Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Current (Under £50) Homeware Wishlist

Millenial Blush Pink Homeware UK

Despite the fact that I still live at home and have seriously ran out of space in my bedroom, I can't stop thinking about all things homeware related. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've been watching homeware hauls on YouTube recently, namely Suzie's, Alix's and Anna's. But the one place that I'd absolutely love to visit, as a result of watching many of these videos, would have to be Homesense but sadly there isn't one near where I live. Why don't we have a store in Glasgow yet Homesense?! Despite this, I have found quite a few pieces on the High Street that I'd love to add to my room and eventually, my own home, one day.

So here's what's currently on my homeware wishlist, of which all of it is under £50;

Oliver Bonas Round Sheepskin Cushion (£45) - First up we have this beautiful blush pink sheepskin cushion. I haven't seen any other circular fluffy cushions like this, other than this one and even though it's a little bit pricey, I still have my sights firmly set on it. Maybe it will go into the sale eventually and then I can snap it up a little more guilt free.

Urban Outfitters Honeymoon Hotel Love Quartz Wall Art Print (£39) - I first became aware of this print and the fact that Urban Outfitters actually do prints, as a result of watching Anna's videos. It's just such a beautiful print and it would really tie some of my previous blush pink buys together in my bedroom. At the moment it's still in my online basket but what I've done is I've downloaded the print onto my phone and my laptop as their backgrounds to see if I'm still as obsessed with it in a few weeks time as I am now. Somehow I have a feeling that I will be and that I will be making a little Urban Outfitters order sooner rather than later.

George at Asda Hexagonal Hanging Mirror (£10) - Asda really is a hidden haven of great homeware pieces and this hexagonal mirror looks like something you'd find in Oliver Bonas, for example, for about three or four times the price that Asda are charging. It looks like it could be the perfect size for finally setting up a little makeup area in my room without having to rearrange and move everything about in my room to allow for this.

H&M Home Spotted Porcelain Mug (£6.99) - One of my favourite prints, second only to leopard print, has to be dalmatian print and in particular H&M's dalmatian print. At the start of 2017, it was actually my very first purchase of the year, as I pounced when I saw that they had released bedding in that very print and I was incredibly glad that I did so as it sold out in a couple of hours, never to be restocked again. This mug is just too beautiful to resist and I can already imagine it with a big hot chocolate with whipped cream in it.

H&M Home Velvet curtain length (£34.99) - I've always had a thing for all things velvet and that love is ever greater in the colder months when all the shops thankfully jump back on the velvet bandwagon. Whilst I've added some blush pink and rose toned pieces to my bedroom, I still have the same teal curtains that I've had up for some time now. And whilst they still work with some of my bedding and cushions, it would be nice to switch it up a little even for six months of the year.

Hobbycraft Cream and Pink Peony Bouquet (£10) - I bought a similar bouquet of peonies from Habitat earlier in the year and you might have even seen them feature in quite a few blog posts and Instagram posts since then. Ever since, I've been looking for another bouquet with different tones and colours to use in such blog photographs and I think that I might have just found them with this one from Hobbycraft.

Antropologie Silvered Geode Coaster (£14 each) - Again, I saw Alix and Suzie pick up some similar coasters from Homesense for a fraction of the price of one of these but aren't they just so dreamy? If owning coasters in general, nonetheless little works of art like these ones, doesn't say adulting successfully I don't know what does.

Urban Outfitters Honeymoon Hotel Hold Me Closer Wall Art Print (£29) - Sometimes I find that certain quote or motivational prints can look a little juvenile or cheap but this one really is the exception to that rule. It's simple but sleek and it also features lyrics from one of my favourite Elton John songs.

Maisons Du Monde Crossy Copper Metal Lamp With Lampshade (£32.39) - Now how beautiful is this lamp? I actually hadn't heard of Maisons Du Monde before but I've now well and truly bookmarked their page as they seem to do all the current trends, such as faux fur stools and blogger favourites like rose gold, copper and Scandi designs for a really reasonable price. Think Pinterest pieces that you can actually afford and find in the UK. Has anyone ordered from them before?

I also wanted to share some of the other pieces that I've got my eye on too, all of which are still under the £50 price mark;

Have you made any homeware purchases recently? If so, what did you get? If not, do you have anything on your wishlist? And do you feel like changing things up throughout the year when it comes to your bedroom/home?


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