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John Lewis Secret Santa Gift Ideas

John Lewis Christmas Gifts

When it comes to Christmas gifting, I always find that the most difficult present to buy is the one for your Secret Santa. Something about the usually pretty strict budget and/or normally not knowing the person as well as the other people you'll be buying presents for this year, trips me up every time, which leads to rather unoriginal and unexciting gifts being bought. Also when you think Secret Santa, or at least when I do, I don't tend to have a shop or store in mind for doing my shopping and end up buying them a box of chocolates and a novelty gift that I know they'll never use. This year, however, John Lewis has certainly come to the rescue.

I was challenged to pick out a Secret Santa gift and a couple of other pieces from their gifting range to gift to a fellow blogger and another blogger, would be picking for me. I think I previously discounted somewhere like John Lewis thinking that they wouldn't have a great deal within budget, especially for a Secret Santa gift but I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

Whether your budget is £5, £10, £20 or more for bigger gifts, the selection both online and in-store is out of this world and hopefully what I received should show you just that. So let's see what I received from another blogger as part of the challenge;

John Lewis Secret Santa

First up we have the Secret Santa gifts and I feel like the blogger in question actually might know me IRL as my very favourite sweet shop sweet has got to be a good bon bon. All I really need to say about this present is PROSECCO BON BONS! Who knew such a thing existed?! And I can confirm that they are just as tasty as they sound. I'm trying to save some but it's oh so tempting just to empty the jar.

Another great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift has to be a bauble of some sorts but not your typical or average Christmas bauble. So many brands do Christmas baubles containing some of their bestselling products or limited edition ones just for the festive season and I was really happy to see that Whittard have jumped on this trend. I'm really looking forward to brewing up some of this mulled wine tea once we're properly in December

John Lewis Kate Spade

Now when I spotted the Kate Spade New York box as I unwrapped this, I knew that I was in for a treat and that again, the person picking for me had got it oh so right. This business card holder is just so beautiful and something that I'll truly treasure forever. It might have also given me the push that I needed to finally get some business cards printed. It feels like a really nice way to start 2018 too.

John Lewis Christmas Gifts For Her

I've wanted to try Clinique's Pop lipsticks for quite some time now but I can never really justify buying new lipsticks, for example, especially when I regularly receive new ones to review and already have quite the collection so receiving this Clinique Pop Party Set as a gift has made me so happy. And because they're travel sizes I don't feel too guilty about trying out several at the same time. This set is also a John Lewis exclusive so if you like the look of it or know someone who would absolutely love to find this under the tree this year, John Lewis is where you need to head.

I'm so intrigued to find out who picked out my presents as they really did such a great job.

I've also picked out some of my favourite gifts available from John Lewis below;

Who will you be buying for this Christmas? Do you also struggle to buy Secret Santa style gifts? And have you made a start to your shopping yet (I may or may not be holding out for Black Friday/Cyber Weekend to start my shopping this year)?


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