interaction which is really pretty sad. I often think about all of the memories and special moments that I've missed out on from Uni nights out to holidays and even just simple catch ups with friends, all because of my IBS. It's led to me having more acquaintances than true friends and besties as over the years I've grown apart from so many people.

I need a lie down

Everyday I have to take a myriad of medications for my IBS and even then they don't work half of the time. From soluble laxatives (oh yeah, we're really getting to know one another now) to antispasmodic and antidepressant tablets (for my out of control gut), to diarrhea treatment tablets, I still end up doubled over in pain or glued to the toilet seat for hours at least once a week.

One of the symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis is trapped wind. Sometimes it's just a bit of a sore niggle in my side or stomach, other times it gets trapped under my rib cage, mimicking the pain of a heart attack or in my flank where it's so unbearable that I struggle to breathe.

One of the only things that does help to alleviate some of the terrible trapped wind and in turn allow for movement to actually happen, is to lie down on my side and to take a few Senocalm tablets (honestly the best tablets that I've found for helping me to alleviate trapped wind!), basically in the foetal position. Sometimes the trapped wind will pop internally in as little as 30 minutes, other times I spend hours writhing about in pain trying to find the sweet spot that releases it.

Desperately needing to lie down whenever and wherever a bad bought strikes means that I have to abandon whatever I'm doing whether that's work, blogging, shopping or just generally being out and about. I honestly never thought that I would ever see myself draped over a bench in a shopping centre or lying down on the pavement at Universal Studios (yup, both have happened to me at the worst of times) but that's just how painful it is.

Working from home

For as long as I can remember I've been working towards that dream job or dream career. I studied hard in my last year of school to get into the University of my choice at the age of 17, spent four years at said University aiming for a 2:1, which I got, only for my health to throw a real spanner in the works.

I'm not going to lie, I struggled with undiagnosed gallstones when in my final year of school and in the first 2 years of my degree, eventually having to have surgery to remove my gallbladder in the Summer between my second and third year but it wasn't all encompassing and something that affected my life every day like IBS does.

I eventually had to give up the job that I had had when I was at Uni when the symptoms got really bad and found myself feeling totally lost as to what to do next. It was about that time that I started this very blog, solely to give me something to do during the day when I was in on my own whilst everyone else was at work. As the years went on I started making the odd amount from my blog and ever since realising that I could really make something of my blog, even if I wasn't the next Zoella, I've thrown myself into treating what I do on the internet from my blog to my freelance work as a 'proper' job, even though it's not what I had initially planned career-wise.

It upsets me from time to time that I don't have a traditional 9-5 job but then I take a second to appreciate the fact that I get to do something that I absolutely love from the comfort of my home. There are days when I wish that I had a steady, reliable income coming in every month and the security of 'proper' job. If I didn't have IBS I would have most likely moved out of the family home and be stepping out on my own. My dream job even came up at the end of last month and it broke my heart that I certainly wasn't in the position to be able to work 35 hours in an office. Maybe one day my health will even out a bit and I'll be able to pursue that dream but until then, I work on my own from home which certainly has it's pluses and minuses.

Getting nowhere medically

Despite having every test and scan under the sun done (I'm talking MRIs, colonoscopies, endoscopies, stool samples and blood tests), all they can tell me is that I've got IBS, which is honestly one of the most frustrating things about the condition. After they've ruled everything else out what you're left with is IBS and unlike other conditions which have specific treatment plans and medication, you're just kind of left in the dark when it comes to it.

Even if you follow everything recommended to you such as a low FODMAP diet, regular exercise and avoiding stress or triggers, it's no guarantee that you'll be symptom free, as I can regularly attest to. I just wish that there was more that could be done medically or that there were medication that really did cure me of all the horrible symptoms of IBS but I won't be holding my breath anytime soon.

It was good to get some of this off my chest and to air my frustrations to someone other than my family and GP and I hope that by me talking openly about my struggle with IBS that it will inspire others to feel comfortable enough to share their IBS or other health struggle stories.

Sadly IBS is just one of the chronic illnesses that I've been unlucky to develop in my lifetime.

Do you know anyone with IBS? Are you a fan of more personal blog posts? And would you like to see my share more of my health journey and struggles on here?


