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The 'It's Now Autumn' Outfit

leopard print coat 2017 uk

It's been quite some time since I last shared an outfit post on my blog but I already have another one planned for later in the month in addition to today's post. As much as I enjoy stocking up on midi dresses, jumpsuits and bardot tops in the warmer months, I only ever really get a chance to wear them when I'm on holiday. And since I did some solo travel this Summer, I don't really have too many photos which feature me in them, nonetheless enough to do an outfit post like this one. But I've recently bought a couple of great Autumn/Winter staples, ones which I couldn't wait to share with you, which is why today's blog post came to fruition. I also took advantage of the fact that I'd had a Tilbury Transformation from the Charlotte Tilbury team to get a chance to try out the new Hollywood range. Here are the products that were used on me that day and I've now got about a million and one new things on my evergrowing beauty wishlist;

And here are some of the bits that I've recently added to my wardrobe to take me from the pitiful Scottish Summer to Autumn/Winter in style;

First up is this gorgeous leopard print coat. I've been searching for the perfect leopard print coat for many years now and they're either too boxy on me, too jazzy or too expensive but I spotted this one in Next's window on a recent trip to Buchanan Galleries and even though it was on a child's mannequin, I decided to have a look in store to see what size it went up to and thankfully the biggest size, the age 16, fit me perfectly.

scottish blogger

I already own a few pieces from the older girl's collection, even though I'm about ten years older than their demographic but the quality and prices are exceptional and this coat was no different. I personally wear a lot of black all year round so some of the brown and beige leopard print coats that I've found just didn't go with what I already own but this works so well. I also adore the slightly larger print as it's like nothing I've seen on the High Street before. I also find the larger spots a lot more flattering on me than the smaller busier spots. It's already cold enough to warrant wearing a coat and I'm so glad that I managed to pick this one up. All I can say is if you're slightly smaller than the UK average when it comes to clothes, don't forget about teenage ranges as you'll often find gems hidden in this part of the store. As someone with small feet too, I regularly get sandals and trainers in 'child's sizes' for about half the price of the exact same adult ones too, which is a win win really.

personalised name necklace

I'm not someone who wears a lot of jewellery on a day to day basis but thanks to a couple of new additions to my jewellery box, that has now changed. Ever since I first watched Sex and the City I've always dreamt of having my own Carrie necklace but with a name like Ellis, which is rarely ever seen when they bring out personalised name pieces in the shop, I thought it would cost me hundreds of pounds. So when an email popped into my inbox from Prezzybox to ask if I'd like to receive and review their personalised name necklace* I really did feel like Christmas had come early. Not only could I finally get a name necklace that was personalised to me and my name but I could also get it in rose gold. Talk about dreams coming true! I haven't had it off since I received it and can quite easily see it becoming as special to me as Carrie's was to her.

Glasgow fashion blogger

The one piece of jewellery that I do wear on a daily basis, if you do call it jewellery, is my mini Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, as seen in my How To Save Money On Designer Pieces blog post but it ran out of battery at the end of August and I just kept forgetting to get a new battery. That and the fact that when I enquired into having the battery replaced when I was out shopping, they wanted to charge me a price where I could essentially buy a brand new watch for less. That's when Brown's Family Jewellers got in touch to ask if I'd like to review one of the fantastic watches that they stock.

Cluse rose gold watch

It really was perfect timing and I fell in love with the Cluse Minuit rose gold & grey watch* as soon as I saw it. I absolutely adore the touch of rose gold and the fact that it not only goes with the rest of my jewellery which is probably about 90% rose gold now but that it also goes with my new Next coat!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

Lastly we have the pair of earrings that every blogger and their Mum seems to have bought this Summer; the H&M tassel earrings. I managed to pick up the black pair online and I couldn't leave the rose gold pair behind when I spotted them in the new H&M store on Buchanan Street in Glasgow City Centre this past weekend. I really like the way they make a basic outfit, of a t-shirt and jeans, look all the more put together and they work especially well when you've got your hair slicked back.

So those are some of the recent additions to my wardrobe and jewellery box. I'll be sharing some more later in the month when hopefully I'll have found a great new pair of Winter boots and maybe some new Autumn/Winter accessories such as a hat, scarf and gloves.

Have you bought any new pieces for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe? If so, what caught your eye in the shops or online? If not, do you have any 'must-buys' that you need to pick up? And would you like to see outfit posts appear more regularly on here?

Do you prefer Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer fashion? What do you think of the pieces that I've managed to pick up recently? And what trends are you excited to embrace in the coming months?


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