Sunday, 17 December 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Archive Gift Set

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Set

Earlier in the week you will have seen me review the Beauty Icons Gift Set from Charlotte Tilbury's Christmas gifting range and today I'm reviewing the other gift set that really caught my eye this year and that is the Lip Archive*.

Whether you've been patiently or rather impatiently refreshing the Charlotte Tilbury site hoping that these sold out shades would come back into stock or you're looking to try some of Charlotte's most iconic and stunning shades, then this is the set for you.

In this limited edition gift set you'll find three full sized perfect nude shades ones that you'll only find in this set. Not only that but this collection is exclusive to the Charlotte Tilbury website so don't expect to see it at your local counter or the likes of John Lewis or Selfridges this Christmas.

Now let's get onto the three lipsticks themselves;

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks Review

First up we have one of Charlotte's iconic K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks in the shade Confession. This is so buttery and soft on the lips and gives them that just bitten kind of look. There's also tiny gold particles in it which make your lips look even more hydrated and it really is my dream nude shade. I don't get on too well with nudes as most are just too brown for me but this is a definite true nude and in turn, a very welcome addition. Much like with the other two shades, there's nothing even remotely like it in my collection and that's just one of the reasons why I love Charlotte Tilbury so much.

Then we have the second lipstick and the first Matte Revolution lipstick in this set; Between The Sheets and I have to admit, I think this might just be my favourite of the three. It's practically the only lipstick that I've worn since receiving this incredible gift set and I can already see it joining the illustrious ranks of my all-time favourites Secret Salma and Glastonberry.

And last but certainly least we have Miss Kensington. This really is the prettiest of pinks. It instantly makes me think of the kinds of lips that were big in the 1960's but with the modern update of it being matte. Without a doubt, my favourite matte lipstick formula has to be Charlotte's Matte Revolution line of lipsticks so I was really happy to add another one (or two when you count Between The Sheets too) to my ever expanding lip collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Archive

For me, it's worth investing in her products rather than frivolously trying lots of different drugstore options which end up costing me so much more than had I just bought one or two well made purchases from Charlotte.

See more of Charlotte's gift shop below;

Have you ever tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick? If so, what is your favourite formula or shade? If not, which one or ones are on your wishlist? And what do you think of this gift set?


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