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Lipstick Trio

You'll have heard me rave about Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks on more than a couple of occasions already and once again, she's hit it out of the park when it comes to the shades and formulations that I'm going to be discussing today.

You might remember my review of the Lip Archive and since then Charlotte has created another lipstick trio, this time called Your Lip Service*.

You can buy the three lipsticks individually or save £12 by buying the trio together in this set and with three stunning and wow worthy shades, I would definitely recommend doing that if you like the look of this royal trio. If you are interested in one particular shade, however and not the others, I have linked to each of the lipsticks individually below. That way you can also see what they look like on different skin tones and hair colours, something I love about the Charlotte Tilbury site.

So let's see what the At Your Lip Service set comprises of;

Charlotte Tilbury Your Lip Service Review

Much like the limited edition Lip Archive trio, the set comprises of two Matte Revolution lipsticks and one K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick, with two of the shades in particular, The Duchess and Legendary Queen, being online exclusives. The set itself is also an online exclusive so you won't find it at CT counters or on other online stockists such as Feel Unique etc.

The Duchess

The Duchess is easily the prettiest pink in my collection and the formula is absolutely gorgeous on the lips. It's creamy yet long lasting and it leaves your lips with the most beautiful sheen to them. I might need to stray away from the Matte Revolution lipstick section when I'm next at the Charlotte Tilbury counter, to try out some more of the range.

If you ever find that your lipstick clings to dry patches or ridges, then you seriously need to check out Charlotte's K.I.S.S.I.N.G range!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Trio
(From left to right: The Queen - The Duchess - Legendary Queen)

The Queen

I had originally seen this lipstick shade when it was first released and I mentally added it to my ever-growing CT wishlist. It's honestly the most beautfiul colour and it really is unlike any other pink in my collection, which is quite the feat when you have the kind of collection that I do. It's a hot pink but with a deeper berry note at the same time, making it something to truly behold.

I've mentioned before that the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks are my very favourite matte lipstick formula and both this one and the one which follows do not disappoint in terms of being one of the most comfortable mattes to wear on the lips.

Legendary Queen

When I first saw this in the bullet I was a little bit worried that it could be a tad too dark for me and my fair complexion but as soon as I applied it, I was instantly proved wrong. I never know why I ever doubt Charlotte in catering for my skintone and hair colour, especially when her colouring is so similar.

Much like The Queen, this is such a unique shade in the fact that it's more of a brick or terracotta red instead of a traditional red. I've got a feeling that this could be a go-to shade for many, particularly in the months of Autumn. I mean, how good would that look when the crispy and crunchy orange and red leaves begin to fall at your feet?

Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service Review

So there you have it, the Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service set.

Have you ever tried one of Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks? If so, which one did you go for? What do you think of this set? And do you have any of Charlotte's products on your beauty wishlist?


Sunday, 15 April 2018

How To Deal With Fluffy & Frizzy Hair

best products for frizzy hair

When it comes to my hair, there are two issues that continue to blight me and that is frizz and fluffiness. If left to it's own devices my hair literally looks like it, and I, have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Seriously, I'm not over exaggerating here! Practically every hair is out of place and it somehow manages to look even fluffier and frizzier after I brush it. Occasionally I'll stumble across a product which helps to tame the frizz and fluffiness at one stage of the styling process but I've never had a full routine where from start to finish I've been tackling those issues, that is until now.

So let's see what my new frizz battling routine comprises of;

shea moisture smooth and tame review

Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo* - Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Conditioner*

I tend to switch out my shampoos and conditioners every few months as I find that after a set amount of time it's almost like my hair gets so used to it that none of it's magic continue to work. Having never tried Shea Moisture before, I was very happy to be sent a shampoo and conditioner from them last month, ones that were specifically designed to smooth and tame hair.

I've really enjoyed using these, particularly because of the pump applicator on the conditioner (why doesn't every body moisturiser, shampoo, etc. come with a pump applicator?!) and the smell of these. It's also 100% tailored to my hair instead of only slightly. I normally find that products designed to battle frizz are often tailored to those with colour treated or damaged hair, which mine isn't. And for that reason, they often don't do everything that they claim to on the bottle.

