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My Go-To 'Look Put Together' Outfit

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As mentioned in my last outfit post, Autumn is easily my favourite season when it comes to buying new fashion and accessories, which is why I've been so keen to share what I've been picking up in the shops recently. Over the past month or so I've been going through my wardrobe and drawers, mainly to switch out my Summer dresses, jumpsuits and strappy tops for Autumn/Winter ware but also with another purpose. I've been making a conscious effort to really only buy pieces that my wardrobe is lacking. For me it's things like basic tops (H&M is where it's at for these BTW!), real blue jeans (which I've yet to find the perfect pair) and dressier tops and that's why the first of my recent purchases happened.

I had been stalking the Topshop website for a number of weeks, waiting for this top to come back into stock, after spotting this polka dot plisse wrap top on a few of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers. I think it was only in stock long enough for me to snap it up before it sold out again. But I'd definitely recommend doing a bit of refreshing if you're waiting for an item to come back into stock as I do usually manage to get the item I'm looking for by doing just that, especially when it's sold out in stores too.

Topshop Baxter Jeans review

This top instantly makes a simple outfit, which is essentially just a pair of black skinny jeans and a top, look as though I've put a lot more thought and effort into it. I also absolutely adore this plisse material, which is why I make sure to buy practically anything that either Topshop or New Look release in it. They also have the dress version of this top which is just as dreamy and also more readily available in-store and online.

I also picked up a new pair of black jeans this month, namely the Topshop Baxter jeans. I love the cropped style and fit of this pair but what I so often don't love about a pair of black jeans is the fact that they fade so quickly and easily. Surely I'm not the only who's had to repurchase black jeans over and over again because they continue to fade to grey each and every time.

How to keep black jeans black

So I was really intrigued when Surf got in touch to ask if I'd like to take part in the #SurfPerfectBlack challenge by trying the latest innovation in their range; Surf Perfect Black liquid. Can you believe that these jeans have been washed five times? You heard me right; five times! Normally there would be some serious signs of fading and they just wouldn't look as black as they were when first bought. I am so impressed!

How to keep black jeans black Surf

And the proof really is there right before your eyes when you take these out of the washing machine. Straight away you can see the difference in this image of my same jeans with the first being the original pair of jeans when first bought, the second being the same pair of jeans having been washed with Surf Perfect Black liquid 20 times and the third being the same pair after being washed 20 times with your average laundry powder. I mean, the difference is clear!

Surf Perfect Black Review

If you're looking to keep your black denim and darker pieces of clothing looking newer for longer, then this is a great product. Straight away, think how much money it will save you on having to repurchase your favourite black jeans after they inevitably start to fade! It also leaves your laundry smelling dreamy with it's beautiful exotic midnight orchid and lily scent. And the great thing is that you can use it on all your dark clothing from denim to basics and even heavier knits and sweaters. It's safe to say, I'm converted and hopefully I won't need to buy another pair of black jeans for at least a season or two. If you want to give Surf Perfect Black a try for yourself, you can purchase it online here and from Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

And speaking of black and darker pieces, my little rose gold backpack has been put back in my wardrobe for now so that I can wear my new Kate Spade New York black cross body bag over the colder months. I managed to pick it up from the Kate Spade New York outlet store when I was in New York and it's just such a great size for day-to-day wear.

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You might also notice the coat from my last outfit post and the fact that I just had to treat myself to another pair of the H&M tassel earrings, especially when I saw that they'd released them in burgundy.

Do you have the same problem of your black jeans or denim fading quickly? Have you got a specific pair or brand that you always repurchase? And are you a fan of velvet?

Written in collaboration with Surf


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