Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why Packing Cubes Are A Game Changer

Packing Cubes IKEA

Whether you love or loathe packing for your next trip or holiday, I think we can all agree that it's sometimes not the easiest of things to do. From trying to ensure that your clothes doesn't arrive in a disheveled mess, to cramming everything in and attempting to do so in a somewhat organised manner, it can often be a real struggle, particularly if you're an over packer. But after watching a whole load of packing videos on YouTube, I have stumbled across a real game changer; the packing cube.

'What is a packing cube?' I hear you cry. It's essentially a rectangular pouch, of which there are many different sizes to choose from, which allows you to get real organised when it comes to packing and creates so much space that it's hard to believe.

So here's exactly why I think they're a game changer;

They create space 

First and foremost, you can fit so much more into your luggage, whether it's your hand luggage or your checked bags, by using packing cubes. You might not believe me but I really do urge you to put them to the test. There are compression bags which literally reduce the amount of space your clothes, underwear, accessories, etc. take up and even just regular packing cubes, like the ones I purchased, allow you to cram lots in but in a good way.

How to use packing cubes

TOP TIP: Roll don't fold

You know where everything is

If you're someone who likes to be organised, you simply need packing cubes in your life. Having a cube dedicated solely to bottoms or dresses or underwear means you know exactly where everything is and don't need to rummage around, creating a mess, to find a top you packed at the bottom of your case. Most of the bags I've seen online have a mesh so you can literally see right through to know exactly what's in them, others come with labels or even images of what you've packed in each on the front of them.

You can create your own drawers/wardrobe

If you like, you can keep your clothes in their packing cubes during your trip meaning you don't have to completely unpack at your final destination. If you're staying at a hotel which is short of space (basically every one in NYC is like this) then you can use your suitcase as your own set of drawers.

They can even be used as a pillow

Okay so this might not be for everyone but if you're back packing or staying at hostels and don't feel like bringing a pillow with you or if there's no complimentary pillows on your overnight flight, a full packing cube honestly works as a great pillow. Can you tell that I've watched too many YouTube packing videos now? Hehe.

I've linked some of the best packing cubes on the market below but if you're looking for an affordable and easy to acquire set of cubes, I'd definitely recommend making a trip to IKEA like I did. If you or someone you know has an IKEA Family card, you'll even save £2.50 on what is already a great price. Here is the exact set that I bought.

Cath Kidston Packing Cubes £7-£8 / Go Travel Packing Organiser Set £9.99 / Mountain Warehouse Set Of 3 £9.99 / eBags Packing Cubes £17.99-£19.99 / Polka Dot Set Of 6 Packing Cubes & Pouches £8.99 

Have you heard of packing cubes before? If so, have you used them? If not, has this blog post made you want to? And are you someone who loves or loathes packing?


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