I normally just pick up whatever shampoo (since I don't think I've ever finished a full bottle of conditioner) is on offer at the likes of Boots or Superdrug, to try something new but I think I might need to start putting a bit more thought into what I buy and even invest in some really good products, such as these. I mean, I only have to live with and look at my hair everyday so surely that warrants treating it with a bit more R-E-S-P-E-C-T (try not to sing that word out loud)!

You'll find Shea Moisture at Boots, Superdrug, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique here in the UK.

how to fix frizzy hair

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Conditioning Leave-In Spray*

After I've towel dried my hair (should I potentially look at investing in a good microfibre towel for said hair drying?) this is the first thing that I apply. A little goes a long way with this and I can see a noticeable difference in the way in which my hair dries naturally when using this product.

I'm seriously tempted to try more from the Lavender Mint range and as I always say when I use Paul Mitchell, 'why have I been using drugstore products that leave my hair looking lacklustre when I should have just put my hair into the hands of a professional?!' If you haven't tried the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Dry Shampoo, for example, you are seriously missing out! Nothing from the drugstore or the High Street really competes or compares.

Umberto Giannini Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk*

In contrast to the Paul Mitchell Leave-In Spray, I use this Styling Milk from Umberto Giannini when I'm blow drying my hair. Again, I apply it to towel dried hair and style as I would usually do. If you're looking to recreate that just out of the salon blow dry at a fraction of the price, you've simply got to try this out! It's what I now use when I'm looking for a sleek and frizz free, straight style. It's also a pretty adorable bottle, if like me, aesthetics and product packaging often sway you into trying something new.

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I'm now one of the Umberto Giannini #UGGirls. This means that I'll be trying out some of their latest launches and best sellers and sharing them with you both on here and on my social channels. I'm already looking forward to sharing a dry shampoo foam (yup, you heard me right; FOAM!) with you very soon. All I can say now is; it might just be a real haircare gamechanger!

igk laid back defrizz and anti-static spray review

IGK Hair Laid Back De-Frizz & Anti-Static Spray

Ever since IGK Hair launched in the US, I have been seriously swooning over the brand and every product that they have released. My prayers were thankfully answered as IGK Hair is now available from Space NK here in the UK, both in-store and online. As someone who's spent what feels like hours stalking the Sephora website only to find out that they don't ship aerosols (aka. all the products that I really wanted to try) overseas, this is an incredibly exciting beauty moment.

I may or may not have bought three of my most wanted products from them, so expect a blog post on those other two IGK Hair buys sometime soon but until then, I just had to share how much I've been loving the Laid Back Spray. Not only does it deal with frizz like you'd hope and expect it to but it also leaves my hair looking incredibly shiny and smelling great. If your hair often looks like candyfloss on day one after washing it, this is definitely one to try.

best products for frizzy hair uk

So there's how I've been dealing with my frizzy and fluffy hair recently. If you saw my What's New In My Wardrobe For Spring post (be sure to check it out as it contains a Ray-Ban sunglasses giveaway too!), you will have also seen that my hair is a lot shorter and less frizzy than it was earlier in the year. It's altogether more manageable and easier and quicker to style.

What's your hair dilemma? And what do you use to sort it out? Have you tried any of the brands in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? And is anyone else as excited as I am about Space NK stocking cult US brands such as IGK Hair, Herbivore and hopefully very soon, Drunk Elephant?


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

What's New In My Wardrobe For Spring (+ A Ray-Ban Giveaway)

scottish fashion bloggers kate spade

I'm back today with the third of my Spring transitional blog posts (see my Spring scents and Spring skincare posts here) and today we're talking fashion. Even though it was snowing here in Scotland just last week, there's something about seeing all of the new Spring/Summer pieces trickle into stores and online that just gets me excited. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we've been wrapped up in big coats, scarves and boots for months and months but it's nice to look forward to the handful of sunny and warm days that we have here in the UK and any holidays booked for later in the year (this year I'm going back to Orlando in September!)

So here's what I've added to my wardrobe so far for Spring this year;

topshop plisse trousers

Topshop Spot Plisse Trousers

You might have already spotted (oh how I love a good pun!) these snazzy trousers in my sidebar, to the right but if you haven't, these brilliant monochromatic trousers were always going to end up in my wardrobe. After buying my first pair of plisse trousers from Topshop back in the Summer of 2016 (as seen here), I've since added another two pairs to my wardrobe and this pair will now make four in total.

