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Benefit BADGAL Bang Mascara: Hit Or Miss

benefit badgal bang mascara

Unless you've been living under a rock recently or don't follow any beauty bloggers on social media, you'll know that Benefit have come out with their biggest new release of recent years. Whether you'd been attempting to guess what the #outofthisworld product would be or were

So what do I think of the Benefit's new mascara release?

benefit badgal bang review

I have mixed history with Benefit mascaras. I first tried They're Real! when it came free with a copy of Glamour magazine many moons ago. I must have been in my late teens with very little disposable income so it's no surprise that I didn't go on to purchase the full size, particularly when my go-to mascara at the time, Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express, was around the £5 mark. I'd never felt the need to look other than at the drugstore for mascara. That was until I tried Roller Lash.

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for some time now you might remember that my very first blog event was the Glasgow launch of Roller Lash. As soon as I tried it I knew that I'd found something special. It gave me volume without clumping, curled the lashes without the need for eyelash curlers and lasted a whole day or night without flaking. It was and still is my favourite mascara of all time so I was keen to see how BADGAL Bang compared.

I'd actually never tried the original BADGAL mascara, despite having the opportunity to on a couple of occasions when it came free with other magazines. BADGAL Bang promises bigger and badder lashes and I was certainly excited to put this to the test.

benefit badgal bang

BADGAL Bang is almost the exact opposite of my beloved Roller Lash but not necessarily in a bad way. If you're looking for drama and the kind of mascara that you'd favour for a night out, then BADGAL Bang is the mascara for you. What I really like is the applicator. It tapers nicely, making it ideal for getting precise with your lower lash line and is flexible enough to let you get each and every lash.

What I would say is don't go too heavy handed on the first coat. If you build it up it stops it from getting too clumpy or spidery but the same can be said for most mascaras. If you apply too much when it's still wet it will end up looking less than desirable so it's worth bearing this in mind for any mascara you own. I was surprised that after several coats it still feels lightweight on the lashes and doesn't weigh them down or leave you with lids that keep dropping due to the weight. I think this is what Benefit mean when they talk about space age technology and particles.

I love that it's a true black shade. It doesn't end up greyish upon drying nor does it look like natural lashes ever would. Even though it feels lightweight on the lashes, I was surprised by how much mascara comes off when removing. It took me double the time and double to cleanser to take it off. In that respect, it's quite like They're Real! My main bugbear with that mascara has always been how messy and difficult it can be to remove and whilst this new release is nowhere near as bad in comparison, it's still something to bear in mind.

badgal bang mascara benefit review

My Mum, a bit of a mascara connoisseur (mascara is her makeup product of choice and she regularly tries and tests out the latest ones to hit the shops - really she should have her own blog!) wanted to try this out and she concurs on the not applying too much/a lot coming off when removing it points. She liked that it opened up her eye and how fine the brush was but found it a little bit clumpy.

Basically, as I mentioned a little bit above, if you're looking for big, bold, black lashes that really do look out of this world, then BADGAL Bang is for you! I would definitely use it more as a special night out or party mascara rather than an everyday one. I haven't tested it's 36 hour wear claim because I don't think I'd like to wear any kind of makeup for longer than 24 hour hours but it lasted a full day and night of testing for me.

Do you like the look of BADGAL Bang? Have you tried any of Benefit's mascaras before? If so, what did you think of them? And what's your favourite mascara of all time?


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