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Some New Year's Resolutions To Make If You Don't Normally / Mine For 2018

new years resolution ideas 2018

Over the years I've shared some of my resolutions here on the blog and experienced varying degrees of success. I still haven't learnt to drive or found 'the one' but I have properly put everything into blogging and writing full time which is why it's always worth remembering that small progress is still progress even when you don't think it is. And today I thought that I would share some of my goals for 2018 instead of your typical resolutions and hopefully give you some ideas for resolutions that don't revolve around losing weight/joining a gym and here they are;

Start to become more minimal

Okay so there's no way that I could become one of those people, no matter how envious I am of how uncluttered and simple their lives are, who only owns one pair of shoes or a handful of items in their wardrobe/home. Maybe it's because of Christmas and the sheer amount of stuff that started to accumulate (I'm talking presents, gift guide inclusions, food, party wear and more) but for the first time in my life I actually started to feel really suffocated and overwhelmed by what was around me. I've since passed on unused beauty bits, books I've already read and other miscellaneous bits and bobs to friends and family, donated a load of stuff to my local charity shops and even sold a few things I promised myself I never would on the likes of Depop and eBay solely to clear some much needed space.

My aim is to really streamline everything I already own in 2018. No one needs six really similar black t-shirts or 50+ lip products! Instead of having lots of the same kinds of things I'm going to pick my favourite or most reached for and pass on the rest.

Does anyone else feel the need to do the same thing?

the curated closet book

I've also been a lot tougher on myself as everything has went into the sales, this time only buying items that really do serve a purpose such as a new pair of trainers since my other ones are made of a material which lets in water (they are the Nike Juvenates for reference just in case you want to avoid, which they've apparently stopped making too) so not exactly ideal for anytime that it's raining or the typical Scottish weather. I've had The Curated Closet book on my shelf for a few months now and will finally be putting it to good use in 2018, I'm glad to say.

Stop saving things for best

This kinda coincides with the previous goal. As I've been going through my wardrobe and drawers I've found so many pieces that I just can't part with and they are the pieces that I tend to regard as being too nice to wear for a trip to the Post Office or the doctors but some of my favourite pieces are just going unworn as a result. I think it's finally time to throw out my old jeggings/t-shirts that I wear on such days and start dressing like I would if I was meeting friends or going to a proper job.

I also bought the incredible pink velvet suit that Topshop brought out this Autumn/Winter with plans to start wearing both the blazer and the full co-ord once the weather gets a tiny bit warmer. And who says that my lovely Summer dresses that I save for my holidays can't be worn when and if we get a proper Summer here in Scotland or at least on the couple of days when it is slightly Summer-like?

Start taking better care of yourself

Self care is something that I've tried to implement more and more of in 2017 but it does tend to be the odd day of pampering rather than something that I do everyday. Sometimes, if I know I'm not going to be leaving the house for a number or days or over the weekend, I refrain from washing my hair and spend my time going from one pair of pjs to another. Something as simple as making it part of my daily routine to moisturise all over instead of only when I remember to or actually getting dressed out of my pyjamas even when I'm working from home all day, is my objective and surely it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve if I get myself into a good routine.

Does anyone have any self care tips?

Hustle hard at work or with your side hustles

I didn't share my resolutions at the end of 2016 but my main one was to really go for it when it came to blogging and freelance writing in 2017. I started taking it really seriously in March of this year, keeping track of all my jobs via a handy spreadsheet (let me know if you'd like to see a separate blog post on this) and filing away invoices and expenses for my records. I am so happy to say that I've made more in those 10 months than I used to at my part time job and that for me. was the real goal. I'm not going to lie and say that it was easy or that I feel particularly stable when it comes to my income as some months are meager and others more than make up for it so it's definitely swings and roundabouts income-wise, especially when you consider chasing late payments or affiliate earnings not being released until you hit a certain amount or 4-5 months down the line but thankfully it all adds up.

little black book otegha review

My aim for 2018 is to hustle even harder. Whether you're self employed, are decluttering on the likes of eBay or Depop or are looking to work on your career/job prospects in the New Year, I can't recommend Otegha Uwagba's Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women enough. Plus it's less than a fiver on Amazon or just £5 from the likes of Oliver Bonas, Waterstones or Urban Outfitters and certainly worth the money. I've been delving into over the Christmas break and feel ready to take on 2018 as a result,

Do you make resolutions? If so, which ones will you be making this year? And what do you think of my ideas/goals for 2018?


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