Unlike the original ones, these don't have pockets but they do look a lot more sleeker as a result and are made from a slightly heavier material than the originals too. As it's still pretty chilly here in the UK, I am definitely appreciating that fact.

They look great with a simple t-shirt or cami tucked in and instantly make you look like you've put a lot of thought into your outfit, which for me, is a major win as I'd much rather have an extra fifteen minutes in bed than worrying about putting together a look in the morning. I've also loved pairing them with the next item in my Spring wardrobe.

Hotter Daisy Shoes in Aqua*

Since my last health update on here, which was some time ago now, my health and the different conditions that I suffer from, have been up and down to say the least. I have a pretty rare condition in my feet due to lack of circulation and hyper sensitive nerves, which means that I now have to be really careful when it comes to my choice of footwear. Gone are the days of just buying what were essentially throwaway shoes from Primark.

hotter daisy shoes

Around the toe area in particular is the worst for me and there are only three pairs of shoes, from the thirty or so that I used to own, that don't irritate or aggravate the area. One are a pair of sock trainers in the form of the Nike Juvenates, the others are a pair of boots (see them here) and a pair of sandals (see them here) from Hotter.

I was, however, sorely missing a pair of in between shoes for those days when it's not cold enough for boots but not warm enough for sandals, from my wardrobe and that's where this new pair fit in perfectly. I fell in love with the colour as soon as I saw them. I mean, don't they just scream Spring to you?! And the best thing; they are so incredibly comfortable!

For a while now I've loved the look of these kind of slip on shoes but normally the back of them, where they would rub your heel, are so stiff or indented that I just can't even think about trying them on. So I'm over the moon to now own a great pair of transitional shoes, ones that honestly feel like I'm wearing nothing on my feet, which is quite the feat.

auree jewellery review

Auree Jewellery Rose Gold Engraved Disc Necklace

At the start of the year I was the lucky winner of won Hayley's (aka. Frock Me I'm Famous) Instagram giveaway. I won the most stunning rose gold disc necklace, which was engraved with my initial and it hasn't been off my neck pretty much ever since it arrived with me.

I hadn't heard of the brand before but I've now got more than a few of their pieces on my wishlist as a result of owning this beautiful and rather dainty necklace. Over the past year or so I've definitely found myself more drawn to smaller and more intricate pieces of jewellery. Compare this to my teenage years when I would literally wear the kinds of earrings that you'd expect to see on the dancers of Strictly Come Dancing, to school everyday.

kate spade small hartley backpack

Kate Spade Small Hartley Backpack

One of the biggest changes that I've made when it comes to my Spring wardrobe has been switching out my previous mini backpack for my new Kate Spade one. If you saw my What I Got For My Birthday blog post, you will have already seen this make an appearance but here it is in it's full glory.

It really is the perfect size for what I need to carry with me day to day and even has enough space for me to carry my mini S'well water bottle with me too. Let me know if you'd like to see a full What's In My Bag post and what I carry around with me in one of my little Glossier pouches.

ray ban aviator

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses in Gold With Crystal Brown Gradient*

Since the weather can often change at the drop of a hat, it's better to be over prepared come rain or shine. You honestly never know when the clouds are going to disappear and temporarily blind you with light or when, what looks like a sunny day, will inevitably get windy, rainy and/or freezing cold. Surely I can't be the only one who has an emergency umbrella and pair of sunglasses in their bag or on their person at all times?

I've gotten so much wear out of my original pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that I couldn't quite believe my luck when the fantastic team at Eye Wear These (what a good name!) got in touch to ask if I'd like to review a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators.

ray-ban aviators

I definitely get into a bit of a funk when it comes to sunglasses and have about six or seven different pairs, mostly from Primark and Accessorize, all of which are really similar when it comes to their shape and colour so I'm more than happy to step out of my comfort zone with this pair. What do we think?

ray-ban aviator gradient sunglasses

Much like my other pair of Ray-Bans, I've got a feeling that because these are such a classic and iconic shape, they'll never not be in style and will last me a lifetime. I was also really impressed with the quick shipping and selection of different styles and finishes that Eye Wear These had to offer. So much so that Eye Wear These and I have teamed up to give you the chance to win your very own pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter entry form below;

a Rafflecopter giveaway There will be ONE winner picked at random - Prize provided by Eye Wear These - UK only

glasgow bloggers kate spade
T-Shirt - H&M
Necklace - Auree Jewellery
Trousers - Topshop
Jacket - Primark (similar
Backpack - Kate Spade New York 
Shoes - Hotter 
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban via Eye Wear These

So there's what I've added to my wardrobe so far for Spring.

