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The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Naked Heat Palette

Are you the kind of person who always says to themselves 'I don't really need another eyeshadow palette' only to continue adding to your collection? Well, that's my exact situation and I have to say, I've done pretty good to avoid adding too many in the past year or so, even if I now own the complete Urban Decay Naked collection of palettes, minus the Basics but still.

And there's a reason why I've never parted with them; they're just too good. If I'm looking for a pigmented, soft, buttery shadow, I immediately grab one of my Naked palettes. More often than not it's the Naked 3 that I gravitate towards most out of all my eyeshadow palettes. So when I saw that Urban Decay would be releasing the Naked Heat palette I was conflicted. The angel perched on one of my shoulders was telling me that I already had more eyeshadows than any one individual could ever possibly need or use and that I could put the money towards saving for my next holiday, for example. The devil, on the other hand, was telling me to heat things up.

Urban Decay Heat Palette

It went on pre-sale; I resisted. I went to Sephora, where they had a few of the palettes sitting there ready to go to their new homes weeks before the official UK release date and I think we can see what happened. After swatching several of the shades there was no way that it wasn't coming home with me. Why is it that holiday money, even when the exchange rate is almost non-existent, just doesn't feel like real money? I added it to my basket, along with quite a few other items, which I'll go on to show you in a Sephora haul in a few weeks time and the rest is history.

Urban Decay Heat Palette Swatches

I tried several times to take what I would like to refer to as 'pretty' swatches for today's blog post and ultimately failed each and every time, which was more than a little frustrating. I just felt like my swatches weren't doing the palette any justice once photographed. And I have to say, I'm going to blame my ultra pale skin and visible veins for that but I wanted to show you how it swatches in today's review so here's how it looks on three different skin tones and I think you have to agree, it looks incredible on all three. And that's not something you can say about every eyeshadow palette.

I love a good shimmer and these are some of the most pigmented shimmer shadows that I've tried.
If you own and love the Naked 3 palette, which as I said above, is the most used in my collection, I have a feeling you'll love Naked Heat! My favourite shades, so far, have to be Scorched, He Devil and Ember. And as much as I love the shades right now, I can't wait to adorn my eyes with all things Naked Heat in Autumn. Doesn't it just make you think of crisp Autumnal leaves, pumpkins and darker nights?

Urban Decay Naked Heat

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is now officially available from Urban Decay counters at DebenhamsJohn LewisSelfridges and the like and on Feel Unique, who currently still have it in stock. But I have a feeling that it will surely sell out so if you want to try it now, I'd definitely recommend buying sooner rather than later if you don't want to wait on a restock. Or if you're from the US or spending your own holiday money, at Sephora and Ulta.

What do you think of the Naked Heat palette? Will you be buying it? Or do you already own it? And are you an eyeshadow palette collector, a bit like I am?

Swatch Image Credit (Allure)


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