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What I've Added To My Winter Beauty Routine

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As much as I love Winter and everything that comes with it (cosy nights in, twinkly Christmas lights and just the general festive atmosphere), my body, on the other hand, certainly doesn't appreciate it quite as much. Having dehydrated skin all year round means that as soon as it starts to get colder and I'm exposed to the cold, then the heating, the cold again, my skin almost cries out for hydrating products. And this year other areas of my body have also followed suit and become quite agitated and flaky. As a result, I decided to try out a few new products, adding them to my everyday beauty routine and today I'm here to share my thoughts on them.

So let's see what's keeping me from turning into some kind of scaly reptitle this Winter;

bilou tasty donut review

First up we have my main priority when it comes to my Winter beauty routine; my skin. As mentioned above, my skin tends to get quite dehydrated regardless of the time of year but in the Winter it really takes it to a whole new level. I also suffer from keratosis pilaris, which is a skin condition where parts of your body, in my case my legs and arms, look like they're permanently covered in goosebumps. In the Summer or when I'm on holiday and exposed to some warmth and sunshine it definitely improves but on the flipside, it becomes even more noticeable and risen in Winter.

I've tried a number of body scrubs over the years, namely from Soap & Glory but was looking for something a little more intensive this time around and that's when the Joan Collins I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish* arrived at my door. I hadn't tried anything from Joan's beauty range before but was instantly won over by the way this looked and the fact that it was quite a coarse scrub. I've definitely enjoyed using this and can always see a big difference to the dry, rough patches on my arms in particular, when I exfoliate. I also love the fact that I always, without fail, end up singing 'I Am Woman', a la the ladies from Sex and the City 2, whenever I'm using this.

Now surely I can't be the only one who finds it all the more difficult to willingly want to jump in for a quick shower in this kind of weather. I either need to put the heating on for at least half an hour prior to my shower so I don't freeze when I'm getting out of the shower or when my full body isn't under the scalding hot water or I end up putting it off another day in the hopes that it will be warmer, which it never is. As an incentive to make me actually want to have of a shower, I picked up this Bilou Creamy Shower Foam on a recent trip to Superdrug and believe me when I say, this is a serious gamechanger. The scent alone is enough of a reason to pick one of these up. It honestly smells good enough to eat and makes the whole prospect of showering in the Winter 100 times more appealing to me.

Clinique Moisture Surge Concentrate review

I'm still on the hunt for a really good rich facial moisturiser (leave any recommendations below if you've found one which works for you) but I'm happy to have added a lighter one to my routine after I was given the opportunity to try the new Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate*. I wasn't sure if it would be more of a Summer kind of skincare product but it gives dry patches a real boost of moisture throughout the day and whenever it desperately needs some hydration. I also love the pump applicator. Why can't all skincare and body products come with a pump applicator?!

I've put off trying the next item in today's post for what must be years, even though I love and regularly use some of the other products from the range and that is Kiehl's iconic and highly lauded Creme De Corps. I've resisted trying it out solely because I didn't want to fall in love with it due to it's rather hefty price tag but as I predicted, I did. It's honestly like a suped up version of my other favourite moisturiser, the Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion. I am glad that I opted for the sample size first, which I actually treated myself to before my trip to New York, as that way it wasn't such a big blow to my bank balance but I may need to swoop in on the Boxing Day sales to see if I can grab myself a 750ml bottle, again mostly because it has a pump applicator but also because that size should last me a good while.

aveda pramasana review

Much like my skin, my hair tends to have a bit of a tantrum in the colder months as well and I've found my hair has been feeling much more brittle and almost straw like at the ends, despite never encountering that issue before. I'd heard great things about the Sachajuan Hair Repair* so when Escentual got in touch to see if I'd like to review it, I just had to say yes. This has all the benefits of an intensive treatment without the commitment or half an hour or more sat with your hair smothered in leave in mask or treatment. All you need to do is apply it like a conditioner, whilst in the shower, leave it on for five to ten minutes, depending on how long it takes me to wash and/or shave in that time and then rinse it off and I can definitely feel the difference. I'd given my hair a bit of a break from conditioners in recent months, solely because it was making my hair really greasy, no matter how little or sparsely it was applied and now my hair feels nourished without the worry of it being laden with product afterwards.

I actually tried a little sample size of the Aveda Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser, which I still have some left of, at the last St. Enoch event I went to. I had my scalp examined by the Aveda team and was given a few sample sizes to try at home. I popped back in to the Aveda counter at Debenhams in St. Enoch after using the Scalp Cleanser a few times and ended up buying the Protective Scalp Concentrate from the same line. This is more of a leave in treatment which helps to balance sebum levels whilst leaving the scalp feeling nourished and comfortable. If you suffer from an itchy or dry scalp, particularly at this time of year, or get quite a bit of dandruff fallout, I'd seriously consider checking this range out. I've got another St. Enoch event this week and I think I might just need to go in and buy the full size of the Scalp Cleanser as I'm not sure I could go without now.

Do you have a Winter skincare or haircare routine? If so, what do you add to your usual routine? And have you tried any of the products in today's post? If so, what do you think? If not, do they sound up your street?


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