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What To Take In Your Hand Luggage Personal Item

hand luggage essentials personal item

When it comes to planning what to take with you on holiday, it seems that many of us so often forget about the 'personal item'. This personal item is normally described as your everyday handbag, backpack, briefcase or laptop bag and the last couple of flights that I've been on have been with airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic, Delta and United, who allow this additional piece of hand luggage. It's always wise to double check whether or not you're allowed to bring this personal item as part of your allowance and if you are, this can be of great benefit.

So if you can take a personal item with you on your next trip, here are my tips when it comes to what to take in it;

The essentials

It goes without saying, the real essentials such as your passport, phone (it's well worth downloading the airline that you're travelling with's app), travel documents, boarding pass (either on paper or on your phone or if you're extra organised; both), credit cards and currency, need to be within reach at all times. And that's essentially how I think of my personal item in general. It houses everything that I need access to quickly and that I'll need throughout my flight. It also means that I don't need to lug down my carry on case from the overhead bin every time that I need a snack or want to read a magazine, which takes me onto what else I'll be bringing with me on my next flight.

Reading material

Despite being spoiled for choice when it comes to movies, TV shows and music on most flights these days, I like to have a couple of different options when it comes actual reading material, in case god forbid the TV isn't working or I run out of things to watch. I normally grab a couple of magazines from WH Smith at the airport before I board and bring along at least one book with me to read over the course of my holiday.

A reusable water bottle

Whether it's a fancy schmancy S'well water bottle like the one I featured in my how to make packing and travelling that bit easier blog post or a little foldable one like this one from Accessorize or this New Look one (also available on ASOS), don't end up having to buy an extortionately overpriced bottle (or bottles) of water once you pass through security. Just bring an empty bottle of your own and fill it up throughout the day (make sure to get it filled on the plane when the drinks cart comes around).

Cosy socks

Cosy socks are a bit of a necessity for me when flying. Not only do they keep my feet nice and warm when the temperature drops and it gets really chilly, like it always seems to do but it means that I can kick off my shoes and get comfy for the duration of the flight. You can pick up pairs like these from Primark for a couple of pounds too and I even keep this particular pair solely for flying in.

Your clear liquids bag

As you'll have to take this out of your bag for it to be scanned separately at security, I like to take my clear liquids bag in my personal item so I can take it out easily and quickly when I reach the scanners. To see exactly what's in my clear liquids bag, be sure to check out last week's blog post on just that.

A change of clothing

In the event that you're main checked bag goes missing or doesn't arrive with you at your final destination, having a change of clothing in your hand luggage will definitely soften the blow. Even if I don't take a full outfit in my personal item, particularly if I'm doing hand luggage only and all my clothes are in my cabin case, I now always take a change of underwear and sanitary products with me in my personal item. Getting your period mid-flight, out of the blue and scrambling to figure out what to do with no change of underwear or sanitary products will do that to you.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks

As someone who doesn't eat airline food, I load up on snacks for the plane journey ahead. You can go down the healthy route and pack some nuts and dried fruit or do what I do and treat yourself to some chocolate, crisps and sweets. Hello all things Haribo for me!

rose gold metallic tote bag paperchase

The personal item that I will be taking with me on my next trip is this rose gold metallic tote bag from Paperchase. It's a great size, allows for easy access to everything that I need and makes my usual airport outfit (leggings, a tee and a hoodie) look all the more put together.

So there you have it, that's what I take in my hand luggage personal item.

Do you take a personal item with you when you fly? If so, what do you have in yours? Do you take similar things in your hand luggage? And what do you think of what's in mine and my Paperchase rose gold tote?


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