Have you bought anything recently for the hopefully better weather? What do you think of my Spring tranistional outfit? And will you be entering the giveaway?


Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Spring Skincare Switch Up

new skincare 2018

Carrying on with my Spring transitional blog posts (my new scents for Spring 2018 blog post went live last weekend), I'm back with some of the latest skincare releases for 2018 as well as some of the new products that I've added into my skincare routine recently. If you're looking to switch your skincare routine up for Spring/Summer or are just looking for some new products to try out, then this is the blog post for you!

This blog post was originally spurred on by Escentual, who very kindly sent me out the newly launched Nuxe Aquabella range which is currently exclusive to them, so let's start with that great new collection of products.

glamglow galactic cleanse review

Despite having dehydrated skin on my forehead and other patches of my face, in other areas my skin is combination and that's exactly what the Nuxe Aquabella range is tasked with targeting. Unlike some other ranges which claim to help with combination skin, this range focuses on hydrating the skin, something which is often overlooked especially if you have oilier skin. I had a great facial at my local Kiehl's counter in House Of Fraser Glasgow at the start of February and it was there that I found out that what I thought was oily was actually just my skin overproducing oils solely because of how dehydrated it was and not that I have inherently oily skin.

The Nuxe Aquabella Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel* is a combined cleanser and physical exfoliator, something I'd not personally tried or seen on the market before. It's surprisingly gentle on the skin, doesn't leave it looking red or inflamed, like many other physical exfoliators often do and is a great first step in my routine.

This month I also discovered a fabulous new cleanser in the form of the GLAMGLOW Galactic Cleanser Jelly Balm, which I've been using to do a second cleanse and to remove every last drop of makeup. I absolutely adore the consistency of this and it's got me excited to try more from GLAMGLOW, especially when all I'd tried previous to this was one of their masks. They definitely drew me in with the whole galactic and glitter element of their new range but I'm so happy that it stood out on the shelf for me to stumble across it.

nuxe aquabella review

The product that I was the most interested in trying from the Aquabella range was actually the Beauty-Revealing Essence-Lotion* and it did not disappoint. It isn't a toner, as many might assume but it's actually an essence, which means that it's all about hydrating and leaving the skin feeling softer, which I can definitely attest to.

The entire Nuxe range, including all three of the Aquabella products, as well as the rest of the French Pharmacy brands available on Escentual, all have up to 1/3 off this April, so if you've been considering making a purchase or stocking up on some firm French Pharmacy favourites, now is the time.

One of the biggest beauty buzzwords of the moments has to be Vitmain C so I was very curious when a bottle of the Diego Dalla Palma Vitamin C Radiance Serum* appeared at my doorstep. I've been meaning to add a serum into my routine for a while now so I was more than happy to put this to the test. It works on all skin types and is meant to brighten the skin. I'm not sure if it's this product alone or the fact that we've actually seen some sunlight, even if rather fleetingly here in Scotland, recently but I feel like my skin doesn't look as dull as it has over the Winter months, which I'm certainly glad to see. I'll definitely be continuing to use this to see if it is what is really making the difference and will be sure to share more of my thoughts then. And if you didn't already know, you'll find Diego Dalla Palma at Marks & Spencer, both in their beauty halls and online.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream review

Back to the Nuxe Aquabella range again, now the Nuxe Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion* really is perfect for the T-zone, which is the one area of my face that I struggle to keep at bay. It's either ridiculously greasy and shiny looking or bone dry. There really is no in between, well, until now. This treads the fine line of dealing with combination skin or a combination area so well by moisturising it without leaving it feeling really oily or greasy. I love how the product sinks in and leaves no residue and totally understand why this range is designed for combination skin solely by using this one product.

