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What I Watched Over The Festive Period

what to watch on Netflix UK 2018

Pitch Perfect 3

The original Pitch Perfect movie is one of my favourites to stick on when I'm not sure what to watch and I'm not sure how she hadn't seen it before but I sat down and watched it again with my Mum when it was on Channel 4 at the start of December. She loved it that much that she booked us tickets to see Pitch Perfect 3 on the day that it was released. Now I wasn't the biggest fan of Pitch Perfect 2, which was also on TV on New Year's Day, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the third installment, especially when I'd seen Rebel Wilson talk action sequences and nunchuck fighting in recent interviews.

Well, I think Pitch Perfect 3 might have just topped the original movie for me. The songs were great, the fact that they were competing against someone other than another acapella group and even the storyline was really fun and I found found myself laughing throughout. If you're looking to see something at the cinema this month, I can't recommend Pitch Perfect 3 highly enough.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Much like with the Pitch Perfect series of films (I'm not sure if they're making another one of those so didn't want to say trilogy just yet), I was pretty disappointed with the second Planet of the Apes movie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I gave up on it after about an hour on a night flight home from the US but I wasn't too fussed about seeing the third installment when it was released earlier in 2017. This time it was my Mum who urged me to give it a watch after she bought it for herself for Christmas this year. I wasn't sure what to expect but boy was it good. I think I might even go as far as saying that it was in my top 3 favourite movies of 2017, joining Get Out and now maybe Pitch Perfect 3, in good company.

Is it weird to cry and grow emotionally attached to characters that you know are really being played by actors covered in little dots and all in one bodysuits? Because that's exactly what I did. The story, what Caesar and the Apes have to overcome and how much of a dick Woody Harrelson is in this film make it a must-see in my opinion. Even if you haven't seen the first two films in the franchise, War for the Planet of the Apes is one to watch as soon as you can.

World's Strongest Man

Even though it might not be the most festive of traditions for most people, watching World's Strongest Man is definitely a Christmas/New Year's tradition in our house. We might have accidentally ruined who won the whole competition after watching BBC Breakfast one morning back in October or something, talk about a spoiler alert being required but it didn't really ruin the enjoyment of it at all. Having watched it for as long as I can remember, you find yourself rooting for certain competitors (my favourite being Thor who also plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones) and getting excited for certain events occurring.

Does anyone else watch it or have a festive TV tradition?


And whilst we're on the topic of Christmas festivities, Krampus, which we saw for the first time last Christmas, was another easy choice to make to rewatch a few nights before Christmas Eve. If you haven't seen this part horror film part comedy, I really would urge you to give it a go. The whole tale of Krampus is an interesting one but for me, his accomplices or minions (I always feel weird writing the word minions without thinking of those silly little yellow things from Despicable Me) totally steal the show. You'll never look at gingerbread men or the simple Jack in the box toy in the same way again, trust me!

It's also got my fave Adam Scott (Ben from Parks & Rec) in it, which is yet another reason to like it. I also feel like I've seen Home Alone, The Holiday and Love Actually that many times that I could genuinely act them out, even though it didn't stop me from putting them on when I was off but it was nice to watch something slightly fresher, if that makes sense.

Crimson Peak

Before Krampus started a trailer for this very movie was shown and something at the back of my mind told me that I'd seen it when scrolling through Netflix for something to watch a few weeks ago.
The whole 'I Heart TS' Taylor Swift t-shirt fiasco has completely ruined Tom Hiddleston for me though, that much is true but if you're a fan of creepy ghost movies then I would definitely recommend giving Crimson Peak a watch.

It's also directed by Guillermo del Toro so every shot is absolutely beautiful and completely exquisite to watch. The use of the colour red is also spectacular throughout. I also now feel the urge to go back and watch Undeclared after seeing Charlie Hunnam in this. Let's just say if both Charlie Hunnam and the character that he plays in this and Hiddleston were both attempting to woo me, I would go with Charlie every time.

The Bone Collector

Another Netflix discovery, I'd added this to my list on there a few months back but between Christmas and New Year when the TV was pretty poor we opted for some Netflix viewing instead. I'm always really intrigued by these kind of movies and TV shows (I also started Mindhunter at the start of December and will be sure to review it in full once I've finished it) and was happy that I stumbled across this movie from the late nineties.

It was also quite nice not to guess who the eventual killer was but on the other hand, the person who is revealed is then that obscure and almost unrelated to the story that I was left exclaiming 'Who?!' when they were revealed but it wasn't the worst 'baddie' reveal that I've seen. Denzel is great in this, as always and Angelina Jolie was an unexpected choice to play the character that she did but ended up being a great fit nonetheless. If you like Seven for example or serial killer/true crime movies and documentaries, I'd definitely give The Bone Collector a try.

The Purge

Despite initially being put off by the plot and the whole idea of crimes such as murder being legal for 12 hours once a year but hey, I guess anything is possible in America, as Trump being in power continues to prove, I watched The Purge on another night when there wasn't much on TV. I've loved similar home invasion by masked intruders horror movies such You're Next, Hush and The Strangers in the past so that was something about the plot that did interest me.

It wasn't the worst horror movie that I've ever seen but it wasn't the best either. I'm also not the biggest fan of Ethan Hawke for some reason. I think it might have something to do with him being in Sinister, which he was annoying in too so I wasn't really rooting for him or worried for his safety, which obviously detracted a bit from the whole movie watching experience. I also had a feeling that a certain someone would end up saving them in the end and that's exactly what happened. As I say, it wasn't the worst horror movie that I've ever seen but I'm in no hurry to see or seek out the sequels.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Hong Kong

Travel Man is easily one of my favourite TV shows and one that I always look forward to. Not only does it show me some of the places that I've always wanted to visit and give me ideas of where to possibly dream of traveling to next but it's hosted by the brilliant Richard Ayoade. No matter where he goes or with whom, I'm always in stitches of laughter with every single episode.

This one in particular, an hour long special compared to the usual half hour show slot, takes Richard and travel companion Jon Hamm to Hong Kong. I'd never even thought of travelling to Hong Kong but it looked like such a great destination. Maybe I'll give the local delicacies a miss (if you've seen this episode you'll know what I mean) but this hour long episode did not disappoint. I also just had to watch Bridesmaids straight after to get more of my Jon Hamm fix. It's also nice to see some of my favourite celebrities and comedians out of the comfort zones, experiencing the unique travel excursions and meals that Richard has planned. This is certainly one to get on catch up in a bid to rid some of the January blues.

So there's what I watched over the festive period.

How was your Christmas/time off work? What did you watch? Did you find anything to binge watch in that weird period of time between Christmas and New York? And have you seen any of the things that I watched in this particular post?


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