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Exploring Brooklyn With Bodyform

DUMBO Brooklyn Photo Spot

Today marks the first of my New York blog posts, of which there will be many as I literally took thousands of photographs and picked up so many handy tips and tricks whilst travelling across the city. From the tourist spots to the outer boroughs and beyond, I've got plenty of content planned for the next couple of months and today I'm taking you to Brooklyn.

Before I left, I had been asked to #ChallengeBodyform by putting their new Daily Fresh Liners* to the test and I thought that there was no better time to try them out than in New York. Thankfully I didn't have my period when I was away but I was going to be spending 11 nights in a hot and humid city where I wouldn't be doing laundry. Taking hand luggage only meant I couldn't bring about 50 pairs of pants with me so the Daily Fresh Liners really did come in handy when it came to feeling fresh, clean and comfortable even after 8+ hours out during the day and another number of hours out in the evening. 

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge

Like I did most days, I packed my bag with the essentials (as seen on Insta) and made my journey by Subway. I took the Subway straight to City Hall, which is the nearest Subway station to the start of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side. I then proceeded to walk across the bridge, stopping every couple of hundred metres to snap away and take in the sights. If I was to do it again, I would definitely walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan as the views of the city were truly unreal. But I had planned to visit the infamous DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Jane's Carousel after walking across to Brooklyn this time, which is why I went that way.

DUMBO Brooklyn

As I walked closer and closer to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bride Overpass for short) I could see quite a gathering of people, all attempting to get that perfect shot. There was even a professional photoshoot going on where I think they were modelling scarves of all things, on a sticky and humid day in NYC. To see the iconic shot, one that I've been pinning to my Welcome To New York Pinterest board for years, was so surreal. 

Exploring Brooklyn Travel Guide Blog

Brooklyn Bridge Park was absolutely breathtaking too and it was really nice to get a bit of a breeze from being that close to the water. Sadly Jane's Carousel was shut when I arrived, which was just around 11:30am, much to my dismay and the dismay of many an unhappy kid pounding on the glass facade but taking some time out from the hustle and bustle of the city was really nice.

I spent a good number of hours exploring Brooklyn that morning, even though I barely scratched the surface. If and when I do go back to New York, I'll definitely be spending several nights in Brooklyn instead of spending my entire stay in Manhattan. 

Best free things to do in New York NYC Brooklyn Bridge

After lunch at Shake Shack, which was clearly that good that I forgot to photograph it (the one thing I didn't take 101 photos of on my travels was food, mainly because of how ravenous I was each time I sat down for something), I hopped back on the Subway and back into the city where I then proceeded to spend the afternoon shopping, mainly at Glossier but more on that at a later date. It wasn't until about 4pm that I returned back to my hotel to put my feet up for an hour or two. And despite being very sweaty (I was basically covered in a whole body sweat for the majority of my holiday thanks to the heat and humidity of a New York Summer) and having rather tired legs and feet, I still felt fresh and clean down below thanks to the liners. It meant that I didn't need to worry about having a shower before embarking on another adventure or heading out for food that night and it definitely saved me having to change my underwear several times a day, which I did feel was necessary on days that I didn't use the liners. The fact that they took up no space at all in my hand luggage or handbag made me even happier, especially when my cabin bag was practically bursting at the seams already. 

I went on to wear the liners for the duration of my trip and it really did help to prolong the pieces that I'd brought with me without having to wash whilst I was away. You can also #ChallengeBodyform to be in with the chance of winning a £250 shopping voucher, simply by leaving a review on their site.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

So there's the first of my New York blog posts. Let me know what you'd like to hear about most when it comes to my trip. I've got blog posts in the works on things such as how I managed not to get lost on the Subway once (this was my one big fear before visiting). what it was like to travel solo and what I managed to cram into my stay. I'll be writing about all of these topics and more over the course of the year but if there's something in particular that you'd like to see or hear more about, be sure to let me know.

Have you ever visited Brooklyn? If not, is it somewhere that has always been on your 'to-do' list? What would you like to hear about next, New York-wise? And have you ever tried Bodyform's liners?

Written in collaboration with Bodyform


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