Sunday, 20 August 2017

What I Bought At Bath & Body Works

Bath and body works haul 2017

One of my favourite stores to visit in the US is undoubtedly Bath & Body Works so of course I was going to make several trips during my holiday to NYC and that's exactly what happened. So here's what I bought at Bath & Body Works on this trip to the US;

Firstly, I was so excited to see what Bath & Body Works would have to offer in the warmer months, particularly as I'd never visited the US in the middle of Summer before. Normally I'm there just before Halloween so Bath & Body Works mainly smells of candy corn, cinnamon and pumpkin and I tend to come away with lots of spooky scents and products. But Bath & Body Works had just launched their new Summer collection when I first arrived and I absolutely fell in love with a particular product, so much so that I had to bulk buy it.

Bath and Body Works Sheer Body Oil

This is a sheer body oil but not as you know it. It's actually a foam! I can get quite lazy when it comes to applying body lotion on a regular or daily basis so I have a feeling that this will give me that extra nudge to start taking better care of my skin. I mean who wouldn't want to use a soft and creamy foam that's giving you the benefits of an oil? This is available in three different scents, all of which are new for the Summer but I just couldn't get enough of the Cabana Bay fragrance! Bath & Body Works say it smells like suntan lotion and fresh cotton towels and I would have to agree. It smells just like Summer!

Bath and body works hand sanitizer

Then I spotted these amazing BFF Pool Float Pocketbac Holders, which I quickly added to my basket. And since I bought the holders, I just had to pick up another five Pocketbacs for $6, even though I still have about five of them left from my trip to Orlando in October of last year. Poolside Pop was another one of the new Summer scents and my second favourite of the three so I had to pick the Pocketbac of it up. Then I got my Mum two glittery ones as she loves anything glittery and she hadn't tried these two before and I couldn't stop sniffing these sugar cookie scented ones which is why I added them to my basket too.

Bath and body works Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow

As I was heading towards the till with my bag of Summer goodies, I then spotted a sale section. Again, I'd never been during a sale period so I couldn't believe my luck that it was on. There were so many incredible deals to be had, with most of the stand having 70% off which meant that a body lotion, for example, went from being $13 to $3. I picked up the last Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow body lotion and shower gel in the store or in Manhattan for that matter and it really does smell as good as it sounds, if not better. I can't wait to use these in the colder months!

So there you have it. I don't think I went too crazy, especially as this trip wasn't really about shopping, like my holidays to Orlando so often are.

What do you think of my Bath & Body Works haul? Which product looks like your favourite? Do you wish they shipped to the UK? And would you like to see my Glossier or my general US haul next?


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