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Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Collection

As you might have seen if you saw my 'It's Now Autumn' outfit post, last month I was invited along to the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood trailer when it arrived in Glasgow, where I was treated to a Tilbury Transformation.

If there's one beauty brand that continues to impress and surprise me it has to be Charlotte Tilbury. Ever since meeting her in person and falling in love with a number of her products, I've undoubtedly become absolutely besotted with all things CT. So when it was announced that she would be launching a new line of products, the Hollywood collection, you can imagine just how excited I was.

The collection is made up of ten matte contour liquid lipsticks in an array of stunning shades along with some new and innovative contouring products in the form of the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, the Hollywood Contour Wand and the Hollywood Complexion Brush.

Let's start with the matte contour liquid lipsticks;

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Review

I'd been eagerly anticipating and awaiting Charlotte bringing out some liquid lipsticks, especially when you consider how prevalent and popular liquid lipsticks have become in recent years and boy was it worth the wait. I've tried my fair share of liquid lipsticks in the past with some real successes such as NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams and quite a few that have dried my lips out or applied in a patchy fashion. There are zero negatives when it comes to these though. They're so lightweight on the lips yet incredibly pigmented but you can also go for more of a natural look by applying a single swipe. They also feature ingredients such as beeswax, to keep the lips moisturised and anti-ageing ingredients such collagen and sea lavender to help smooth the lips.

I absolutely love this shade, Dolly Bird and I've already got my eye on Showgirl, which looks like the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter.

Now let's talk contour;

I'm not going to lie, I've always struggled with contouring products. They're either far too dark for me and my fair complexion or when they are light enough, they're kind of chalky and just make my face look dirty. So it's safe to say that I haven't mastered contouring nor have I found products that cater well to me and my skintone. That, however, has all changed ever since these made their way into my life and makeup bag.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Wand Review

Firstly, can we talk fuss-free application because that's exactly what you get with these wands. You don't have to worry about dealing with powder or one of those big chubby crayons, something I've struggled with in the past. The Contour Wand, in the shade light to medium, isn't too dark for me but it still gives me that definition that I've been striving to achieve for so long. That's something I always appreciate about Charlotte's line is the fact that she caters for a whole range of skin colours and tones so well. Whenever I find myself asking, 'will this be light enough for me?' or 'will it work for me and my skintone?', I just ask, would it work for Charlotte herself or one of her most famous celebrity clients, Nicole Kidman. If the answer is yes and it always is, then I'm happy to give it a go too.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush

The Hollywood Complexion Brush truly is the perfect accompaniment to the two wands as it allows you to buff out the contour on your cheeks and around your jaw and/or hairline with ease, whilst also allowing you to get precise, specifically when it comes to the nose contour for me. Ever since meeting Charlotte and attending her masterclass, I've attempted and failed to do a natural looking nose contour and what I mean by that is to use a contour shade in a semicircle around the tip and along the exterior of the length of the nose, whilst highlighting the tip and length of the nose. And you have no idea how much of a difference it makes, particularly if you've got a bit of prominent nose like I do.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Swatches

And when it comes to highlighting this is just the prettiest and most universal of shades. Charlotte always talks a lot about looking as if you're 'lit from within' and that's exactly how this highlight looks on. There's also no shimmer or glitter, like you find with many other highlighters and the formula is just so dreamy.

If you are planning on trying both the highlighter and the contour, it makes sense to go for the duo, which is an online exclusive, as it saves you some money.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood collection review

So there are my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood collection.

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury before? If so, what is your favourite/holy-grail product? If not, what do you have on your wishlist? And do you have your eye on anything from the Hollywood collection?


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