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What I Bought At The NYX Store In NYC

NYX Haul 2017

Despite now having NYX Professional Makeup products readily available to us here in the UK, mainly at Boots counters and stands and from Boots, Selfridges, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique online, I was more than a little excited about visiting the stand alone NYX store in NYC. Not only did they have products that we can only dream of having here in the UK and lots of brand new releases but they had a full store full of all things NYX. It really was like walking into a beauty lovers idea of heaven and I found myself going more than a little lip crazy!

And that was mainly due to the fact that I could actually see what the colours looked like on my lips, something we can't do in the UK. Seriously, why oh why don't we operate the same way that Sephora and NYX, for example, do in the US whereby they provide you with q-tips, sponges, spoolies and more for you to really try out and try on the products? It's so much better than swatching on the back of your hand, only to realise that the shade doesn't quite translate to the intended area of your face as well as it did on your hand. As a result of actually trying the products, my basket quickly filled up and this is the result.

So here's what I bought at the NYX store in NYC;

NYX brow products

I did buy a few bits before I went to the US, as you will have seen in my Big Boots Haul so I knew that I wanted to pick up another Prismatic eyeshadow, which is why I went for this liquid gold shade. It did get a little roughed up on the plane ride home but it's just such a pretty shade and could well be a dupe for one of the Naked Heat shadows. More on that at a later date.

I also added to the one sole brow product in my makeup routine, which is the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift btw, by adding these two products to my basket. The Eyebrow Shaper is essentially a wax crayon that allows you to shape your brow and hold it in place. And the Eyebrow Marker is just such a genius product and again for the price, I'm so glad that I picked it up. It's basically a felt tip for your brows, something I'd never tried before but have since used pretty much every day since my return from the US.

Another item I knew I wanted to try was the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I'm always so overwhelmed when I'm at the NYX stand in Boots, especially as I can't try them on but after some serious swatching I decided on Ibiza and Monte Carlo. I also stepped outside my comfort zone when it came to these shades. You might already know if you follow me on Twitter but I'm currently undergoing Invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth and get rid of overcrowding, so these were a bit of a treat for when my Invisalign trays and attachments come off and my teeth are whitened. I'm already counting down the months and trays until that day.

NYX Lip Lustre Review

Something I hadn't seen in the UK was the Lip Lustre range and I can't explain how glad I am that I found these. They're honestly the most comfortable lip products to wear, even with lips that can often get dry and dehydrated, like mine. I love the forumlation and the two shades that I picked up, which are Antique Romance and Rustic Mirage for reference. They were also only $7 which was such a great deal, even with the crappy exchange rate.

And as I went as lip product crazy as I did, I had to pick up the brand new #ThisIsEverything Lip Oil and it's already made a difference to how chapped and flaky my lips are as they've been smooth and almost bouncy since my return from the US. I'm looking forward to really putting this to the test in the colder months so be sure to expect a blog post on just that later in the year.

As I spent over $30 I received a free holo brush holder. I feel like Safiya and Cristine (from Simply Nailogical) would have been so proud!

Located on Union Square, the store really is a must-visit for any beauty or makeup fan or even for someone who isn't too sure what to buy or where to start with makeup and makeup application.

What do you think of what I picked up? Do you have a favourite NYX product? What should I try from them next? And would you love to visit a stand alone NYX store too?


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