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What I Got For My Birthday This Year

what i got for my birthday 2018

Normally I like to do a bit of a wishlist post when it comes to my birthday and what I'd be over the moon to receive, as you'll have seen in previous years. But if you saw my Why I Feel A Bit Meh About My Blog At The Moment & How I'm Hoping To Change This blog post, you'll know that I've been struggling with all things blog related recently. I've just not had the motivation to get blogging like I normally do. I did get as far as putting together a bit of a Polyvore set (that's where I make the majority of my wishlist imagery) but just never got around to finishing it or finding the words to accompany it.

I am a bit disappointed in myself as it's always nice to look back on those kinds of posts so I've made a real effort today to share what I actually got for my birthday this year instead of the usual wishlist-style post. I think the last time that I shared what I got for my birthday was back in 2015 so I'm definitely happy to document it on here this year. So here's what I got for my 26th birthday;

marie primark

There were only a couple of things that I actually asked for this year and one of those was a cosy throw for my bed because my bedroom is literally like a freezer in the Winter months. Seriously, I can sometimes see my own breath even though I'm indoors, it's that bad. Anyone who knows me knows that I simply adore anything palm print so my Mum did a great job picking up this throw for me. Plus it was a total bargain at just £4 from Primark.

She also managed to hunt down what might be the best bedding set that I've ever seen, even though I'm now well and truly into my mid twenties. Marie is easily one of my favourite Disney characters so to have this just made my entire month. Plus it was pretty difficult to come by as they keep selling out of the double in my local stores so that made it even more special that my Mum had managed to track one down for me, after I mentioned how amazing it looked a few weeks back.

hello kitty pyjamas

Keeping on the cosy, 'am I a grandma or am I a toddler?' vibes, I also got this beautiful pair of pyjamas from Tu at Sainsbury's. If you don't already check out the pyjama section at your local supermarket, you are seriously missing out. I really rate Sainsbury's in particular and you might even have spotted them (yup, that was a totally intentional pun right there) in that Why I Feel A Bit Meh About My Blog blog post.

My Mum and Dad also got me these brilliant Hello Kitty pyjamas after spotting them at Aldi of all places. I think there is definitely a theme going on with some of my presents this year and my love for cats, both of the cartoon and the real variety, as you're about to see with the rest of my gifts below.

a streetcat named bob review

I also always like to receive a DVD or a few when it comes to my birthday and there are normally some pretty good releases to coincide with Valentine's Day, which is just a few days after my birthday. Instead of the usual rom coms, this year I saw that a horror movie that I'd actually really wanted to see when it was first released but for some reason never did, was being released in my birthday month and that was Happy Death Day. I'm going to be watching it this weekend so I will be sure to share what I think of it with you in next month's What I've Been Watching blog post.

The same can be said for the next movie, which also came with the book that inspired it, all for the same price; A Streetcat Named Bob. I watched this almost immediately after receiving it and I can already let you know that it was just such a great movie! I mean, where can I get myself a Bob?! My parents had heard me go on and on about the fact that I wanted to see this so I was really happy to unwrap it this year.

In previous What I Got For My Birthday blog posts you'll have seen that I normally get some sweet treats for my birthday and this year was no different. How incredible is this pack of mini eggs? It says that it's meant for egg hunts but I'll definitely be consuming all of them myself. Haha. They're such a great little size that I'll be able to take them with me as a snack for when I'm out and about too.

kate spade mini backpack

And last but certainly not least we have my birthday present to myself. At Christmas my parents bought me a beautiful floral Kate Spade backpack (it's this one here for reference). So when I saw that they had released a smaller one, I just had to get it for myself. It really is the perfect size for everyday use and goes with absolutely everything. I never really treat myself to anything other than when I'm on holiday and that's normally at the Kate Spade outlet or TJ Maxx so I felt like this 'treat yo' self' purchase was totally necessary especially when I've been saving recently.

It is the Small Hartley Backpack in black, if you also like the look of it and if you haven't shopped on the Kate Spade website before, or have more than one email, be sure to sign up for their newsletter as you'll get 10% off. That's exactly what I did and it just convinced me further that I had to have it.

Did you enjoy this take on my birthday blog posts? If so, what was your favourite item that I received this year? Have you seen Happy Death Day or A Streetcat Named Bob? And what are you hoping for when it comes to your next birthday?


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