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What I've Been Watching: In September

Can you believe that it's October already and almost Halloween (aka. my favourite time to binge watch all of the best horror movies)? Even though it was only September I did let a couple of horror movies slip into that month, solely because I hadn't seen either of them before. And spoiler alert; both definitely impressed. Actually, this month's edition of What I've Been Watching is one of those rare ones where I really enjoyed everything that I watched, so be sure to continue reading to see why.

Total Bellas

Growing up WWE or WWF as it was called when I started watching (god, I feel old!), was a permanent feature in our house. We'd either be watching Smackdown or Raw, counting down the days to the next Pay Per View, spending our entire weekend on the Playstation playing the game or phyically playing with the figurines of which I think only two were mine and they were my two favourite Divas (Lita and Chyna were the best!) So it's always been something that's interested me, even if some of the storylines and acting are more than a little bit questionable when you watch it back as an adult. When Total Divas first started it was a great show to stick on on a Sunday night. And even though I always look forward to a new season of Total Divas starting, despite the fact that I could do without it featuring a few of them (I'm looking at you Lana and Eva Marie), Nikki and Brie have always been my favourites. So when Total Bellas started last year I was over the moon.

This is the second season of Total Bellas to be aired and it revolves around the two sisters, their lives both inside and outside the ring and their family. I'm loving it even more than ever as Brie is expecting her first child with husband Bryan and Nikki is about to get engaged to John Cena so it's the kind of storylines that I'm actually interested in watching, again unlike in Total Divas where some people get more airtime than others. If you're looking for a fun and easy to watch show to enjoy, you could do a lot worse than Total Bellas.

Ouija: Origin Of Evil

After seeing the first Ouija movie which was honestly one of the dullest and most juvenile horror movies that I've seen in recent years or possibly, ever, I didn't hold out much hope when they revealed that they would be making a prequel. But I have to say, this is the kind of Ouija movie that I was expecting and so much more. It also doesn't end in the way that you expect it to, which is always a big bonus for horror movies. I feel like it leaves you more unsettled if the evil, in this case, isn't quashed or stopped entirely and that's exactly what it did.

The child actors, specifically Lulu Wilson who plays the youngest daughter, are really good and you're actually invested in the characters and their lives, which again is a rarity in most modern horrors. Talking of child actors, you'll also find the actor who played Elliot in E.T. in this movie too. It was one of those occasions where you know you've seen someone's face before but you're just not sure where. Cue a bit of quick Wikapedia-ing. If you're looking for something to watch this Halloween, I'd definitely give Ouija: Origin Of Evil a try! And this leads me onto another horror movie I'd definitely recommend giving a watch this month.

The Strangers

I'd heard a lot about this movie back when it was first released but never got around to actually watching it for some reason or another. I honestly don't know the last time a movie made me feel this tense and uneasy. I genuinely had a knot in my stomach and not a single drop of blood had even been shed. Because you kind of know what's coming as this is a home invasion type of movie, you know that they're going to make their way in somehow but waiting for it to actually happen really builds up the tension. There was the odd jump scare but they didn't feel out of place at all and all I can say is that the masks, specifically the main guy's scarecrow sack one, are so creepy!

It was just my luck that after watching this, in the dark might I add, right before bed, that our home alarm system wouldn't work. Cue me flinching at the smallest sound and failing to get a proper sleep that night. Now if that doesn't show how successful this movie was at building up suspense and scares, I don't know what else does.

The Martian

September is my Dad's birthday month and as someone who seems to always be watching documentaries on NASA and space travel, I got him The Martian on DVD, along with some other presents, for his birthday at the start of the month. Matt Damon's character is left stranded on Mars after he's presumed dead. With limited supplies, he really has to think and come up with a way to stay alive until he can be rescued. And we're not talking about a couple of weeks or months here, we're talking years until someone can come and rescue him. Even when you think all hope is lost Damon and the only music that he's been left with (it's a fabulously funky disco playlist) keep you smiling and rooting for his character, even after every setback and problem that he encounters during his time on the red planet.

It also featured supporting actors that I really wasn't expecting to see in it such as Donald Glover, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sean Bean. Sean Bean in particular, played against his normal stereotype i.e. he wasn't killed, which was a nice change for him.

The Island With Bear Grylls

After initially tuning into the celebrity version of the same show mainly because R.J. Mitte, who played Walt Jr. in Breaking Bad was taking part in it, I saw that the previous seasons of this show were on demand and quickly downloaded a few into our Sky planner. I'm not the biggest fan of Bear Grylls and I had a feeling that he would feature in this pretty prominently but thankfully that wasn't the case. Bear only really pops up to say they must 'find it, catch it and kill it' or to tell us how dangerous dehydration can be. When you binge watch it, like I did, this can get a bit annoying as he practically rattles out the 'find it, catch it and kill it' line a couple of times every episode. But apart from that, some of the situations that they get into and what they have to endure is honestly unreal. I'm talking people falling from the side of a cliff onto rocks, people being swept out into the ocean by riptides and other medical emergencies which have to be dealt with on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. It's safe to say I wouldn't last two minutes on the island! Haha.

The first celebrity season was pretty enjoyable, the latest one however, not so much. Basically Iwan Thomas is the worst! If you've even seen an advert for that particular season or even five minutes of an episode, you'll know exactly what I mean.

So there's what I watched in September. As mentioned above, I'm already planning out when to watch some of my favourite Halloween related movies this month, namely Hocus Pocus, I Know What You Did Last Summer and the Scream quadrilogy. If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a while, you might remember the Halloween edition of my What I've Been Watching series but I'll leave a link to it here just in case you didn't. Basically if you're looking for some inspiration as to what to watch to give yourself a fright or to get into the Halloween spirit this month, be sure to check it out.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the TV shows or movies in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? And do you have any recommendations?


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