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Two Dry Skin Game Changers

o'keefe's dry skin

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for some time now it will be no surprise to you that I suffer from dry/dehydrated skin, which only seems to worsen in the colder months and this Winter it has been worse than ever. No matter what I was using, nothing was really working for me, even products that I'd relied on and reached for for many years now. It was time for drastic measures.

As someone who receives a lot of beauty products to try and to review, I rarely feel inclined to rush out and buy anything on a whim or without doing some serious research first but something about these two products caught my eye on a trip to Boots just before Christmas. I was looking for industrial strength even medicinal grade help, if it came to it and for some reason I couldn't pass by the end of this particular aisle without stopping. I'd heard of their world renowned Working Hands cream but have never really had any issues with my hands, which is why I hadn't tried it before but as soon as I saw the words lip repair and itchy skin relief I was sold and I had to take this opportunity to share with you just how impressive these two products have been. It's been a while since I've dedicated a blog post to one brand or product but I just had to switch things up to bring you this blog post. Basically if you ever experienced dry skin, dry patches, chapped lips or irritated skin; keep reading.

o'keefe's lip repair review

My lips are always pretty prone to cracking and my guilty habit definitely has to be picking the little ridges or raised bits off and then getting my lips into an even sorrier state. It often looks like I've got a split lip or as if I've had a sucker punch to the mouth they're that bad and as a result, it puts me off wearing any of my more colourful or exciting lip products. 

When it comes to lip balms I really have tried everything and all of the holy grail style products that bloggers and YouTubers always tend to recommend such as Nuxe's Reve de Miel, Glossier's Balm dot com and Burt's Bees offerings to name a few but they'd never really do anything long term.

This, on the other hand, has been such a gamechanger. It's got a waxy consistency so it isn't sticky or gloopy at all, making it safe to wear outside with long hair. I personally like to apply it quite thickly just before bed to give it the chance to work overnight, waking up with the softest and most supple lips I've ever had. It still feels so alien to me to have lips free of any cracks or dryness at this time of year and I feel like I've finally found the holy grail lip balm that works for me. It's also less than a fiver which is another big thumbs for me.

o'keefe's body lotion uk

I've mentioned before that I often get itchy skin around my hips and thighs. I'm not sure what causes it, whether it's the cold, my rather thin skin or me gaining a couple of pounds but it tends to happen rather intermittently throughout the year. Maybe it was a combination of the three as it got really noticeable and itchy in the weeks leading up to and including Christmas. I do have a feeling that the amount of cheese and Celebrations/Heroes that I was consuming on the daily might have made my skin stretch slighty. Even though I've never been bigger than a size 12 on bottom, I've experienced angry looking purple stretch marks since about the age of 13 and I can still feel my skin stretching as my weight goes up or down a few pounds which is incredibly uncomfortable and what I think, might worsen the stretched/itchy sensation.

This is honestly the most nourishing and hydrating lotion that I have ever used and that really is saying something. Again, I've previously loved and featured many others on here but none were really sorting that itching/sore feeling. It also promises to still provide hydration even after you've showered or washed, which I've never heard of before. I try to apply mine every night before going to bed and just after I've gotten out of the shower and I cannot tell you how much relief this gives me and my skin.

Considering the fact that I was thinking of investing in a big bottle of Kiehl's Creme de Corps, I'm so glad that I discovered this purse friendly option first. They also do it in a larger bottle with a pump applicator, which I am honestly over the moon about and it will definitely be coming home with me once I finish this tube.

Having never tried O'Keeffe's before now, I am so happy that I stopped when browsing the aisles in Boots last month. Both products seem to be new releases so it really was perfect timing for me and my dry/dehydrated Winter skin.

Do you ever suffer from dry skin? If so, what do you use to combat it? Have you ever tried anything from O'Keeffe's? And have you discovered any new beauty releases that you love?


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