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Some 2018 Home Decor Updates (+ A 25% Off Desenio Discount Code)

desenio gallery wall

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for some time now you might remember some of my previous room tours, both of which took place in 2015 in the Spring and the Autumn. And since it had been that long since I last shared any home decor updates, I thought that it was definitely about time that I did so. I also thought that I would expand the tour to include my bathroom, kitchen and the more photogenic part of my bathroom.

I've also teamed up with Desenio to share some of the stunning prints and frames that they have to offer plus an exciting discount code. For that exclusive 25% off discount code, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this blog post.

So let's have a look at the 2018 home updates that I've made;


desenio uk discount code

Tropical Leaves Poster (in Copper Frame) - New York City Poster (in Black Frame) - 9 PM Poster (in Copper Frame) - Next Bedding

Something that I've been interested in doing for some time now is a gallery wall but I wasn't sure how effective it would be considering that I didn't have the biggest amount of wall space to play with. What I really appreciated about using Desenio was the fact that they have several templates to help you put together tried and tested gallery wall arrangements or you can freestyle as I did. Being able to buy frames that fit the prints exactly is another big bonus as was the fact that they do them in a range of finishes including my very favourite copper ones.

As soon as I saw these three prints in particular I knew exactly what I was going for with my gallery wall and inspiration really did strike. I mean, they honestly fit me and everything that I love so well; palm print, New York City and an early night. The difference that they've made to my empty white wall is unreal and they just add so much personality to an otherwise plain wall.

how to decorate white walls

And to keep with the palm print theme (it really is my favourite), we have my bedding. You might recognise it from my Self Care blog post and my love for it hasn't wavered much since then. It's actually double sided so this is the alternative colour way of the one shown before. I've definitely got my eye on a few more of Next's bed sets, especially as this bedding hasn't pilled or gone bobbly like many of my other bed sets from Primark, for example. You might also recognise my metal wall mural, which I bought from Urban Outfitters in the sale last year, if you saw any of my YouTube videos around the same time last year. Sadly I just couldn't get into the whole YouTube thing which is why I haven't really uploaded much to my channel.

Next we take a trip to the kitchen.


eat well for less book

Eat Well For Less: Family Feasts On A Budget BookSodastream Fizzi*

Since I still live at home, I don't really have the same freedom to add things to it like I do in my bedroom or little bathroom but I have bought a few cookbooks in recent months, even if they do live on my bedroom bookshelf instead of the kitchen itself.

I'm a big fan of the TV show Eat Well For Less and as one of my aims for 2018 is to learn how to make some of my favourite takeaway and ready meal dishes at home and from scratch, I thought that this could well be a good investment. I've already saved me and my family some serious dough from making the switch from brand names to supermarket own brands as a result of watching the show, so I'm hoping that the cookbook will have a similar success rate. I've also got my eye on another cookbook; Chrissy Teigen's Cravings so if anyone else has got that in their collection or regularly uses it, I'd love to hear what you think of it as I may be making that my next cookbook purchase for 2018.

sodastream fizzi review

I was also very kindly gifted a Sodastream at the start of the year and my Mum, who has wanted one since she was a teenager has already kind of claimed it as her own. If you fancy yourself a bit of a fizzy drink mixologist or love sparkling water but hate having to buy bottle after bottle of the stuff, I can't recommend the Sodastream Fizzi* enough. It also looks so sleek and shiny, which makes it stand out from some of the other, slightly older, appliances in the kitchen. If you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption, like I imagine many of us are this year, being able to forgo buying bottles of fizzy drinks and sparkling water, instead using reusable bottles has already made a big impact on the amount of plastic bottles we recycle each month.

Next, let's take a trip to the bathroom, which is what we inevitably do after too many glasses or bottles of the fizzy stuff.


desenio prints discount code

H&M Home Porcelain Toothbrush Mug - Hide Poster (in Silver Frame) - Breathe Poster (in Silver Frame)

Our downstairs bathroom, which adjoins my bedroom, has your basic toilet and a sink setup and not much else. I one day dream of owning the most beautiful bathroom suite (cue me spending hours scrolling through dream homes and apartments and looking at bathroom suites that I could possibly one day afford to add to my own home or flat).

desenio discount code 2018

It has, however, lacked a bit of personality for some time now so it was immediately one of the first places that I was keen to add some more Desenio prints. I don't think you'll find two more perfect bathroom style prints to be honest and I love the way that I was able to frame them in silver to compliment the fixtures and fittings in my little bathroom. Much like the other prints that I picked out, they just add so much to the space and I can't believe that I went this long without having my home adorned with pure personality in the form of these prints. As someone who used to have an entire wall covered with pictures and magazine clippings of my favourite band at the time Steps (of course it had to be them), I really have gone far too long with bare white walls in my house and I'm glad that that has now been remedied.

My toothbrush holder is one of my favourite H&M Home finds and they seem to have brought out a similar style this year.

And last but not least, we have my living room.


matalan mongolian cushions

Paper Pink No. 1 Poster (in White Frame) - Matalan Mongolian Cushion

And more specifically; where I spend the most of my time. In the Winter when my bedroom can often pretty chilly, I forgo working from my desk like I really should and instead camp out on the couch. Even though I still live at home, I have made a few of my own touches to the communal area and more specifically my little corner.

You'll probably have seen my very favourite blush pink furry cushion from Matalan pop up both on the blog and on my social media quite a few times and that's because it makes for such a great photo backdrop. But when I'm not using it for it's photogenic properties it sits on the sofa and also stops me from slouching too much, keeping me sat more upright, ready to work.

So there you have it, my 2018 home updates.

And as promised above, here is my exclusive Desenio discount;

The code “ellistuesday” gives 25% off posters* between 28th January - 1st February. 
*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.

Have you made any updates to your home or bedroom in the past couple of months? Do you like to change things up depending on the season? And what do you think of the Desenio prints that I picked out?

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