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How To Do Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only Packing

Having arrived home from NYC last weekend (expect LOTS of New York content in the upcoming weeks/months), I have quite a bit of advice and tips to share from my trip and I thought I'd start with one that many might be contemplating over the Summer months; flying hand luggage only.

For many airlines hand luggage is the only free option when it comes to taking a bag or case with you and for others you'll receive up to 23kg checked luggage allowance in addition to this.

I might do a separate blog post on why to do hand luggage only but until then, here's how to do hand luggage only;

Packing Hand Luggage Only

Keep rollin'

I know there are two camps when it comes to packing and storing clothes but I'm definitely in the rolling one. My Mum taught me to roll my clothes from an early age so it's the only method that I've ever known. I find that it really stops items getting creased and is a super speedy way to pack. Surely I can't be the only one who takes about four attempts to fold something properly, despite always wanting to work at Gap when I was younger. Hehe.

Use packing cubes

You will have already seen me rave about these ingenious little cubes of fabric if you read my Why Packing Cubes Are A Game Changer post. Simply put, without these I wouldn't have been able to do hand luggage only. If you take one thing from this blog post or that one; try out packing cubes! I can't recommend them enough!

Hand Luggage Only Tips

Use every inch of space

This might sound like common sense but there really are so many little spaces and nooks where you can cram in some more items or store basics such as pants and socks. Spaces you might forget to utilise are the areas around the handles (hopefully that makes sense, basically where the handles take up space inside; around them) and inside handbags or shoes that you're taking. I took one little cross body bag with me from Accessorize (see similar) which I've made sure to cram full of little things that would otherwise just be floating around in my case such as travel adapters, medication, reusable bags, etc.

Plan out each outfit

I like to lay out each outfit, complete with shoes and accessories, to properly see what I really need to take with me. You might prefer trying each outfit on and taking a snap of it on your phone or doing a little runway through your house, which is what I did and as a result, you'll know exactly what you need. It stopped me from taking an ill fitting skirt and about four different top options to go with it and a jumpsuit that was too warm to wear even around my house, nonetheless in NYC in the middle of Summer.

Be realistic and ruthless with what you pack

This is what'll stop you from over-packing or just giving in and taking checked luggage. Be really ruthless! Don't take 'what if' outfits, shoes or accessories, especially if you have a general idea of what you're going to be doing when you're away. Don't take your gym gear just in case you use the hotel gym! Don't take three pairs of heels just in case you go somewhere fancy! Don't take five bras for a five day trip! You get the gist.

Charlotte Tilbury The Gift Of Red Carpet Skin

Invest in luxury travel sized beauty products

If you travel pretty often and don't fancy decanting all your favourite and pricier beauty bits, such as skincare and foundation, invest in some travel sized options. This Gift of Red Carpet Skin travel kit from Charlotte Tilbury is so worth the money. It's also a great way to try out many of the products for a fraction of the price. I've already used the Goddess Skin Clay Mask from this set and as a result, purchased the full size. It truly is win win.

Take advantage of your carry on personal item

In my opinion, the only way to do hand luggage only, whereby you take all of your clothes, shoes, beauty and tech in one carry on size case, is to properly make good use of your carry on personal item. If you saw my What To Take In Your Hand Luggage Personal Item post you'll know exactly what I took in mine, this time but you really will save crucial space by carrying all your airport and flight essentials on your body.

Have you ever attempted hand luggage only? If so, how successful were you? Were you able to bring back gifts and souvenirs as well? And would you ever think of doing hand luggage only? Or would it very much be location dependent?


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