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Starting My Laser Hair Removal Journey at Therapie Clinic Glasgow

Therapie Clinic Glasgow Reviews

When it comes to body hair, thankfully I'm quite lucky that the hair on my arms, legs and face (excluding my eyebrows) is blond and basically invisible. But I'm not quite so lucky when it comes to my underarms. For some reason my hair grows in darker, thicker and in a really unruly manner under there. And when you throw into the mix that my underarms cave in weirdly, making it really difficult to shave without getting into weird and sore positions or cutting myself about ten times, I neglect this part of my body much more than I should. This becomes even more apparent in the warmer months when I'm wearing strappy tops, dresses and jumpsuits. Shaving that area of my body is a much bigger chore and task than it should be and I almost feel like screaming with frustration each and every time I do choose to shave there. It's finally got to the point where enough is enough. I needed to think of another way of dealing with it. Waxing really wasn't an option for me as I don't really need anymore pain in my life (Invisalign and IBS are quite frankly more than enough to contend with) and didn't want to irritate my sensitive skin either and that's what led me to do some research into laser hair removal.

Therapie Glasgow Reviews

After scrolling through blog posts, testimonials and reviews online, I was a little bit worried that because I was a fair redhead that it might not be suitable for me and I also had 101 other questions and that's when I remembered that I had been contacted by Therapie Clinic when they first opened their Glasgow branch back in October of last year. I was quickly set up with a free consultation at their Glasgow St Vincent Street branch and I crossed my fingers that this could well be the solution to my problem.

Therapie Clinic Glasgow

I met with Heiman, who double checked what medicines I was on currently (some medicines may make you more susceptible to pain or light exposure which may limit or delay your laser hair removal treatment) and went through the whole process with me. It was in depth but didn't go over my head in the slightest and I felt comfortable and confident in my choice to explore laser hair removal. Heiman did make me aware that even though I had dark, brown hairs coming through on my underarms that I also had a mix of fairer and blonder hairs too. As the laser doesn't work on lighter hair colours due to the lack of pigment, she let me know that these hairs would likely remain but that the darker hairs would hopefully not. This did mean that instead of having 70-90% hair reduction after my sessions, it would be more likely to be about 50% as there was about a half and half mix of lighter and darker hairs. I was more than happy to give it a try as I would happily have lighter or blond hairs on my underarms as these wouldn't require as much upkeep or shaving sessions as a result.

Therapie Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews

At my free consultation I also had a patch test done. Much like when you get your hair dyed, this patch test is done to make sure that your skin doesn't have a bad reaction to the treatment. It also let me experience how the laser would feel on my skin and what my tolerance to it would be like. I had a cooling gel applied to the little area and then the ice cold tip of the laser passed over my skin. It wasn't sore in the slightest and instantly reminded me of the feeling of having an ultrasound done, of which I've sadly had many due to my IBS and gastro issues over the years. I was also given a tube of Laser Aid and the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser to take away with me to prep for my first and subsequent sessions.

Therapie Laser Hair Removal

Therapie Clinic use medical grade lasers, which are safer, quicker and less painful than IPL treatment, for example. If you're worried about it being painful or hot, I can put you at ease. You do feel the odd pin prick sensation but that essentially means that that hair follicle has been zapped and that the treatment is working. Again, it wasn't painful or intensely hot in the slightest and the whole session was over in seconds.

The location is also ideal, being located on St. Vincent Street, just steps away from Glasgow Central Station and Buchanan Street. It means I can pop in for my sessions when I'm in town already, doing my weekly errands/trip to the Post Office or out shopping. It's also worth noting that you are requested to arrive clean shaven to your appointments. So it's best to shave 24 hours prior to each session. If you're used to having to let your hairs grow out before waxing, this is so much more convenient and stops you worrying about letting your hairs grow out as well.

Therapie Reviews

After my first session I've already noticed a bit of a difference, which I wasn't really expecting after just one treatment. It is, however, worth noting that you won't see an immediate difference overnight and that you ideally need six sessions on average, as well as bi-yearly top up sessions after your initial sessions. But if I can get away with only really needing to worry about my underarms that infrequently I will be a very very happy girl!

laser hair removal Glasgow City Centre

Therapie Clinic also have so many great deals and discounts, making laser hair removal something achievable and affordable and when you think about how much you'll be saving in the long run, both in terms of time and money, I think it more than pays for itself in the long run.

Let me know if you'd like me to share my final thoughts on the treatment after having had my six sessions, each of which will be about six weeks apart? I'm sure I'll be sharing it nonetheless but let me know if it's something you'd like to see written about in depth as well.

Have you ever thought about getting laser hair removal done? Is shaving a chore for you too? And what area would you like to have hair free first?


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