I was also beyond overjoyed to finally be able to try some skincare bits from Fresh after the amazing team at World Duty Free sent them over to coincide with the fact that Fresh are now available online and at London Heathrow Terminal 3 at World Duty Free. I'd been keen to try Fresh's hydrating rose range for as long as I can remember but didn't really have an easy way of doing so here in the UK until now. Expect a full blog post with my thoughts on more of the rose range but until then, I just had to share how good the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream* is!

Whether you're someone who struggles with dry or dehydrated skin or you have combination skin, you need to check this out! It's nourishing and intensive but somehow manages to be so lightweight at the same time. It also feels lovely on my sensitive skin and didn't cause any breakouts or eruptions, which I'm pretty surprised about, especially as I normally have to break in a moisturiser by letting my skin adjust to it. I now totally understand where all those 5 star ratings come from. It also smells amazing!

kiehl's ultra facial mask review

After my Kiehl's facial, which if you didn't already know is completely free to book or pop in for, I treated myself to one of the products that was applied on me that day and that was the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque. Now this stuff is SO good! I'd only ever dabbled with the Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl's as a result of trying a little sachet of the stuff but I'm now incredibly tempted to try out more from the Ultra Facial range as a result of trying this, that and the full size of the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque. I received a little sample pot of it, as you can see, after my facial and my god, is it good! If your skin is severely dehydrated or in need of some serious TLC you simply have to give this fantastically gloopy face mask a try or at least pop along to your local Kiehl's counter to try it out.

And who wouldn't want to cover their face in rose gold? I'm always keen to try out new sheet masks and have been impressed with Masquebar's offerings in the past so I was very happy to receive one of their new Rose Gold Foil Moisturizing Sheet Masks* this month, to coincide with their launch. Expect to find me with one of these on tonight whilst I catch up with some guilty pleasure TV with at least half an Easter egg. Who else still has some left?

So there you have it, what I've switched into my skincare routine for Spring and some of the new products that I've been over the moon to try recently.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in today's blog post? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Do you switch up your skincare routine in the warmer months? And which product from today's blog post sounds like it could work for you and your skin type?


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How To Plan A Trip To New York Without Spending £££

new york on a budget blog

One of the things I get asked most often about my solo trip to New York is how did I manage to make it a reality without spending an arm and a leg and how on earth did I manage to afford to go for ten nights. Today I'm going to be showing you exactly how I saved money when initially booking it and how I kept my spending to a manageable amount when I got there;

Fly indirect

One of the easiest ways to save some serious money is to fly indirect. If you don't mind adding a few extra hours to your travels, you can often knock hundreds of pounds off of your trip. Personally one stop would be more than enough for me but you can save even more by making several stops on your way across the pond.

If you're travelling from the UK you have a couple of different options but the most popular and affordable would have to be via Dublin with Aer Lingus and via Keflavik with Icelandair.

new york iceland stopover
Next time I visit New York I'm planning on flying using Icelandair and to sweeten the deal even more, I'm going to spend a night or maybe even a few in Iceland on my way there. Iceland has always been on my list of places to visit and it really makes sense to combine the two trips and therefore save myself from spending however much, just to visit Iceland on it's own. I'm really keen to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, see the epic geysirs and hot springs and maybe even go on one of the snowmobile tours. I mean, how amazing does it look?

If you've visited Iceland before, be sure to leave any hints or tips or links to blog posts below in the comments, as I'd love to see what others would recommend.

Look out for hotel deals

The reason that I was able to afford to stay for ten nights at the incredible CitizenM Times Square was solely because of the time of year that I visited. July and especially the days leading up to and just after the 4th of July were almost as cheap as visiting in the freezing minus degree temperatures of Winter. This is due to the fact that most of Manhattan becomes a bit of a ghost town that week as native New Yorkers flock elsewhere to celebrate the July 4th weekend. That and the fact that it is incredibly hot and humid in July, something that may put some people off visiting. I had absolutely no problem with either and actually loved how quiet it was (in New York terms, anyway). You could definitely notice a difference when everyone had arrived back in the city the following week! It was also a nice change weather wise from what I'm used to in the UK when it comes our 'Summer'.

