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What I've Been Watching: In August

Best and worst movies of 2017

As I mentioned in last month's What I've Been Watching blog post, I still have quite a few movies and TV shows, ones that I watched when I was on holiday, to share with you and that's exactly what I'll be doing in today's blog post. Normal 'me watching it in the same month' service will resume next month but until then, here's what I watched when I was travelling, as well as the one movie that I went out and saw in August;

Annabelle: Creation

As you will probably already know if you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for some time now or have caught some of my previous What I've Been Watching blog posts, my favourite movie genre has got to be horror. So it was no surprise that I felt an urge to see this movie. I enjoyed the original Annabelle for what it was, nothing groundbreaking and a little jump-scare heavy but fun nonetheless. So when I saw that Annabelle was getting a prequel I knew I would have to see it at some point but when I heard really good reviews, particularly when the first movie was pretty much universally slated, I booked tickets to see it almost immediately. And I have to say, it might just have been my favourite of this kind of horror movie, even as good as, if not better than The Conjouring, one of my absolute favourites. It had a story (something you don't always get with horror movies), you actually cared about the characters and the scares weren't all of the jump-scare variety. All in all, if you like a good scare, go and see Annabelle: Creation!

Get Out

Whilst on the topic of horror movies, I had had Get Out on my to-watch list ever since it was first released in the US so when I saw that it was available to watch at CitizenM I actually let out a little shriek of excitement. I saved it for a rainy and dark evening in NYC and stocked up on American snacks and candy to make it a proper movie watching experience and it was a nice break from the madness of New York, for one night anyway. I now completely understand why it scored 99% on Rotten Tomatoes! It was released on DVD a few weeks after I arrived back in Glasgow and I bought it that day and have since watched it several times since then. It's just SO good and not your typical horror movie in many senses of the word. It's much more than that. Also, I couldn't get enough of Chris' best friend, Rod and him being TSA. If you haven't seen it yet, I can't urge you to watch it enough!


I hadn't heard great things about Baywatch but I wasn't in the mood for anything too heavy, so I thought that I would put it on as I caught up with social media and generally just chilled out one rainy afternoon in NYC. It had the potential to be a Bad Neighbours and you could tell that they were almost trying to recreate the magic of 21 and 22 Jump Street but it just didn't work at all. Zac Efron, who was good in Bad Neighbours, for example and Dwayne 'The Rock' (he will always be The Rock to me) Johnson and basically the whole cast to be honest, just weren't very good. They were almost playing caricatures of their characters, which was strange. Some of the scenes were just too silly, even for this kind of comedy movie and there's a scene in it where a boat goes on fire and I was just left sitting thinking 'what is happening here?!' That and the fact that the special effects in that scene in particular are just so laughable. It just wasn't good at all, there wasn't even a couple of laughs that could have made it worth watching for me either.

Why Him?

All it took was the fact that this movie starred Bryan Cranston and James Franco (two of my favourite actors) for me to hit play almost immediately on my return flight home when it came to this movie. It wasn't the best comedy that I've seen but it certainly wasn't the worst and after seeing Baywatch, I couldn't judge it too harshly at all. Franco plays his character perfectly, as does Cranston, I guess and it was good to see Megan Mulally (Karen from Will & Grace/Tammy 2 from Parks & Rec) appear in this too. It also has a slightly holiday/Christmas theme to it which only made me more excited for the upcoming months. There's also some good guest appearances in this such as Kaley Cuoco as a Siri-style character but overall, I'm not sure that I would race to watch it again. It served it's purpose of keeping me entertained for a couple of hours on an overnight flight and did make me laugh more than a few times but I'd probably reach for Meet The Parents or Meet The Fockers instead.

The Bold Type

Whilst I was also in the US, a new TV show premiered and it was one that I was instantly drawn to. It's always been my dream, probably ever since I first saw Ugly Betty, to work at a magazine in New York, so The Bold Type was always going to be right up my street. Inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine in the US, The Bold Type centres around three friends working at the fictional Scarlet magazine.

I saw the first three episodes when I was in NYC, enjoying them thoroughly and had my fingers crossed that when I returned to the UK it might have been picked up, either on UK television or on Netflix but I still haven't seen any news of it coming to the UK, yet. I'm still hoping that as Netflix shows many of the Freeform shows here in the UK, that one day soon we'll see The Bold Type on our screens here. I think I'll always think of it so fondly, as well, because I was watching the girls make their way around NYC, after I'd done just that earlier in the day.

So there you have it, what I watched in August and July.

What have you been watching recently? Have you seen any of the TV shows or movies in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? And do you have any recommendations?


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