There's also lots of deals to take advantage of in the Winter months, particularly January and February for the opposite reason and around big US holidays like Thanksgiving.

TOP TIP: The best way to find out about specific hotel deals; sign up for their newsletters. CitizenM, who I could not recommend enough, have a special rate for members regardless of the time of year and several special deals throughout the year as well.

Think about where you'll want to eat when you're there

Obviously there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially when you're in one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to food but that doesn't mean splurging on every meal when you're there. Pick one or two restaurants that you really want to visit and even mark down which nights you'd like to visit. As for the rest of your trip, you've got to try one of New York's world famous pizza slices, grab a pretzel and there are so many incredible sweet treats to indulge in too, from the likes of Dough, Milk bar and even Magnolia Bakery.

At lunchtime, see which food truck has the biggest line of office workers behind it and get in line. There's no better way to eat like the locals at lunch time. As for dinner, you'll also find lots of happy hours and special deals to take advantage of.

TOP TIP: Avoid the big Times Square chain restaurants as much as you can. Some do have the 'novelty of being in the US' factor but there are so many better and often significantly more affordable eateries to be discovered in NYC. Do a little bit of research before you get there.

new york citypass reviews
Pay for activities and excursions at least a month before you leave

Not only will you have more spending money when you actually get there but this seriously lightens the load and can often allow you to spread out payments to make it less of a hit to your bank balance. I used the CityPASS on my trip and found it incredibly useful both when it came to visiting the attractions and often skipping the queue, to knowing that I had budgeted for all the tourist attractions that I would need to pay for well in advance of my trip. It also saved me from having to pay for tickets at the door at the likes of Top Of The Rock, the American Museum of Natural History and the 9/11 Museum. Let me know if you'd like to read a full blog post on the pros and cons of such a ticket package as I really do have plenty to say on the matter, so much so that it would totally take over this blog post if I were to write it here.

If you plan on using a credit card (I honestly can't recommend the Halifax Clarity credit card enough for travelling with - thanks Martin Lewis for the recommendation!), make sure to have it paid off in full before you go so that you have your full credit limit to use whilst you're there, just in case you do need it.

Take advantage of what Manhattan (and the outer boroughs) has to offer for free

Whilst I've just mentioned some of the attractions that you will have to pay for, there are so many things to do in NYC that are completely free and I've got a feeling that basically all of them will be on your list of places to see/visit. For example, I bet you'll want to visit Grand Central Station, see the Flatiron building and check out Central Park during your trip. And there is no admission price for any of these iconic New York attractions. Neither is there for the High Line, the New York Public Library, the Coney Island boardwalk, the 9/11 memorial fountains or the Brooklyn Bridge. You can also see Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, the Friends apartment and lots of other locations from film and TV just by tracking them down.

Visiting New York can be crazy expensive but it certainly doesn't have to be.

what to see in new york for free
TOP TIP: Take the Staten Island Ferry for free to see the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline

So there you have it, how I managed to plan and book a trip to New York without spending £££.

Do you have any money saving tips when it comes to booking holidays and for when you actually get there? If so, what has been your biggest money saver? What do you think of my top tips? And is NYC on your list of places to one day see?
how to plan a trip to new york on a budget


Sunday, 1 April 2018

New Scents For Spring 2018

new perfumes 2018

Now that the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are starting to get that bit lighter, it's officially time to start thinking about transitioning from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer. This month I'll be sharing what I've been transitioning in when it comes to my wardrobe, my haircare, my makeup bag and my skincare routine but today we're talking all things fragrance related.

So here are some of the new scents for Spring 2018 that you simply have to check out;

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love*

First up we have the latest release from Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs and his Daisy range will always be incredibly special to me, not only because I own several of the Daisy iterations but mainly because the original Daisy perfume was the first 'grown up' fragrance that I ever owned. As a result, whenever I wear or smell that OG Daisy perfume it instantly transports me back in time to when I first wore it. I have to say, that's easily why I try out and purchase as many fragrances as I do. There's something so fantastic about being taken back to a special day, holiday or experience just by smelling a specific scent.

Over the years there have been many new and exciting additions to the Daisy range, many of which have been limited edition but I'm happy to report that this will be a permanent fixture to the range. You can tell that it's part of the Daisy family but what I love about Daisy Love (I can see why they named it that) is the sweet berry twist that it has to it. I can easily see this becoming a lifelong favourite of mine much like Daisy Dream and of course, the original Daisy.

Daisy Love is exclusive to World Duty Free until the 11th of April. So if you're jetting off somewhere exciting soon, be sure to pick up a bottle before you board your flight. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a while now, you'll already know how much of a fan I am of the original Mon Guerlain fragrance. And now we have a new twist on that classic scent with the release of Mon Guerlain Florale. 

If you liked or loved the original Mon Guerlain you simply have to give Mon Guerlain Florale a sniff the next time you're out shopping! It's got many of the same notes but is a lot fresher and even more vibrant than the original, making it the perfect Spring scent. But it doesn't lose any of it's longevity with this tying with the original Mon Guerlain fragrance for the perfume that really does last all day on me, something that can't be said about every perfume I've ever tried.

Having never tried any of Guerlain's fine fragrances until last year, I'm happy to see them expand the Mon Guerlain range, especially when it was such a hit. If you thought Guerlain was a bit too premium or fancy for you, honestly give the Mon Guerlain range a try as I have a feeling it will win you over too almost instantly. You'll find Mon Guerlain Florale at the likes of Boots, Debenhams and John Lewis, as well as online from Escentual, where I got mine.

Accessorize Happy Daisy*

Accessorize is a shop that I regularly frequent and if you do too, you'll probably already know that they brought out their own fragrance LoveLily and now they're adding to their range with Happy Daisy. It's floral but also fruity, with notes of orange and raspberry and then it dries down to let you smell some of my favourite notes in a fragrance such as sandalwood and caramel vanilla.

At under £20 you really can't go wrong with this. The bottle is brilliant too and fits in really well with what I would deem the Accessorize aesthetic.

You'll find Happy Daisy at Accessorize, both online and in-store, as well as at The Perfume Shop.

Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau De Parfum

Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau De Parfum*

Apart from when I've been in the US, namely the fancy shopping malls such as Mall at Millenia in Orlando, I haven't really dabbled much in all things Tory Burch but after smelling this particular perfume, I have a feeling that it won't be my last. First of all, the packaging of this perfume, both the bottle and the box is simply stunning and has made it really stand out from the crowd of other fragrances on top of my chest of drawers.

Inspired by one of Tory's favourite places in the world, the Côte d'Azur, I absolutely adore how fruity and warm this smells. It just smells of holidays and vacations, if that makes sense and immediately makes me want to book a holiday somewhere fabulous, making it a great Summer scent too. Part of me wants to keep this for the Summer and for my holiday to Orlando later in the year but there's no way that I will be able to wait that long. I have seen that they do a rollerball version of this scent as well, which I'll definitely be buying to take away with me as it's just such a gorgeous scent!

You'll find this exclusively at House Of Fraser here in the UK and in Tory Burch stores/online.

Michael Kors Sheer*

Back in 2015 I had the pleasure of trying out the newly launched Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection and it was then that I discovered that Michael was as good at coming up with and releasing perfumes as he was with the rest of his line. I'm in the position where I get to try out lots of new beauty releases and products so I haven't found myself actively seeking out Michael's latest fragrances but I'm very glad that I was given the opportunity to try this one out.

My Mum has already bagsied this for herself as she loves how delicate this is. She, like many, isn't a big fan of strong or particularly pungent fragrances in the warmer months and this really is light and airy but still lasts throughout the day.

Michael Kors Sheer is limited edition and will be available exclusively from Debenhams, starting this month.

spring perfumes 2018

I have a feeling that even if we have different tastes when it comes to our favourite fragrance notes, we'll all be able to agree that these are housed in some of the most beautiful bottles. I mean, just look at the bottle toppers and lids from above! And the boxes are ones that you'll most probably find it difficult to part with, or at least I will anyway. Why is it that I find it so difficult to throw away such pretty packaging?

As always, I definitely recommend heading to your local fragrance counter or in some cases, the exclusive retailer, to experience the scents for yourself, particularly if one or more than that, sound right up your street.

new perfumes 2018 for her

Do you have a favourite scent for the Spring or Summer months? What do you think of these new releases? Have you given any of them a sniff yet? And which one sounds like it could be your favourite?

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